Top 20 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes To Make Money Online 2016

Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes

The modern age is a complex one, filled with vexing contradictions and routinely chaotic events. The world is rapidly evolving and adapting, and those who evolve and adapt with it, remain relevant. In this accelerated, ongoing transformation, identities blur across the board.

It can be hard to tell the difference between good choices and bad choices. Doing so online is even harder, as the intricacies of web protocols are lost on the majority of the users, leaving so many people vulnerable to their own lack of an internal compass, and a generalized lack of certainty, of “knowing” that something works because you, your users, and everyone, “knows” the product and its producer. Reputations are the make or break factor in business these days.

In this light, having a website that clearly identifies as related to a well-known, established, trusted platform, such as WordPress, instills in users an immediate sense of familiarity. Familiarity is a valuable resource, as users are more comfortable visiting and spending their money where they feel most at home. The latest WordPress Affiliate teams achieve just that, ensuring your audience knows who’s talking to them, and that they can trust what’s in front of them. Let’s have a look now.



KUPON is a feature-rich and incredibly resourceful, clever and modern, tech-savvy and clean, highly responsive WordPress online commerce and daily deals marketplace website theme. KUPON is the perfect ally for webmasters from all walks of life who wish to create powerful and functional modern online commercial outlets for products of all kinds, with a particular focus on massive scale online audiences as well as group discounts, coupon campaigns and related online marketing strategies.

KUPON is perfect for affiliate marketing websites that need a capable framework for presenting multiple catalogues tied to partners, affiliates and providers to a massive online audience, allowing for sophisticated categories and filtering, seamless AJAX powered sorting capabilities and custom search functions, user and affiliate accounts and profiles and much more under the hood, without having to write a single line of code. End-user posting interfaces allow your subscribed affiliates to upload their own products into their catalogues, greatly simplifying your workflow and allowing you to focus on your marketplace’s look and feel, which can be extensively customized through advanced theme settings as well as a built-in page builder plugin. Gift certificates, group purchasing and seamless checkouts are all part of the KUPON experience. Try KUPON today!

Genesis Framework (Most Popular)

genesis framework - most popular marketer theme

The Genesis theme is an accessible, intuitive WordPress theme that enables webmasters from novice to expert to quickly and effortlessly build professional looking websites in a matter of minutes.

With the capacity to handle anywhere from one to three columns worth of content, plenty of theme options, a sober, elegant color scheme, ambidextrous sidebars, customizable menus, HTML5 compatibility out of the box, and even search engine indexing optimization techniques to quickly boost your website’s ranking in search results, Genesis is a theme tbat will definitely capture your audience, whatever that may be.

Minimal skills are required to implement the Genesis Framework theme on any WordPress website, and instantly upon doing so, you will be rewarded with a plethora of tools and choices to alter the look and feel of your incipient site to match your desires. Quickly enabling your website with multimedia content capabilities, threaded commentary, tabbed pages, easy formatting tools, and even responsive design that alters your website to match mobile or desktop viewing devices, Genesis is the theme where good websites begin.


steadyincome - online business theme

SteadyIncome is an internet-savvy, visually engaging WordPress theme, ideally suited for webmasters seeking to establish an online presence, build an internet brand, and begin raking in their hard earned profits. SteadyIncome is designed to match those needs by maximizing exposure of your content, focusing heavily on customized content presentation, and optimizing the handling of search engine web crawlers for increased ranking and better indexing of content.

SteadyIncome understands the importance of page views for a beginning online entrepreneur, and this is why it prioritizes your content with high resolution image placement, sleek, highy readable, very impactful font choices, extensive, customizable widget support to keep your audience engaged and entertained the instant their eyeballs drift from your content. Its coding has been optimized to minimize loading times, ensuring the fastest, most satisfying browsing experience for your users, which in return increments your returning visitor rates, and lowers your bounce rates. This all in turns translates into more profit.

Added to this is SteadyIncome’s flexible and powerful subscription tool, to keep your captive audience truly captive, a featured products section to cast light on whichever content you want your users most focused on, ad revenue program optimization built right into the theme, and a responsive design that adapts your website to devices both mobile and desktop. SteadyIncome really is the full package!


entrepreneurship - make money online blog theme

Entrepreneurship is a stunning, elegant Magazine WordPress theme, designed for–you guessed it–entrepreneurial online magazine needs of all sorts. With a strong focus on large, high definition images, hierarchical content display management, one, two or three column style handling, categorized lists, tables and sidebars customizable with your content in multiple optional forms of thumbnail display.

Built for handling large volumes of written content as well as accompanying media files, Entrepreneurship is suited both for informal ezine formats as well as classy, traditional magazine presentations in their modern, online incarnation. With a featured section dominating the visual space, your preferred content is sure to attract the majority of your viewers exactly to where you want them to be.

Packing powerful subscription tools for continued engaging with your audience, compatible with WordPress reviewing features for users to rate your content and offer feedback on it, allowing you to continuously improve the way in which you reach them, enabled for multiple authors via the authorbox feature so that multiple users can contribute content to your magazine, optimized out of the box for search engine indexation as well as ad revenue system management and integration, Entrepreneurship is a theme for those who have something to say, and an audience that’s listening!

Expert – Blog WordPress Theme for Marketer

marketing expert WordPress theme

Marketing Expert is a professional, powerful, pliable WordPress theme, crafted to suit the specific needs of experienced marketing webmasters looking to establish a strongly designed website for marketing their products to a massive audience of any combination of demographics.

Jam-packed with features, Marketing Expert is a theme that is constantly being updated, which explains why so many webmasters choose it and never look back. An ever growing number of demos coupled with endless possibilities for customization mean your website is sure to make an indelible imprint in your audience’s minds, and its warm color schemes and custom fonts will pull at their heartstrings (and purse strings) instantly and potently.

Customized widgets and multiple compatible plugins empower your website in handling subscriptions, forms and newsletters, so there will be no end to the ways in which you can interact with your potential customers. Elegant hover animations will enamor your audience, while collapsible buttons, menus and bars will offer them a dynamic scrolling and browsing experience, riddled with interactive features that engage prospective business your way. A highly responsive screen ratio and design layout, seamless multimedia integration, native social media handling sharing. Dollar for dollar, the Marketing Expert theme really sells itself!



Quadrum is an impressively resourceful and extremely reliable, wonderfully scalable and amazingly readable and user-friendly, high impact and very memorable, bright and colorful, loud and attention-grabbing, bold and outspoken, brazenly designed and incredibly feature-rich and tech-savvy responsive WordPress news and magazine multipurpose website theme. Quadrum is a highly flexible and surprisingly versatile WordPress theme, built conceptually around the magazine and news model, but gifted with the multipurpose functionality and deep-running features that allow it to easily become so much more than that.

Owing to its ease of customization, strength at showcasing media-rich content and arranging lots of different posts and pages in creative, engaging and attractive ways, which you are entirely in control of through the premium Visual Composer and LayerSlider plugins, making Quadrum a fantastic theme for reaching out to people in general, and for marketing specifically. Quadrum is in fact one of the most all-around well balanced affiliate marketing website themes out there today. With complete integration with the WooCommerce suite, selling your services and placements is easy as pie, while the included bbPress and BuddyPress plugins will allow your clients to easily find information and contact you and each other through social forums with advanced features. Try Quadrum today, and make it big!



doo is a fresh-faced and bright, easy to use and wonderfully modern, fast and lightweight, readily responsive WordPress discount marketing and multipurpose listing website theme. doo has been outfitted with a comprehensive set of powerhouse tools, premium plugins, smart features and stylish layouts and template pages meant to assist you in creating a professional quality, inviting end user experience that is both eye-catching and trustworthy. doo is perfect for online marketing, affiliates marketing, discount or bulk item marketing and all similar, related endeavors.

With doo you get access to a natural moneymaking theme, furnished with advanced front-end submission capabilities allowing your users to submit their own products and content to your catalogue for listing, featuring customizable and dynamic AJAX powered search fields, public user profiles so your users can develop reputations or set up their online outlets right off your own website, or save their searches, activate price drop notification e-mails and much more under the hood. doo features an integrated, plugin-free Daily Deals marketplace you can extensively configure, as well as multiple dedicated shop pages for physical products, digital download products and affiliate or external product shop pages, among others. Try doo today, and see the power of a modern marketing behemoth at work!



MagOne is a robust and reliable, easy to use and engaging, modern and tech-savvy, readily responsive WordPress online news and magazine website theme. MagOne is a cleverly conceived and functionally versatile theme meant for webmasters with or without previous coding or developing experience to easily and effortlessly put together the most amazing modern blog and magazine websites online today, with a wealth of resources and features to offer your visitors all sorts of perks and a unique, tailored end-user experience, while showcasing visual and textual content in customizable spotlights that will make your every post memorable and flexible.

A great amount of diverse demo website templates are integrated into the sophisticated Sheeit Framework, which powers all of this potent theme, and empowers you to completely customize your layouts and templates or craft whole pages from scratch iwthin minutes, through a drag and drop interface. Completely ready for all sorts of ad revenue system integration, MagOne features interactive ad blocks you can just drop into the fray, to easily monetize your online magazine or blog the same day you set it up. Amazing MegaMenus are included with MagOne for your convenience, instantly organizing your content for your viewers’ delight. Try MagOne now!



Schema is an ultra-light, ultra-fast, extra friendly WordPress theme, featuring the most extensive native support for SEO enhancement tools and features. Consistently found to be easy to use, approachable and accessible to all users, Schema puts the necessary skills for quickly multiplying page views and rank in the hands of any webmaster who chooses to make use of its convenient 1 click installation process.

Schema deploys a simplistic design and content layout, which comes in default and minimalistic flavors, depending on whether your content is best suited for large image based headers, or a more text based approach to keep things simpler. But things only stay simple on the surface. Underneath the hood, Schema is overflowing with SEO optimization features. In essence, Schema is capable of organizing your entire website in a manner that is readily parsed by algorithms in a way that allows them to digest and index your content in a relevant way. This means your website’s presence in search result will be ubiquitous in a matter of days!

Native AdSense integration is a must, and included with the theme, as are a number of features such as voting tools, built in social media sharing and reviewing, and much more. Schema is the theme for today’s SEO barons to make their fortunes!


yosemite minimal viral theme

Yosemite is a stylized, clean cut, handsome WordPress theme, designed taking inspiration from Apple’s Yosemite OSX aesthetic. Prepared out of the box to handle layouts both with and without a sidebar, your audience is sure to quickly fall in love with this elegant, familiar theme and the way it presents your content to them, with slim, attractive headers juxtaposed with almost an almost whispered content in a naturally intimate way, owing to the minimalistic design and the unmediated connection it fosters between content and target.

Yosemite is best suited for dynamic webmasters looking to get their start in the blogosphere. A responsive design that adapts to viewing device encountered, complete ad revenue system integration out of the box, a comparably high user engagement rate, tested against similar themes, search engine optimization for most efficient content indexing and enhanced page rankings, subscription and review plugin compatibility, on top of neat features such as parallax scrolling, high contrast and high legibility fonts that are easy on the eyes, full social media button integration, infinite color palette, multiple author management via authorbox, useful shortcodes for easy site building, explained thoroughly in the detailed documentation included, and much more, Yosemite is the theme of your blogging dreams.


sensational - simple affiliate blog theme

Sensational is an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, colorful and bombastic WordPress theme, one which boldly embellishes all content it presents with its gorgeous design elements. Designed for webmasters in need of attracting as many eyeballs as possible, whether through titillating headlines or stunning large high resolution images, everything under the Sensational umbrella is rendered glossy and beautiful by this theme.

Multiple layout options arrange themselves automatically in response to detected user viewing device, ensuring your audience can enjoy your content on their phones, tablets or PCs seamlessly. Hovering animations and effects, endless color options, customized fonts and the ability to add your own icons as a unique icon font all mean that your audience is sure to be kept mesmerized by your website, whether their attention is centered in a post in particular or wandering towards the rest of your website. Wherever the eye goes, Sensational is there, making things shine.

It is even there where eyes don’t go. SEO optimization means search engine algorithms can understand different sections of your website and index them more efficiently, matching your website with ever more relevant user searches, and thus bringing in a lot more traffic, a lot more views, and most importantly, highly relevant, contextual users, who are far likelier to be returning and become a captive audience. Should they decide to do so, your Lightbox multimedia showcase, integrated social media sharing with fast loading technology and the always handy “related posts” feature are sure to keep them bouncing around for a long while, for the benefit of your integrated AdSense management, included. Sensational really goes full circle here!


comre - discount listing theme

Comre is an entrepreneurial, visually stimulating, easy to use WordPress theme. Its design philosophy is aimed at covering the needs of marketers and entrepreneurs managing coupon campaigns and websites, affiliation code campaigns and websites, and other operations of a similar vein. Comre features a spartan sense of content layout aesthetics contrasted with vivid, colorful images to paint the picture of the website for your audience. The included VisualComposer WordPress builder will allow you to hand-craft your website to match your every specification, with limitless color combinations and clearly annotated underlying code, easily expanded upon. Full, detailed documentation is included.

With capabilities for handling coupon indexation and organization, product display layout, searchable product and category listings, featured products bars and tabbed pages, Comre can set you up right out of the box with a fully-fledged, professional looking coupon code website. Were those capacities insufficient, Comre comes fully integrated with store functionality, allowing your users to purchase premium codes or any other products or services you can think of right off your website, via the popular “WooCommerce” eCommerce plugin. Customers will be walking out the virtual door with your coupon products within minutes of installing this easy to use, intuitive theme. Fully responsive design will adapt your website to any device screen displaying it, meaning no loss of business due to incompatibilities anymore. SEO ready, your website’s code will naturally be indexed in a more effective way by algorithms. When you buy Comre, you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck!


couponxl - special deal listings

CouponXL is an all-encompassing, powerful WordPress theme designed for webmasters building coupon and discount deal aggregating websites targeted at massive audiences. The tools and features provided with this theme make handling thousands of customers, orders, payments and communications a breeze.

Packing a full membership system, CouponXL will help you sustain a captive audience of return customers, securing your revenue, particularly when coupled with the powerful MailChimp feature, which makes sending out thousands of mailers an effortless task. Natural theme integration with platforms as diverse as Skrill, Stripe and PayPal means there’ll no money you’ll be turning down any time soon. Discrete affiliate cloaking keeps your partners private, an open front end for user submission of deals and coupons, modes to manage websites focusing on both or either specifically, advertising opportunities integrated into the theme, a complete payment administration system for both sending and collecting monies, modern social media registration features, CouponXL is a bag full of endless ways to monetize your coupons and deals website.

Limitless color, background and font customization, native SEO optimization and friendliness, with permanent links for easier indexation, geolocating capabilities for stores, deals and coupons, the features seemingly never stop with CouponXL, and neither will the profits. If your goals are big, CouponXL will make your results larger than life.


voice - product review theme

Voice is a pristine, engaging, dynamic WordPress theme designed specifically for the needs of news & magazine websites with a clean cut aesthetic and stimulating, prominent usage of images and attractive, head-turning headlines.

Boundless options for color and layout mean infinite opportunities for strong visual branding, making a distinct impression in the sea of bland news websites out there. Customizable headers, sticky headers and over 150 content listing possibilities combine to match the style of any niche-savvy or general purpose magazine or news website. A gorgeous, eloquent design transmits its fundamental philosophical value; freedom of expression. Voice is a versatile soapbox as much as a sophisticated curator–its range is that broad, and broader!

Extensive, diverse features and widget capabilities and compatible plugins turn Voice effortlessly into a multipurpose theme, suited for generalized mass content distribution and communication. Voice bends to the will of the webmaster, deftly handling social media, reviews, and so much more. Smart post listing modules organize your website in a category based hierarchy, with customizable sections such as fresh content, top content, most popular, category or tag based aggregation, and limitless possibilities due to an amply annotated, easy to read, easy to build upon code. Unlimited sidebar combinations and associations personalize your website beyond imagination. Voice is the theme that makes a point of you being heard.


topclass - SEO friendly landing page

TopClass is an incredibly versatile, astoundingly powerful and feature-rich WordPress multipurpose theme, designed around corporate and business needs in general, yet capable of getting really, really specific. Hardly any WordPress based corporate or business website can fail to benefit immediately from deploying this flexible powerhouse.

With an impressive array of visual effects, animations and transitions, sophisticated, dynamic content layout and scrolling, customizable menus, sidebars, tabbed pages, multimedia and social media integration, and a WooCommerce integrated eCommerce plugin-enabled shop out of the box, there is hardly room for second thoughts regarding TopClass’ true muscle for a corporate or business web venture of any nature.

If, however, worries about installation hassles with transitioning themes, TopClass also includes child theme support, making it compatible with themes across the board, with all of its powerful features a drag & drop box away. A responsive design ensures readability across all platforms, while HTML5, Bootstrap 3 and CSS3 support ensure a long lifetime as a website management system, with lifetime updates included for good measure. Interactive widgets and features, beautiful design and a careful execution make TopClass live up to its name, and the one remaining question is, can your business afford not to upgrade to TopClass today?


throne colorful seo optimized magazine

Throne is a bold, extroverted WordPress theme, built around the needs of webmasters whose sites fill roles with the unusual combination of intimacy and professionalism. Niche bloggers with a dedicated following, authority bloggers and influencers, corporate blogs, creative blogs in general and even magazines in particular can all deploy this theme to great success. A couple adjustments, and Throne becomes a powerful multipurpose.

Elegant while eloquent, Throne is unafraid of raising your voice amidst the hubbub of modernity, as loud as you wish to allow for. Throne is built on branding through personalization–easy to use, advanced theme options will make your website recognizable and unique, along with custom logo and icon fonts, custom headers of all size and content, stickies and sidebars galore, all the perks of social media integrated sharing and discussing. The integrated theme translation and language translation tools widening your audience tenfold overnight certainly come in handy. Yet the main draw to Throne is its power to showcase content in a deeply intuitive, understated hierarchy, letting you decide exactly how much of a light should shine on every bit of content you or your users may contribute. Throne is the theme that makes sure you are king of the hill.


newsmag product reviews magazine

NewsMag is an advanced, feature-dense, extremely customizable WordPress news magazine theme. Dedicated to websites housing online magazines and news portals of all varieties, NewsMag offers unparalleled degrees of flexibility while retaining a powerful visual impact, in the generalized aim of displaying and distributing great amounts of media-heavy content to a mass user base.

NewsMag incorporates a range of features as vast as they are convenient, from clever drag & drop image galleries, to an ambitious, fully deployed internal WYSIWYG WordPress style editor, making your website truly and unerringly your own, and ensuring each post is picture-perfect before even saving it. Customized Lightbox with smart caption display, smart menus, bars and lists, video playlist integration with both YouTube and Vimeo, and social media counters, will keep your readers entertained beyond their first arrival, and subscription capabilities out of the box will keep them coming back for more. Nine different post sample styles will diversify the look and feel of your content, while intelligent ad systems and smart categorization will maximize your profits from ad revenue streams. All the while arresting eyeballs everywhere with stunning visual effects tuned to your heart’s desire, NewsMag is the news that no magazine can be late to report!


pinpress - marketing blog theme

PinPress is an innovative, one of a kind magazine and blog WordPress theme, suited for all webmasters wishing to stand out from the pack, and reap the benefits of HTML5 implementation. It is a bold, remarkable theme, with a lively, pulsating feel permeating all styles of posts the theme has to offer. A simple, understated design philosophy ensures that nothing keeps your readers’ focus away from the content you provide for them.

PinPress is unique in many ways, but it is most unique in one specific way. PinPress implements HTML5 capabilities by keeping track of a user’s reading progress through a post, saving their position, or “pinning” it, for a later viewing. This feature not only makes your website stand out like none other, it maximizes returning visitors by letting them carry when it is most convenient.

Integrated with social media sharing and discussion, social media live feeds, smart featured content display layout options, extensive shortcodes allowing for accordion, toggle or tab titles, paginated posting and countless more features and tools to engage your audience with your content. An advanced review system allows users to rate and review products and content of all types, configurable to match any need. PinPress is a theme sure to make a mark on your audience.

Affiliate marketing is not the only way how you can make money online and we recommend to read this awesome guide to find out more about different website monetizations methods. Colorlib uses many different monetizations methods and we are open to share our experience and help you to make money online as well. Feel free to ask any questions below and we will be happy to help.

18 Most Popular WordPress Entertainment Themes For Musicians, Festivals And Event Managers 2016


We live in an increasingly connected world, and rapidly developing technologies’ are empowering people everywhere to do more work and faster than ever before in history. All this efficiency is essentially rendering our species quite abundant in the free time department, and judging by the state of the entertainment industry, it’s a steady and surefire trend that won’t quit. When you’re trying to make it in the entertainment business, both in Hollywood and online, it’s all about what you can do and how good it looks. Similar principles apply to success in entertainment related websites–it’s all a matter of visual appeal and impressive, tech-savvy functionality. These are websites that need to make a statement in a world filled with loud voices, and they need to make it memorable, distinct and eloquent, capable of dispelling the white noise all around. The following collection of WordPress themes was put together with the specific criteria of unique alignment of a theme’s strengths, style and character with the vary many facets of the entertainment industry and related services that need to build handsome, reliable, enticing websites. Whether you’re reporting celebrity gossip, serious entertainment news, aggregating critiques or just blogging about your favorite entertainment topics, these themes will take you where you need to go.



Divi is an incredibly pliable, astoundingly versatile, modern and dynamic WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, designed with the power and flexibility to effortlessly adapt itself to excel in a multitude of different websites, but particularly well suited for the design and construction of entertainment related websites. Whether you’re a performer, a musician, a band or a recording studio, or just an online magazine keeping tabs on all of the above, Divi’s amazing capacity for customization, empowered by the Divi Builder’s unique block-based layout creation and edition, along with countless specialized custom blocks to add all sorts of functionalities including images, video, links, blurbs and much, much more–Divi is constantly updated, and with the Live Editor, you’ll know exactly how it’ll look right as you’re building it.

Brand your website to no end with Divi’s powerful admin tools, endless color iterations, advanced typographical options, numerous professional layouts that can be modified to your heart’s content, and much more, Divi packs the stuff to create the most engaging, unique entertainment related websites that will be striking and unforgettable. Divi’s natively responsive design ensures crossbrowser compatibility across all platforms, while search engine optimization ensures your website is parsed properly and ranked high in all your relevant keywords. Divi is smart, bends to your every whim, and does all the heavy lifting–what more can you ask for?



Due to the rise of the internet and social media, entertainment companies have never had so much competition. In a market niche with hundreds of thousands of sites, you need something that sets you apart. StereoClub is a unique, charming, and powerful WordPress theme which is worthy of showcasing your awesome content. Many designers and developers rely on this product for its efficiency and cost effectiveness. You can use StereoClub for DJ, band, music, event, or nightclub pages. Feel free to upload gorgeous photos, custom logos, and personalized header images. StereoClub has a free demo, for clients who want to sample the product before committing to a purchase.

Your site will be CPT and Widget-ready, with 5 distinct post variations and 13 unique Widget areas. If the site owner is a singer or musician, he/she can post tour dates online. In terms of visual customization, StereoClub spoils its owner. It has an infinite number of color options, allowing you to match the site’s color with your brand’s logo. Every page element will be under your control, thanks to the Advanced Theme Options Panel. This Panel may be powerful, but it has a very intuitive and accessible interface. It should also be mentioned that PSD and HTML files were added.



The need to be entertained is a universal human trait. Your website must be engaging and interesting, in order to please your fans. What’s the use of having great content, if it is showcased on a bland website? Thankfully, themes such as FWRD can offer a superior web development experience, by allowing anyone to craft a jaw-dropping site. If you decide to purchase this WordPress product, you can benefit from many innovative features, an excellent design, and a responsive layout. Fans can access content from their hand-held devices, without having to worry about resizing errors.

Several beautiful demos can serve as templates for your designs, and the Visual Composer plugin will simplify the customization process. It has 13 creative widgets, and it uses Drag and Drop Technology. With this tool, there is no limit to what you can design. Music players can be featured on any page, and users will be able to crate or sort special playlists. It is possible to upload MP3 tracks, or implement some beautiful Video backgrounds. The Slider Revolution plugin promises to showcase content in a simple and attractive manner. Of course, it will be responsive towards touch screen commands. High resolution Retina screens are also supported.



Croma is a fantastically flexible, beautifully designed, powerfully functional and colorfully imaginative responsive WordPress creative music multipurpose website theme. Croma has been developed by a professional team of designers and programmers working in unison to produce a sleek, seamlessly effective tool for webmasters both seasoned and rookie to easily craft amazing modern websites overnight, without having to write a single line of code. Croma is perfect for entertainment magazines, music magazines, fan pages and musical collectives that want a streamlined platform to engage the masses from and provide them with uncomplicated access to their content.

With Croma, sharing the latest singles and hottest tracks is now easier than ever, featuring advanced audio music player integration based on HTML5 technologies and a gorgeous, glossy interface, along with powerful features such as album management, customized playlists and even direct integration of WooThemes WooCommerce online store functionality, allowing you to market your artists or merchandise right off your Croma website. Events and gigs are incredibly easy to handle through Croma’s Event Manager, turning your website into an informative, interactive hub for your local, regional or global entertainment scene. Utter Bootstrap-based modularity provides the cross-compatibility you need to reach across all demographics. Try Croma today!



Tana Magazine is a powerful and resourceful, easy to use and highly sophisticated, intuitive and readily responsive WordPress news, music and movies magazine website theme. Tana Magazine has been constructed by a team of developers and designers working in conjunction to provide a seamless tool for webmasters of any background to easily and effortlessly craft the most feature-rich and modern magazine websites imaginable within a few easy steps and without writing a single line of code.

Tana Magazine is packed with full-fledged magazine demo websites for a range of niches, including Movie, Newspaper, Fashion and Music, and can easily be adapted to feature elements from any and all of these, making it an incredible candidate for broad-spanning entertainment magazine websites dealing with the latest flicks, celebrity news, music releases and runway shows the world over. Flexible and visually pristine, Tana Magazine deploys a significantly expanded version of the premium Visual Composer page builder to assist you in configuring custom layouts, styling your modules and sections, and much more, while offering a powerful set of advanced admin tools for you to fine-tune anything else and thoroughly brand your website to suit your needs and specs. Tana Magazine is the last theme you’ll ever need!



Blogging is a powerful, straightforward, dynamic and cutting edge WordPress responsive blogger theme, designed specifically with the needs of blogs, journals, vlogs, travel logs, academic blogs, and basically every kind of website that handles massive amounts of visual content, such as artist blogs, band blogs, tour blogs, celebrity blogs, gossip columns and pretty much all entertainment related blogs. Blogging was built to keep the audience’s eyes on your prized content, to neatly and intuitively play well with search engine indexation, optimizing the placement of your content so it is parsed most favorably–netting you more traffic, visitors, and revenues, ultimately.

AdSense integration and ad placement throughout the included layouts is naturally a part of Blogging, meaning that as long as you can provide the content, Blogging can provide the visitors, clicks and profits at the end of the month. Whether you’re serious about blogging or just a casual blogger, Blogging gives you the perfect toolset to up the game, with features such as related articles, mobile friendly responsive layouts, a featured section to show off your best content, extensive social media integration and beautiful Parallax scrolling effects, all with a code that is both cleanly commented and optimized for speedy loading and lower server loads. Get it all out there with Blogging!



Interactive is a technologically advanced, aesthetically accomplished, modern and dynamic WordPress responsive news, magazine and entertainment theme, built and designed with the express purpose of maximizing the engagement of your audience and visitors with your content throughout all possible devices, browsers and platforms. Interactive is an incredibly lightweight, cutting edge theme, constructed making use of the latest technologies to minimize loading times, maximize loading speeds and empower you to effortlessly produce creative, interactive, dynamic webpages in a matter of minutes with no coding required at all.

This combination of qualities means Interactive excels at one thing–entertainment related websites. Entertainment is the ultimate attention span game, and entertainment websites demand an interface that Is wholly capable of enticing and capturing visitors not just with your content and high resolution imagery but with a uniquely well crafted, carefully designed user navigational experience that is chock-full with attention to detail, smooth animations and transitions, handsome off-canvas mobile menus, extensive social media integration and thorough incorporation of the latest protocols and standards to make your content jump off the page and come alive. Interactive is bold, assertive and constantly in motion, suited for webmasters who are equally dynamic. Are you active enough to use Interactive?



WordX is an extraordinarily powerful, incredibly flexible, technologically sophisticated and entirely professional WordPress responsive news, magazine and entertainment theme, potent and suited for the construction and day to day operation of a great diversity of websites, from corporate to personal and commercial to nonprofit, but especially designed to comply with the many needs of entertainment related digital magazine websites. Whether you’re reporting on the latest celebrity gossip, keeping track of new musical releases or aggregating news stories about the entertainment business, WordX is the theme that lets you make a wonderful spectacle of your every bit of content, every time.

WordX is meant to ease your workload, no matter what the work is. From dozens of custom-crafted templates to hit the ground running with your webpages to hundreds of convenient widgets, time-saving shortcodes and limitless options for customization thanks to the advanced admin panel options offered by WordX, there’s no part of website building that isn’t made easier when you’re using WordX. Captivate your audiences with incredible Parallax effects and top of the line headers, sidebars and sliders, while you spruce up your images with beautiful content carousels to parade your top stories to your visitors at every turn. Start making your professional entertainment digital magazine today, with WordX!



Newspaper is an incredibly modern, elegant and fresh-faced, clean and clutter-free WordPress responsive news, entertainment and magazine theme, well suited to meet the demands of the widest range of websites imaginable, owing to high degrees of possible customization, but deliberately crafted with the purpose of servicing the requirements of very content rich, image heavy, massive audience websites, that distribute their content to a vast audience in a competitive market and that must outdo and outshine the competition at every turn in order to keep visitors loyal and true.

Newspaper is thus ideal for fashion, news and entertainment online magazines, as its every layout is thought of in terms of maximizing the exposure of your content in every square inch of screen real estate available, from featured post sections and featured content sliders to popular categories, brands section and gorgeous Parallax scrolling effects to keep users engaged, Newspaper knows that attention is the name of the game, and it garners so much of it by rendering your content so well–its responsivity makes every layout come across just as legible and coherent on one browser or device as on any other, regardless of screen sizes, and includes a beautiful off-canvas mobile menu. Maximize your revenue with SEO and AdSense integration, and bring home the bacon, with Newspaper.



Innovation is a spectacularly resourceful and incredibly easy to use, highly convenient and extremely imaginative, wonderfully tech-savvy and creative, engaging and enticing, sleek and attractive, elegant and versatile, extremely mobile friendly and Retina ready, highly responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Innovation is a sincerely amazing and excruciatingly polished and developed, precise and purposeful toolkit that empowers users from any background and with or without previous coding experience to effortlessly and professionally construct their very own, completely customized blog websites complete with the latest cutting edge features, resources, elements and technologies available on the market today.

Innovation is perfect for all sorts of bloggers blogging about all kinds of different topics and niches, from food blogs to news blogs, from personal blogs to fashion blogs, but due to Innovation’s uniquely powerful deployment of HTML5 markup technologies and coding as a backbone to the entire theme, Innovation’s multimedia friendly nature makes it perfect for entertainment bloggers that need to keep the world posted on the latest developments in the entertainment business and related fields. With a fully functional integrated reviews system right out of the box, your own users will let you know what’s hot and what’s not among your content in no time at all!



WeMusic is an incredibly youthful, vibrant and interactive WordPress responsive musical, entertainment and events theme, powerful enough to meet the expectations of a wide range of websites of all nature, but especially designed to satisfy and simplify the website making process of entertainment related websites, from event planners to music bands, from musical magazines to record studios, WeMusic is the theme that knows the needs of the entertainment business inside out, and makes churning out cutting edge, HTML5-powered multimedia-saturated webpages effortless, and ever dressed in stylish, custom layouts suited to every imaginable kind of content.

WeMusic is your one stop shop for your musical, entertainment or event website needs. A powerful event list and grid manager makes your homepage a calendar in an instant, just as easily as you can flick a switch between dark and light versions, Featured Album collections, countdowns, five different Home styles, the potent Visual Composer to adjust everything to meet you exact expectations, beautiful Revolution Slider sliders that you can intuitively animate, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce for expanding the functions of your website, from orders to online stores, WeMusic can do it all. Do you want to make it in this business? WeMusic is the way to go.



Oscillator is a thoroughly impressive, visually expansive and unique, graphically well structured and professionally designed, superbly flexible and adaptive, cleverly constructed and radiantly vibrant responsive WordPress musical multipurpose theme, a thorough and robust theme built to fulfill the needs and requirements of a whole host of diverse music and entertainment industry related websites. Equipped with advanced web technologies for musical functionality, Oscillator is capable of handling Streaming Audio Players with customized playlists or your own streaming stations, so you can broadcast your artists or events to the world at large without a single line of coding.

That makes Oscillator an outstanding entertain website theme, packed with a tons of widgets and shortcodes to greatly expand the capacities of your many predesigned pages, easily customized with intuitive theme options. Plus, with the Drag & Drop Homepage Editor, your website will look and feel precisely the way you want with a simple, quick and painless process that webmasters of any skill level will excel at, producing professional looking, polished websites every time. Six different post types are available to speed up your workflow, including an exclusive, custom built event post style that you can further customize and widgetize to churn out entertaining and engaging posts in no time at all. Get on board Oscillator today!



Musik is a technologically sophisticated, aesthetically pleasant, youthful and vibrant WordPress responsive music and entertainment theme, powerfully equipped to competently handle a plethora of different websites, personal, commercial or corporate, but designed especially with the deliberate intent of satisfying music and entertainment related website’s needs and requirements, from managing all sort of media, post types and layout designs to providing beautiful and functional in-browser music player, empowered with jQuery technology to be lightweight and modern.

Musik is also fully integrated with the Easy Digital Downloads EDD platform, turning your entertainment website into a musical online mp3 store in a matter of minutes, with no hassle and zero coding skills required. Music is perfect for recording studios, labels, bands and artists, and it can manage musical genres and artists natively, as well as playlists, albums and in-browser saved player settings. Musik is also fully customizable in every possible way, with several predesigned page templates available to edit and modify, customizable headers, logos and players, and much more. Musik is perfect for radio station websites as well, being fully capable of managing different stations through its powerful, potent interface. The face of the entertainment business is changing, and Musik knows what the future looks like.



Hugo is a visually sophisticated, technologically savvy, graceful and elegant WordPress responsive music, artist and entertainment theme, built with the pliability required to sate the needs of a great variety of websites of all sizes and inclinations, but particularly powerful when deployed for music and entertainment business related websites, ranging from artists and bands to singers and performers, entertainers and composers, comedians, bloggers, artistic companies and many more.

If your website needs to present a large amount of content of a diverse nature ranging from visual and textual to musical files for download and sale through iTunes or Google Play, and you need to offer this wide functionality in a stylish, impressive interface that is both memorable and unique, Hugo is the theme you are looking for. Including the endlessly flexible Visual Composer, you can simply drag and drop entire sections in and out of the several different layouts included to personalize your website’s look and feel. The Master Slider plugin provides gorgeous, animated, interactive sliders. 5 different, elegant skins are included, and you can further customize and brand your website to no end with the admin panel tools. Google Fonts are Font Awesome icons are integrated into the theme, creating professional looking posts in a matter of seconds. Deliver in style, with Hugo.



Beaton is a technologically cutting-edge, visually vibrant, dynamic and modern WordPress responsive music, radio and entertainment theme, built with the strength and flexibility necessary to effortlessly adapt itself to an endless amount and range of website kinds and natures, but uniquely handcrafted for the purpose of servicing the needs of entertainment, music and radio related websites. Packed withal the latest technologies masterfully integrated into a full-fledged suit of tools and functions that make short work of any website building task imaginable, from churning out pages of multimedia-laden content to uploading and organizing collections of musical files for sale and download right on your website, Beaton is remarkably versatile and broad in its reach–DJs can easily produce, organize and offer DJ mixes or track lists, uploading material with intuitive, drag and drop based interfaces. Radio stations can easily create their streaming radio stations with the powerful in-browser streaming player incorporated into Beaton, or simply sit back and enjoy your playlists, or browse your collection by artists, album or genres with incredible ease in the user navigational experience and amazing lack of complication from the admin side of the equation. Beaton keeps things dynamic and simple, so you can focus on one thing: entertaining people.



Slimvideo is an incredibly tech-savvy, impressively interactive, highly social and fresh-faced WordPress responsive video entertainment community theme, designed with the general needs of content-distribution websites that engage massive audiences in mind, but especially built for the unique requirements of the burgeoning video entertainment online community website niche. Slimvideo is neat, clean and lightweight, while incredibly cutting-edge and remarkably innovative. Creating websites has never been easier than with Slimvideo’s Touch Layout Builder drag & drop interface, wherein you can make your own layouts or build off of Slimvideo’s templates and get cracking on your pages within minutes of setup.

Custom post types abound, with four coming as standard and limitless to be added at your will. Limitless sidebars, headers and footers are also part of Slimvideo, as is the powerful Stream Slider feature, an amazing, exclusive product that will bedazzle your visitors with Retina-ready video streaming right off a slider player on your website. Community is a big part of Slimvideo, with plentiful social media integration and comments, YouTube and Vimeo integration, and an exclusive user front-end video submission feature to allow visitors to upload videos without accessing your dashboard, all in a breezy, speedy, coding-free manner. Make your life simpler and your funny videos more popular, with Slimvideo!



DeVoe is a gracefully elegant, powerfully interactive, flexible and modern WordPress responsive fashion and entertainment theme, so thoroughly pliable and customizable that it can quite easily be adapted to service the needs of essentially any kind of website imaginable, but peculiarly potent when used for its deliberate purpose, as a theme for websites that distribute fashion and entertainment content that is visual heavy and numerous, to an audience that is massive, fickle and prone to quickly losing focus due to the flashy, lightning-speed nature of the entertainment content industry online, with its high levels of competition and bounce rates.

DeVoe is a theme that is smart and sharp when it comes to fighting bounce rates, with tons of coded functionalities that keep users engaged and absorbing more and more of your articles, content, galleries and posts, while affording you infinite layout possibilities to best showcase your content, as well as numerous featured product or content widgets to show off your best work or your newest or most popular, among many other ways to categorize and display your content. DeVoe puts it all out there, and then guides the users through, holding their hand every step of the way and keeping them focused, while the endless ad placement units continue to stream revenue your way. DeVoe is the full package.



Shindig is an amazingly customizable, feature-rich, visually accomplished and understatedly cool WordPress responsive entertainment event theme, designed and built with the explicit purpose of satisfying the needs of websites dedicated to informing and enticing the public to single entertainment, musical or special events, as well as selling tickets or other wares or even as a stylish, rocking landing page for your apps, promotions or events. A shindig is just a shindig–it’s whatever you want it to be, and it simply is. That philosophy sits behind the design of Shindig’s incredibly intuitive customization process, where powerful tools allow you to carefully select the look and behavior of every aspect and element in your website.

Beautiful sliders are available with the Revolution Slider plugin, while the theme is eCommerce ready and integrated, Retina-ready and natively responsive, making it compatible across the board with browsers and devices both desktop and mobile. Advertise your concert, promote your tours or music festivals, set up a handsome, professional homepage for your independent film festival or sell the albums, merchandise and tickets of artists and event dates right from your website, out of the box, within a few minutes of setting up and without a single line of coding anywhere in sight. Shindig does all the work for you–you just need to show up!



MiEvent is an elegant and subtle, clean and fresh-faced, incredibly lightweight WordPress responsive music and entertainment events theme, built with the explicit purpose of being a one-stop solution for all your entertainment event website needs. From concerts and music festivals to conferences, gatherings and book signings–if your end goal is to gather crowds online and then gather them in real life, MiEvent is the one theme that is designed to make that task quick and easy.

A couple dozen included demos will automatically furnish your website with all the fleshed out content, posts and pages of a full model website, with corporate events, music events and Christmas events among the included templates, which you can easily build upon and alter thanks to powerful page building tools that let you incorporate impressive Parallax background visual effects, thorough SoundCloud integration, social media sharing tools and many more custom crafted widgets that empower your website to connect with people and bring them together at your future venues. Pricing tables, schedules, counters, all forms of media embedding imaginable, MiEvent lets you really show what your entertainment events are about, and your website will be the life of the party. Are you ready to crank things up a notch with MiEvent?



Noizu is an eclectic and modern, tech-savvy and fluid, sophisticated and cutting-edge WordPress responsive music and entertainment theme, designed specifically with the needs of music and entertainment related websites in mind, especially those websites that wish to create a thorough entertainment experience for their users, from visual heavy content and image galleries to interactive, full-fledged in-browser music players, integrated event management and much more–Noizu is a one size fits all solution to music entertainment needs, filled with powerful tools and widgets that will make building your music entertainment website easier and faster than ever before. Noizu’s sophisticated HTML5 MP3 player can handle limitless playlists, or you can just plug SoundCloud playlists right into your website. Different layout options are available which can be altered to suit your needs.

Beautiful image galleries can be created to show off photos of the events on your Events List, while your users take everything in in the full visual glory of the fullscreen layouts that gorgeously maximize the impact of your content. Noizu’s high quality coding is natively responsive and crossbrowser compatible, and is optimized for search engine indexation as well as for fast, seamless loading. AJAX page loading guarantees the beats keep playing as your users navigate. Noizu is the sound of the future–do you hear it?



Eveny is an amazingly versatile, incredibly convenient, powerful and appealing WordPress responsive events and entertainment theme, wholly capable of managing a wide range of website projects, from personal blogs to commercial websites, but uniquely well suited for the creation and management of entertainment event websites and pages. Eveny was designed with a series of built-in tools and functions that empower webmasters to create beautiful, customized homepages, incredibly diverse post types including images, locally or remotely hosted videos, music, streaming and much more, all effortlessly deployed using Eveny’s hassle-free, no coding required page builder and the impressive custom shortcodes included with the theme, that provide you with everything from calendars and schedules to countdowns and even a fully integrated 0% commission ticket sales platform, Tickera, right out of the box, so your events can begin selling out the day you set up your Eveny website. Powerful options in the WP Customizer allow you to make every Eveny page look exactly the way you want it to, while Eveny’s responsive, Bootstrap-based coding allows for seamless crossbrowser, crossplatform compatibility with no added work for you. Captivate your visitors with your music on your in-browser player as they browse through your events, purchase a ticket or two and RSVP, all accomplished within minutes. Eveny makes the game almost too easy!



Decibel is a formidably powerful, boldly eloquent, modern and interactive WordPress responsive music and entertainment theme. Decibel is by far versatile enough to function competently as a theme for websites of any nature, due to its capacities for customization and adaptation, but its natural strong suit is the design and construction of musical entertain websites of all sorts and sizes–if you’re dealing in mp3 files, concert tours, photo sessions, artists and discographies or any of a host of other music and entertainment business related matters, Decibel was designed expressly for you.

A potent, custom made in-browser MP3 player that supports customization, multiple MP3 playlists and saved settings as users browse through your website is just the first of many unique Decibel features, which also include Event List pages with integrated ticket purchases, eCommerce-enabled WooCommerce integration for marketing your merchandise, albums, digital downloads or ticket sales, among many other things, is included and ready to go out of the box, as is a Discography page and an artist, genre and album management system. And with Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, not a page or a bar or a slider on your site will be out of place, regardless of browser or platform, thanks to Bootstrap coding. Decibel is ready to turn it up to 11!



SPECTRA is a youthfully eloquent, vibrant and dynamic, modern and interactive WordPress responsive musical entertainment theme, built to handle a range of websites dealing in the musical or entertainment industries in general, but especially powerful when utilized by DJs, record producers, record labels or studios, or individual artist or performer portfolios. If you need to expose an ample amount of musical content to a wide, online-based audience, SPECTRA is just the theme you’re looking for. Armed with an incredibly powerful and quite handsome native in-browser music player, SPECTRA can just as easily play self-hosted MP3, remotely hosted MP3 or even SoundCloud tracks right from your website.

You can create playlists, favorite tracks and track lists, and even have the option of enabling autoplay so some or all pages have an instant soundtrack. You can keep your professional blog while posting whole image galleries, videos or audio tracks right on it. Google Maps-localized multi-day repetitive events are just three clicks on SPECTRA’s versatile and powerful Events Manager, and with MailChimp integration, no one will forget about any of those events! Gorgeous slider widgets, DISQUS comment integration out of the box, a simplified unique Background Generator for post headers, Track Manager, Slider and Portfolio pages with AJAX drag and drop sorting, custom Tracks, Twitter and Events displaying widgets–SPECTRA puts the world at your fingertips.

Awesome WordPress Sports Themes For News Sites, Sports Teams, Gyms and Fitness Clubs 2016

Sports News WordPress Themes

List of the best WordPress sports themes designed and developed for sports news magazines, sport teams and even gyms and fitness centers.

We already made a list of WordPress themes for gyms and fitness centers and you can find this list here. This time around we would like to show completely different set of themes specially designed for sports magazines and sport teams.

These theme can be adjusted to be used for football. basketball hockey, lacrosse, baseball or any other team or individual sport. We have collected various kinds of themes and everyone will be able to find the one that suit their needs.

Sports have become a part of the culture and more and more people are getting into sports. This is the right time to create news site or website for sports team. For example, I am playing hockey and I recently created a simple website for my time. Nothing really fancy or everything but it became popular and more people joined our team. We finished last season in first place thanks to new members and we have leveled up to a higher league. All this thanks to a simple website I created over weekend.



GoodLife is an exemplary WordPress theme which can be used to enhance every aspect of your sports website. The design is modern and efficient, and the layout can accommodate hand-held devices. In addition, GoodLife is cross-browser compatible. This theme is simply good at what it does. It is very powerful and adaptable, and it does not sacrifice page loading speed. Loading times have been greatly reduced, due to the streamlined, well-written code. In addition, you can rest easy knowing that your sports website will be optimized for search engines.

Every page will have structured data markup, and that data can be used to better index the content. As a result, posts will have a higher chance of showing up on search engine rankings. GoodLife has multiple demos, and each demo caters to a different niche. Pre-designed content is very useful for those who cannot afford to start from scratch. From start to finish, the setup process can be finalized in a few minutes. Demos can also act as templates for further customization. Site users are able to modify the colors of widgets, or even change the typography settings. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, be sure to access the GoodLife live preview.



Newspaper is a beautiful, clean and elegant theme designed to make your website stand out from the crowd. This is the best selling WordPress News theme of all time. Built for blogging and the publishing industry, this theme is engineered to handle large amounts of content while delivering high page loading speed.

With Newspaper 7 is so easy to build a fresh and effervescent Sport News website. You don’t have to build everything from scratch. This theme comes with over 20 predefined, one click ready, demos to give you a great start. Newspaper 7 is responsive to the core and with the “Mobile theme” custom plugin your website will look amazing and will perform outstanding on any small screen device.

Today’s sport news websites must compete in a rough environment, so Newspaper comes with astounding flexibility and tons of custom made premium features to make your quest as smooth as possible. This theme comes with an intelligent Ad system, making monetization an easy task. Using the best SEO practice and a clean code, Newspaper 7 is a must have for everyone trying to capture the thrill and dynamism of the sports industry.



Splash is an incredibly dynamic and very energetic, youthful and lively, modern and engaging, highly responsive WordPress sports and basketball website theme. Splash is a uniquely purposeful website that sets its sights on meeting and exceeding the expectations of sports and basketball website webmasters, without requiring them to so much as peek at a line of code. Completely visual, the Splash page building experience is seamless and fast, aided by the WP Live Customizer and dozens of configurable options and choices that can turn your website inside out within minutes.

With out of the box compatibility with the stupendous SportsPress plugin, making your Splash website an interactive informative hub for your favorite teams, leagues and sports is easier than ever before, with automated updating of scores, league standings and a plethora of player and team statistics to boot. Exclusively designed, time-saving and convenient template pages are packaged with Splash, including Team and Player Pages with specialized options for each, League Stats pages for your users to keep track of the relative performance of their favorite teams and players, advanced audio and video embedding capabilities and so much more under the hood. Splash is the right choice for all your shoots and hoops, try it today!

Flex Mag


If you want to purchase a WordPress theme that perfectly balances power and ease of use, look no further than Flex Mag. This is an adaptable product, capable of accommodating a variety of sites. However, it incorporates many features that are specific to the magazine and news market. Considering that most magazine site owners are not seasoned programmers, everything was simplified. There are many personalization options, but the experience remains quite user-friendly.

As your readers scroll down the page, the following article will automatically load. This function is very useful for those who crave a more streamlined browsing experience. Many popular mainstream sites have incorporated auto-loading. However, if for some reason you do want it on your page, it can be easily disabled thanks to the Theme Options Panel. All posts can be featured in a Popular Post, Featured Post or Latest Post category. The entire layout is fully responsive, guaranteeing that your content will look incredible on hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones. In total, there are 9 distinct Featured Post variations. Lack of variety will not be a problem, given that customers can display their posts in a captivating and interesting format. For more information regarding this theme, be sure to check out the live preview.

Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a dynamic and engaging, highly entertaining and readily malleable, creative and rapidly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO is a dedicated set of tools for the quick and effective creation of gorgeous modern magazine websites with all sorts of advanced features and capabilities without having to so much as peek at a single line of code.

With Newsmag PRO, setting up shop online with your own news magazine, fashion magazine or movie magazine has never been easier, but professional sports magazines in particular find in Newsmag PRO an answer to their prayers. Featuring a completely intuitive visual and graphical customization interface based on drag and drop processes as well as user-friendly advanced theme settings and customization options that will let you easily fine-tune the look and feel of your sports magazine to match your expectations, including custom logos and more. Newsmag PRO also incorporates the capacity to deploy a limitless number of image or content sliders to keep your best stories and articles moving and attracting traffic, as well as limitless content carousels to dazzle and impress your visitors. Newsmag PRO is the perfect aid for your sports mag. Try Newsmag PRO today and see for yourself!



JustFit is a clean and modern fitness and sports related website that can be used for blog style as well as static business websites. The design is elegant, sleek, and impressive. Using the innovative Drag & Drop sections, you will be able to swiftly construct your website. Sections can be rearranged without the need to modify the code.

Visitors will be pleased to know that slow loading times are not an issue. This will enhance their experience, and increase your popularity. The slider can showcase content in an enticing manner. Be it articles for your blog, or interesting products, they will be displayed properly. Thanks to the AdSense optimization, you can increase your bottom line. It can make the most out of your current page traffic, maximizing the site’s potential. The Parallax scrolling effect brings a new dimension to your website, by adding a nifty 3D pop while users are scrolling.



Beauty is usually within the eye of the beholder. However, everyone can agree on the beauty of Herald, as its modern design is simply stunning. This WordPress theme promises to enhance every element of your magazine, news, or online publication website. For novice users, a nifty video tutorial was introduced, offering to guide you through the setup process. If you wish to learn more about Herald’s features, be sure to consult the well-written documentation source. With video and text support, every inexperienced client can become an overnight expert. Of course, the goal of all websites is to expand their base of followers. It is now possible to target an international audience, as Herald can be translated into any language. In addition, it supports right to left writing for languages such as Japanese and Hebrew.

The theme offers great freedom when it comes to publishing articles. Users can alter the page and font color, and there are 500 home page layout variations. Users can upload custom icons and logos. In terms of monetization, Herald will implement advertisement banners on the homepage, archive sections, or individual articles. For those who wish to sample Herald without having to spend any money, a live preview was added.


energy - fitness and yoga wordpress theme

Energy is an extremely powerful, technologically savvy, visually sophisticated WordPress business theme, suited to satisfy the many needs of a number of different business websites of any scale, from international to small and local, and particularly outstanding when utilized for gym websites, spa websites, fitness center websites, yoga studio websites, sporting venues websites and pretty much all businesses dealing with athletics, health and beauty. Energy is light on its feet, fast loading and has great reflexes-your visitors will be engaged and interested throughout their entire visit, and won’t miss a beat of the information and visual content you’re delivering.

Energy lets you hit the ground running with a number of predesigned, carefully crafted pages, which you can alter and brand thoroughly with the ZOOM Framework’s many options, see your work with the Live Customizer, and widgetize your homepage in a flash with the Dynamic Homepage Builder. Such widgets include the powerful Full-Screen Slideshow, which allows you to display your best and featured products and services or your most popular content in a fullscreen slideshow right on your homepage. Easy to use, Energy lets you switch between wide and regular theme styles, and intuitively helps you to customize your fonts and color schemes with absolutely no coding. Energy; can you feel its power?

Xtreme Sports


Developed by an elite author, Xtreme Sports is an innovative and modern theme for WordPress websites. Although it can be used for almost any page, it is best suited for extreme sport, sport club, or sport merchandise sites. The setup process is no longer intimidating, given that Xtreme Sports has incorporated the Visual Composer tool. Drag and Drop technology is used, turning an otherwise complicated task into something that is accessible even for novice users. It should also be mentioned that all customization changes can be previewed in real-time, making it easier to correct mistakes or alter page designs.

This theme has included the premium Slider Revolution plugin, which enables the creation of gorgeous slides. Users can now showcase sports event highlights, or pictures of their gear and products. Of course, personalized effects, transitions and animations will be featured between different slides. WooCommerce was made available, making it easier to setup your own online merchandise store. This useful plugin is trusted by countless WordPress users, given its quality and reliability. Xtreme Sports can be translated into multiple languages, and its layout is responsive. More than 600 beautiful Google Fonts are available, along with 4 different site color schemes.



SportAK is a dynamic and colorful, fresh-faced and attractive, modern and easy to use, rapidly responsive WordPress football, hockey and baseball club website theme. SportAK has been crafted to aid webmasters with or without any previous development experience to easily put together gorgeous, professional quality sports club, sports magazine or sports online store websites quickly and effectively, with a wealth of resources and features to boot.

SportAK includes a ton of convenient layouts and template pages that make it easy to set up your sports related website, such as an awesome Matches page with tons of styling for you to present upcoming match listings to your audience, while sleek and attractive Team and Player layouts help you to profile the main contenders in the sports and leagues you specialize in. With a lightweight and efficient HTML5 based code, SportAK loads fast under all traffic conditions and usage cases, regardless of scale, and its responsive, HTML5-wrapped elements will adapt themselves to your users’ devices, platforms and screen sizes seamlessly, without writing a line of code. Awesome Club, Maintenance and Coming Soon pages and a series of fully functional Store layouts round off this powerful theme. Check out SportAK today, and see for yourself!

Sports Blog


Sports Blog is a product that promises to enhance your high-quality WordPress website. Its design is charming and fully responsive. A child theme is usually a refined, superior version of its parent theme, and Sports Blog is no exception to that rule. Users can access your content from any device, operating system, or web browser. This makes it easier to update or manage content, given that you can work from your phone or tablet. Should any issues occur during the installation process, be sure to contact the excellent support team. Their representatives are very eager to resolve all problems. It should also be mentioned that 7-15 high-quality stock photos were added, and you can use them without having to worry about copyright.

Thanks to the MotoPress editor, users can easily personalize their sites. No advanced programming knowledge is required. If you want to learn about every Sports Blog feature, be sure to consult the detailed documentation source. This theme has an integrated audio player, and it can also showcase video files. Site owners will be able to setup Newsletter subscriptions for their followers. A Google Maps function was integrated, along with some gorgeous Google web fonts and personalized page templates.



Magellan is an attractive and very easy to use, dynamic and effective, technologically innovative and highly responsive WordPress video news and reviews magazine website theme. Magellan has been built by a dedicated team of developers and designers working in unison to provide you with a seamless solution for crafting incredible, modern websites in a manner of minutes, without having to write a line of code yourself. Magellan includes a number of powerhouse plugins to streamline the website designing experience, such as the industry-standard Visual Composer and Revolution Slider visual drag and drop builders, which make short work of most graphic design tasks and visual customization in general.

With a strong backbone built on HTML5 and CSS3 code and modularly designed with the latest Bootstrap standards for utter responsiveness across all platforms and devices, Magellan can truly reach all crowds, making it fantastic for sports news and magazine websites, not least in part due to its sophisticated video news post system. With Magellan, keeping your audience up to date on the latest sporting events and developments is now easier than ever before, and with bbPress and BuddyPress functionality built into Magellan, your users can pitch in their opinions easily as well! Try Magellan now!

Real Soccer

real soccer - football club theme

Real Soccer is a striking sports magazine theme custom-built to suit soccer-based websites. It is tremendously responsive and resizes its layout efficiently on different kind of devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and iPhone to provide visitors a great viewing experience. It also looks sharp and clear on modern devices with high screen resolution because every area of this theme is retina ready. It has a full-screen slider that you can use for displaying big and bold images of your players or team. It comes with beautiful color options and great typography perfect for sports magazine theme.

Real Soccer also allows you to include parallax background in your desired section in your website which you can customize to go well with the brand of your sports team or magazine. It uses Theme Customizer to help you tweak some aspects of your website template. It lets you create unlimited sidebars for your website and allows you to add intricate functionalities with the help of powerful shortcodes. It has the capability to create detailed pages for player profiles, league standings tables, and fixtures & results. Match reports, Master Slider and WooCommerce integration make the theme even better. This theme is built with best SEO practices in mind to ensure that your website will get more traffic and perform well on search engines.


champion - sports team WordPress theme

Champion is a modern and eye-catching WordPress theme built for sports enthusiasts, football clubs, soccer news and sports organizations. It is compatible with WordPress 4.1 and built with HTML5 and CSS3 to help you stay abreast of the latest web standards. Its responsive layout design is based on Bootstrap 3.1 technology. In addition, it is tested and fully compatible with different web browsers such as FireFox, Safari, Chrome and IE10+. This theme allows you to choose between wide and boxed layout, choose the right color scheme and pick the ideal font for your sports website. It is fully compatible with SportPress plugin to help your team/organization set up and manage a league or club site speedily and with no trouble.

This awesome plugin offers fantastic functions including a fixtures listing, league table, player & staff profiles, customizable point system, a built-in translation system and many more. It comes with Visual Composer that makes page layout creation a breeze. It comes available with five header styles, let you embed audio and video file in your website with ease and allow you to include parallax or video background. Revolution Slider plugin is part of the theme package to ensure that you will not have a hard time creating gorgeous slides for your sports website. It gives you an option to set your gallery or portfolio into classic or masonry style so you could present your photos in style. It comes with a mega main menu to help you improve your website’s navigation. Lastly, it is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you set up an online store for your merchandise.


symetrio - sport event theme

Symetrio is a beautiful, flexible and multisport WordPress theme created to provide a fully functional website template for gyms, fitness clubs, personal trainers, dance schools, martial arts and other health & fitness related business. This theme is feature-rich and highly customizable. It allows you to create a responsive and fully functional sports and fitness website without touching a single line of code. This theme is fully responsive and resizes slickly to all modern devices. All the icons and other graphic elements used in this theme are retina ready so your website will look sharp and clear when viewed on HiDPi displays. Symetrio allows you to install a premade layout page with just one click, which you can customize afterward.

But if you want to create your own website design using this theme, Symetrio offers oodles of tools and options that you can use in creating an inimitable sports website. It allows you to set your site into boxed or fullwidth layout, edit the background design and use video or parallax effects as your website’s background. It comes with fitness widgets, sports modules and event page that are specifically designed for fitness websites. It has awesome menu options that could help you build and effective navigation menu for your visitors or target clients. Symetrio uses 2 of the best slider generators in the market, the Revolution Slider and Wonster Slider. It uses Theme Customizer to easily change certain elements of your theme that you want to adjust with live preview mode. It is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you sell products with ease.

In Shape

in shape WordPress sports theme

In Shape is a modern and flexible theme suitable for gym owners, personal trainers, fitness aficionados and any fitness related businesses. It comes with a fully responsive and retina ready layout design to provide your audience an incredible viewing experience. This theme uses Fuse Framework as its main backbone that makes your website easier to manage and customize. It features only 1 extensive slider with some smooth out of the box HTML 5 animations that could help you draw the interest of your visitors in an instant. It is very easy to install and customize.

It has a built-in Workout Calendar to keep your users or clients updated with all upcoming training sessions by adding your workouts into the built it workout module. It also includes Fitness Info page that would help your client identify the exercise program perfect for their workout goals. Aside from the regular default blog pages, In Shape comes with several built in page layouts that you can readily use. You can improve the usability of your theme by using its Sticky Navigation Menu and Mega Menu. In Shape WordPress theme also includes shortcodes to let you do nifty things without putting much work. It has a contact form module that will enable you to create any contact form you might want or need for your sports and fitness website. Lastly, In Shape is built with best SEO practices in mind to help your website obtain higher traffic and rank well on search engine.


sports club wordpres theme

Sport is a clean, modular and pliable theme designed for sporting clubs, fitness centers and non-profit websites. This minimalistic sports club WordPress theme is completely responsive to any modern devices and comes with a retina ready design to give your audience an awesome user-experience. Not only that, the layout design of this theme is carefully crafted with touch screen devices in mind. It comes with 2 pre-designed skins ideal for any sporting or community club. It comes with a user-friendly and very intuitive admin panel that enables you to adjust the appearance of your website.

It lets you pick the color that go well with your brand, choose among the 600+ fonts, 350 FontAwesome icons and over 240 flag icons integrated in the theme. Moreover, it includes 4 different gallery styles including Isotope, Sliders, Masonry and Singles gallery options. You can also use their unique Header Builder to set up a custom header that suits your needs. It also provides a highly responsive navigation system for mobile devices. Its easy to use page builder lets you build almost any page layout you can imagine in a flash. It comes bundled with advanced plugins such as Revolution Slider to help you set up an engaging website for your organization or community centers. It comes with color coded sports components of the theme, custom widget, advanced blog options, amazing multi-post, custom CSS styles and tons of powerful shortcodes. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with bbPress, The Events Calendar and BuddyPress plugin to boost the user engagement in your site and keep your audience update with your upcoming events.

Gym & Fitness

gym fitness - yoga wordpress theme

Gym & Fitness WordPress theme is a dynamic, trendy and flexible theme custom-built for sports and fitness enthusiasts. This theme is finely crafted to help gym owners create a website in a flash. This theme is very easy to install and unfussy to customize to suit your needs. It comes with a fully responsive and retina ready layout design to provide your audience an incredible viewing experience. Its intelligible theme options makes theme customization really fun and uncomplicated. This theme offers infinite color options to help you achieve the website design that represents your brand identity.

Gym & Fitness WordPress theme comes with 4 custom post types and unlimited widget areas so you can easily construct different pages for the classes, about page, membership, blog and a lot more. This theme allows you to display a presentable pricing table for all membership plans so visitors could easily see the services and plans you offer. Moreover, the ‘Join the Class’ feature helps you generate more leads. This theme also comes with custom social sharing buttons so users could share your contents directly from your website. Gym & Fitness is fully compatible with WooCommerce so setting up an online store and selling sports related products is very feasible with this theme. This theme is child theme ready to make sure that you will never miss any future theme updates. Lastly, Gym & Fitness WordPress theme provides the best, quick customer support.

Flex Mag


Flex Mag is an incredibly dynamic, amazingly vibrant, youthful and energetic, simplistic and down-to-earth, tech-savvy yet intuitively navigated, visually immersive and highly customizable WordPress responsive multipurpose magazine theme. A powerful and pliable theme that can effortlessly service all sorts of websites, like blogs or portfolios, but that is uniquely constructed to handle the creation and maintenance of the most incredible, professional-looking, interactive and media-savvy magazine websites on the market today, making use of a full range of the latest web technological developments.

Flex Mag is thusly especially well equipped for the needs of sports and sports related magazine websites, as the content-oriented nature of magazine websites compounded with Flex Mag’s prowess in dealing with high resolution imagery as well as SoundCloud streams of matches or YouTube or Vimeo video posts of highlights or whole games, Flex Mag is entirely outfitted to satisfy every possible need a sports magazine website could possibly have, well exceeding all expectations. What’s more, Flex Mag does all of that without ever requiring webmasters to write a single line of code–creating you homepage is as easy as dragging and dropping, while you can choose your article layout from a host of different styles for your posts page. Let’s see you Flex!



Innovation is a sleek and attractive, purposeful and aesthetically flexible and creative, visually stunning and impressive, colorful and charismatic, modern and engaging, extremely easy to use and smoothly functional, eye-catching and highly memorable, stylish and Retina-ready, highly responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Innovation is a wonderful tool for webmasters of any skill and experience level looking for a swift and intuitive solution for crafting the most amazing and modern blog websites across a wide set of different niches and markets.

Innovation is the right tool for nearly every job, and it really is no wonder, with its over 230 different, incredible demo home page websites that you can pick and choose from to suit your most specific needs, and with Innovation’s unimaginably powerful yet impressive easy to use advanced theme options, you will be churning out thoroughly customized, wholly professional websites in a matter of minutes, and using a simplified one click installation process that developers marvel at due to its sheer efficiency. Innovation readily incorporates the most advanced features and tools into sleek and purposeful readymade website templates, including extremely attractive sports blog demos and options that make keeping the fans up to the date on the latest athletic developments an easy, breezy matter. Try Innovation!



INFRA is a highly dynamic and wonderfully designed, colorful and vibrant, creative and innovative, fresh-faced and youthful, engaging and appealing, luminous and bright, tech-savvy and professionally graphically designed, intuitive and easy to use responsive WordPress news and magazine theme. INFRA is a theme gifted with the raw power and sheer flexibility to muscle the demands of a wide range of website archetypes and applications, from blogs to portfolios and more, but it has been uniquely decked out with a host of power tools to build modern and amazing magazine websites of all kinds and niches.

INFRA’s nimble and easy handling of all sorts of advanced video and audio post formats with sophisticated presentation as well as integration of powerful HTML5 and CSS3 code for a graphically smooth, immersive experience, as well as its user-friendly navigational system make it a perfect theme for deployment upon sports magazine websites, sports newspaper websites, sports news websites and all sorts of sports industry related websites that wish to disseminate their sports-related content to a massive online audience in a fast and effective manner. INFRA requires virtually no coding and can be successfully operated by webmasters of any background or skill level. With its Bootstrap Grid System, your content can easily be spread out over as many rows or columns as you desire, with total mobile friendliness out of the box to boot.



We often fall in love with sport, because they represent our inner struggle for perfection. They represent competition and the triumph of the human spirit. For those who want to create a website that is dedicated to sports, BnB is an ideal choice. This WordPress theme has a versatile toolkit that promises to enhance all aspects of your page. BnB uses the modern Bootstrap 3 Grid, and it is fully responsive. Followers will be able to showcase your content on their tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.

The theme code is well-written, and optimized for search engines. SEO-readiness can drastically increase your online exposure, by making it easier to climb search engine rankings. BnB benefits from optimized graphics, and it has a functional child theme version. The layout is Retina ready and compatible with most web browsers. There are multiple layout settings: full width, full screen, and masonry. Regardless of your choice, the result will look amazing. The WooCommerce plugin will be included, and it allows you to design a personal online store. This makes it easier to sell merchandise, souvenirs, or equipment. For those who want to sample BnB without having to spend any money, a live preview was introduced.

Fitness Sport Gym

fitness club WordPress theme

Fitness Sport Gym is a clean and radiant WordPress theme especially crafted for personal trainers, sport clubs, health clubs, gym fitness centers other sport and health related clubs who want to make their service or business become visible on the web. Its fully responsive to any devices such as desktop, tablets and mobile phones so your potential clients could easily access your website no matter what device they choose to use. Fitness Sport Gym is built based on Vamtam Rock Solid Theme Framework.

It is built using valid HTML5 and CSS3 design to help your website keep up with the future trends in website design. It includes 10 header layouts, one page style menu option, sticky header, sidebars, widget areas for posts, custom post type support for Portfolios and Testimonials and many more. It includes VamTam Drag and Drop Page Builder that comes with simple interface that you can use for building any page or post layout for your site without touching a single line of code. This theme is packaged with premium Revolution Slider plugin to help you create stylish and responsive sliders with amazing effects and animations that will immediately draw the interest of anyone who visits your website. This theme allows you to include other purposeful feature such as events / classes, schedule / timetable and opening hours. It is also fully integrated with WooCommerce to help you easily sell your merchandise to your fans and other sports enthusiasts.


Equipo WordPress theme

Equipo is a website template fully-equipped with the best theme features suitable for building a sports website. You can build an impressive and unique sports blog or online magazine. This 100% responsive theme was constructed using HTML5 and CSS3 and retina ready to provide your website visitors excellent online reading experience. Equipo comes with an intuitive theme options panel that enables you to customize your website without dealing with intricate codes. It also provides powerful shortcodes, custom widgets, tons of typography options and supports WordPress’ most popular SEO plugins. Equipo is well documented and provides free after sales support in case you run into problems.



Fit+ is a sports and fitness theme that characterizes action, spirit and power of the sport. This theme provides a flawless website template for fitness centers, personal websites, sport clubs, crossfit group and other kinds of sport news sites. This theme allows you to create an attractive homepage with its full-size image slider and interactive drop-down menu. Speed and flexibility, these are the qualities that make Fit+ standout from its competitors. This fully responsive and retina ready sports theme is carefully designed using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding. It boasts its built-in GT3 Page Builder, which simplifies web development process. In addition, this theme offers numerous color and font options, advanced theme settings panel, contact form 7 support and many more.


fitpro fitness theme

FitPro is a modern WordPress theme specifically designed for gyms, fitness/sports clubs and other sports related websites. This theme is bundled with the most sophisticated features that you can use in building and managing a sports website. FitPro makes your website look stunningly beautiful on computers, tablets and mobile phone because it is fully responsive and retina ready. The theme offers 8+ custom post types with backend UI, infinite color options, parallax effects for slide shows and video presentations, powerful shortcodes, intuitive admin panel, versatile heading styles and events calendar. You can use this theme for creating a single page or multi-page sports website and integrate an online store to your website using WooCommerce plugin.

Club Sports

clubsports - club sports template

Club Sports is a clean, modern and fully responsive sport & event magazine theme built with the most advanced features. The theme comes with a fully responsive layout design that makes your website run smoothly on any kinds of device your visitors prefer to use. This sports theme is built with the newest HTML5 and CSS3 code, to help your website keep up with the changing trends in web design. It comes with a Sticky Header, several font and color options, blog options, awesome image rollovers with lightbox and link icons, automatic pagination, advanced theme options panel and many more. Club Sports WordPress allows you to build and customize a sport & event magazine website in no time.


Sporty Football theme

Sporty is a premium WordPress theme custom-built for sports and fitness related website. This theme is totally responsive and built using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Its unique and fluid layout design assures you that your website will function faultlessly on any kinds of device your visitors prefer to use. This theme is very easy to install and highly customizable, it comes with custom fixtures & results plugin, unlimited fonts and colors, Custom Jquery and CSS3 Animations, shortcodes, YouTube homepage template and powerful admin panel. The theme also includes premium features like Dysania grid gallery plugin and Zeus slider that you can use in creating an engaging sports website.


Osage WordPress theme

Osage is a modern and flexible magazine-type WordPress theme especially designed for promoting or featuring sports teams or events. This totally responsive and retina ready theme is well organized and coded with valid HTML5/CSS3. Its built-in post/ page slideshows allow you to increase your page views and ad impressions. This theme includes brilliant features such as drag&drop page composer, dynamic social sharing buttons, featured headline on your homepage, Facebook-like fly-out navigation, custom-built scoreboard, infinite scroll option, custom color picker and sticky navigation. It also features three different ad units and a custom wallpaper ad to help you monetize your sports website. Osage also allows you to effortlessly set up an online store as it supports WooCommerce plugin. Lastly, this outstanding sports magazine theme comes integrated with Buddypress and bbPress plugin to help you build an online community for sports fans and enthusiasts.


gameplan multipurpose sports theme

GAMEPLAN is built for Sport – Gym – Fitness Club and Events. This theme has many features that support event and class planner. This theme is built using Visual Compose which allows to design your own website using drag & drop page builder. Visual composer is optimized to work with over 40 different shortcodes for, icons, buttons, sliders, event calendar, featured content, widgets and much more.


gameday classic sports theme

Gameday is the premier responsive sports news and media theme for WordPress with advanced features including: Custom-built scoreboard integration, a drag-and-drop homepage, a slider on each category page, a fully-responsive layout, a fixed menu, five different ad units, post/page slideshows and so much more!
Gameday have proven itself and have become best selling theme of its kind with over 1,300 purchases and counting.


gymbase bestselling gym theme

GymBase is a gym fitness WordPress Theme designed in a minimalist style. It has a responsive layout that looks great on mobile and tablet devices. The main point of focus is represented by home page slider which scales down automatically depending on your screen resolution. This theme is designed using flat design principles. Other flat design inspired themes can be found here.

The Theme contains blog page with comments, filterable portfolio with details page, responsive timetable page, classes based on accordion page and contact page with map of location and working contact form. it is a versatile WordPress theme with unlimited color options that can be used for any sports or oven local business websites.

More Than 20 Most Popular Gamer WordPress Themes for Game Magazines, Blogs and Reviews Sites 2016

Gaming WordPress Themes

We put together an awesome list of the best WordPress Gaming themes that are designed and developed for gaming magazines, blogs and review websites.

The gaming industry is growing each and every year, which makes it a market worth taking a look at. Casual gaming has exploded since the early days of the internet, from a PC based economy into the mobile and social realms, bringing with it a demographic of users not traditionally associated with video games.

Consoles are no longer the most popular gaming devices but they are still booming. I guess you might have noticed that latest Sony and Microsoft sold over 1 million Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in less than 24 hours. And gaming console market is far behind iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Windows Phone.

People are gaming on tablets, smartphones, smart watches, consoles and many other devices. This is the right time to take a plunge into gaming industry. If you are not game developer it doesn’t mean you can’t make some profit from it. Developer are looking into more ways on how to promote their games and this is where you can become the next big player.

Below you will find over 20 awesome gaming WordPress themes for various purposes to become part of the fast moving gaming market.



Given the current market, any smart entrepreneur should gravitate towards video games. It can be profitable to own a website dedicated to a niche that dwarfs the film industry. Even if you are a novice user, GoodLife can facilitate the construction of your quality games-centric website. It has a gorgeous, intuitive layout that is compatible with any web browser, device, and operating system. In addition, it can increase your chances of exposure, due to its optimized code. From the moment when your site is finalized, it will have a head start.

On average, gamers are more tech savvy. Your primary demographic will be less forgiving when it comes to design errors. Thankfully, GoodLife allows you to express your creativity by implementing the Visual Composer premium plugin. With this feature, you can tweak and modify almost any setting, until the page matches your vision. Personalized typography is available for articles, and readers can vent their frustration or sing their praise in the comment section. Of course, every post can be sorted by the number of comments, views, or shares. As the user scrolls down, the sidebars can persist. This useful setting can be enabled from the Theme Options section.

Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a sleek and attractive, modern and dynamic, feature-rich and resourceful, highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO is a seamless platform for the speedy and purposeful development of sophisticated magazine websites across a whole spectrum of businesses and industries, niches and fields of interest of all sorts and kinds. Newsmag PRO features extensive resources for the development of magazine websites, as well as multiple homepage demo websites and template pages and layouts for specific purposes that save you time and effort in setting up your professional quality magazines.

Gaming magazines in particular benefit from Newsmag PRO’s mobile friendliness and extreme responsiveness, as well as its lightweight and efficient code that makes handling high resolution visual content an easy matter. Endless amounts of custom sliders as well as carousels can easily be deployed in an instant, showcasing your featured reviews or articles or keeping your pages dynamic with attractive image galleries. Built with SEO enhancement in mind from the ground up, Newsmag PRO is a top performer with search engines and will let you ascend the ranks in no time, driving traffic through the roof for all your relevant searches. Try Newsmag PRO, and up your game!



Games are the ultimate entertainment machine allowing us to explore exotic universes, experience danger without consequences, gather into communities and meet people that share the same passions as we do. It’s only natural for game review and community website to be more popular than ever. But in a tech savvy environment of graphic pixel perfection and polished design, how can you make your website stand out from the crowd Newspaper is built to help you do just that. It’s a beautiful, clean and elegant theme designed to give your website the high quality design, performance and the power to monetize with ease. Whether you want to build a game news portal, review website or to develop an online community, Newspaper is the right choice for you.

Newspaper is the best selling WordPress News theme of all time, it allows you to write, publish and broadcast content in the most spectacular and engaging way. It comes with an intuitive interface and responsive design. Using tagDiv’s “Mobile theme” plugin, your site will look amazing while delivering an outstanding performance on any small screen device. Fully integrated with YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, Newspaper is packed with dozens of post styles, header and footer templates, mega menus, sidebars, big grids, categories and so on.

Designed with the publishing industry in mind, this theme is capable of handling large amounts of content and it comes with over 20 unique demos ready to be imported on your website. From the powerful and intuitive Theme Panel area you can easily change the look & feel of your website, without any coding skills required. Built using the best SEO practices, Newspaper Theme has an intelligent ad system designed to make your website AdSense ready in a few seconds.



Soledad is a clever and adaptive, modern and fashionable, engaging and easy to use, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Soledad is a flexible platform designed for the seamless development of resourceful websites featuring the latest and greatest web technologies integrated into a sleek interface that users intuitively know their way around and love to use. With Soledad’s massive collection of over 300 unique demo websites and page templates, you will always find the perfect iteration of Soledad for your projects and purposes, regardless of the nature of your industry or interests.

Soledad is perfect for creative types, such as photography bloggers, travel bloggers, fashion bloggers and related endeavors, where features like amazing gallery options and endless configuration choices for lightboxes, sidebars and layout styles let you create special end-user experiences that are eloquent and memorable. Soledad is also ready to handle more commercial kinds of blog websites, with a native WooCommerce compatibility that enables you to turn your Soledad blog into a specialized niche merchandise, product or service online shop within minutes, with full visual integration and cohesion. Completely mobile-friendly, Soledad’s Bootstrap foundation makes it perfectly rendered across all devices and browsers. Try Soledad today, and let your voice be heard!



Magellan is a beautiful and elegant, modern and tech-savvy, easy to use and highly resourceful, rapidly responsive WordPress video news and reviews magazine website theme. Magellan has been created to be a complete solution for webmasters seeking a stable and robust platform where they can easily distribute and disseminate audiovisual content and reviews for all sorts of projects, markets or niche interests. Magellan includes a series of dedicated elements for helping you produce attractive, engaging review systems.

With some of the most seamless video post capabilities on the market today to boot, Magellan is a perfect theme for gaming websites, from gaming news and gaming magazines to gaming review websites. With a sleek Gaming demo website template, Magellan sets you right up with everything you need to start discussing the latest releases in either post or video format, with seamless YouTube embedding via sophisticated HTML5 coding. Your readers can pitch in with their own ratings and reviews thanks to the interactive rating and review system built right into Magellan, and on a number of customizable fields and scales to boot! Magellan includes extensive WooCommerce support and integration, built-in BuddyPress and bbPress plugin features and much more. Check out Magellan today!


sevenmag - gamer magazine template

If you are searching for a modern, sleek and elegant WordPress theme, look no further than SevenMag. It is perfectly suited for magazine, gaming, news, reviewer, advertisement and blogging web pages. It benefits from amazing features, and an impressive degree of flexibility.

Every element of the site can be personalized, as you create an immersive and timeless experience for your visitors. Both mobile and desktop platforms can display your content with ease, effectively eliminating any screen scaling issues. Your website will have full RTL support for languages such as Hebrew, Persian and Arabic. A functional demo was added, allowing interested users to sample the content. The loading speed is truly impressive, a testimony to SevenMag’s quality design. Customers can take full advantage of the review system, giving them the opportunity to rate content and provide constructive criticism.

Header advertisements are available for those who wish to increase their revenue. Your website logo can use a text or image format, so feel free to upload whatever you want. This theme is compatible with high resolution Retina Displays. It has both a boxed and fullwidth version. Your posts can be integrated with social media accounts, harnessing the massive numbers of these networks.




CrystalSkull is a visually stunning and impeccable, graphically outstanding, polished and stimulating, incredibly resourceful and full featured, technologically cutting edge and top of the line, modern and social media friendly, intuitive and easily customizable, immerse and responsive WordPress gaming magazine or blog multipurpose website theme. CrystalSkull is a gorgeous and very flashy theme that has been exclusively designed by gamers, for gamers, with a mass market audience in mind and with engaging, familiar user interface options that will make gamer webmasters and visitors feel right at home.

Sophisticated technologies power CrystalSkull, from the latest W3C valid HTML5 code to custom CSS3 styling and animations as well as fascinating and awe-inspiring Parallax smooth scrolling and visual effects sections, so your users will be dazzled by your tech prowess. Under the hood, CrystalSkull is extremely customizable and veritable brimming with options and choices for you to simply and efficiently deck out your CrystalSkull gaming magazine or blog website to your precise specs. With out of the box support for bbPress, starting and managing your own full-fledged online gaming forums for any niche, cult or mass market game or audience has never been easier, and the powerful Theme Barracks powers a wealth of customization options that will make your CrystalSkull gaming website the belle of the ball.



Blackfyre is an ambitious and extremely full-featured, technologically mighty and resourceful, graphically engaging and professionally designed, attractive and appealing, search engine optimized and highly reliable, social media friendly and incredibly modern responsive WordPress online gaming community website theme. Blackfyre is a thorough and extensively developed theme that has been deliberately and purposefully programmed for servicing online gaming communities in every imaginable way, offering sophisticated functionalities like user accounts and profiles, user-generated teams or clans complete with clan profile pages as well as dedicated clan war systems and much more. While clan and war creation templates are readily available and easily fine-tuned to suit your graphical requirements.

Blackfyre also includes the Visual Composer so you can craft your own pages and layouts from scratch, with advanced block-based elements such as Video blocks, Parallax blocks and much more, as well as a slew of convenient widget-based functions such as a completely widgetized Ratings system. Blackfyre is bbPress and BuddyPress ready out of the box, so you can manage your gaming community from an in-game and out-of-character perspective with ease and an intuitive presentation, while total WooCommerce support means you can be marketing your digital wares to your users from the very day you get started with your Blackfyre online gaming community website. Let the games begin, with Blackfyre!



Azoom is a mind-bogglingly vast and expansive, incredibly technologically accomplished and feature-rich, unendingly resourceful, innovative and creative, visually polished and professional, graphically attractive and vibrant, completely unique and highly ambitious responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme with Animation Builder. Azoom is a potent and all-inclusive website building solution for webmasters rookie and seasoned alike that features a seemingly endless array of completely in-house developed, sleek and seamless tools, plugins, widgets and shortcodes fit for constructing all sorts of diverse website archetypes.

Azoom can be used from magazines to professional portfolios or online stores, but that, due to its conceptually energetic and high-powered design, is an ideal theme for webmasters looking to establish their own online gaming websites, gaming magazines, gaming reviews and blogs or even full-fledged online gaming communities via a sophisticated custom integration of the bbPress online forum platform. Every inch of Azoom looks like nothing you’ve seen before, owing to exclusively in-house plugins like Rock Page Builder, Curvy Slider and Rock Form Builder, as well as accomplished and powerful premium plugins like Slider Revolution, the simple and mobile-friendly Swipe Slider and many more potent tools deployed on Rock Page Builder’s cutting edge grids with the most advanced options in the business for presenting and animating your content. Dress to impress, with Azoom!



Kappa is a graphically bold and explosive, visually high impact and very stimulating, lively and energetic, fresh-faced and tech-savvy, intuitive and user-friendly, extremely engaging and experientially immersive, aesthetically polished and seamless, powerful and super responsive WordPress gaming blog or magazine multipurpose website theme. Kappa is a cleverly coded theme that has been lovingly developed by a team of real gamers, designed as a one-stop shop solution for webmasters of any background or coding skill level to easily and quickly set up their own professional quality dedicated gaming websites across a range of different archetypes, from gaming blogs, critics, reviews or tutorials to fully fleshed out online gaming magazines complete with game reviews, latest games highlights, fan artwork showcases and much more.

Kappa is decked out to be a place where gamers gather to share and enjoy their love for gaming or for specific, niche or cult games as well. Kappa has an integrated Review System with dynamic review criteria, a full-width featured content slider, three different post types that can handle Video and Gallery content easily, three different post layouts including sidebars or full width images, out of the box Jetpack advanced options compatibility, and an integrated WooCommerce readiness that will let you market your own gaming merchandise from day one of installing Kappa. Kappa–for the love of the game!



YouPlay is a powerful and modern, current and trendy, well structured and highly dynamic, superbly customizable and professionally graphically designed, technologically flexible and cutting edge, creative and intuitively navigable, engaging and very appealing responsive WordPress creative multipurpose gaming website theme. YouPlay is a theme developed to be the complete package–a solution for gamers with or without any coding experience to effortlessly build their own amazing and modern gaming websites of absolutely any kind or purpose, from gaming blogs or reviews to gaming magazines, from online gaming communities to digital or physical game online shops.

YouPlay can tackle them all with ease and grace, with a huge array of incredibly thoroughly developed demo websites and template pages that cover just about any imaginable need within a gaming website, and for anything else, the intuitive drag & drop Visual Composer page builder will let you craft it yourself, while YouPlay’s incredibly on-point and time-saving shortcodes and widgets will make short work of whatever task you set out to do. Beautiful sliders are included thanks to the premium Revolution Slider plugin, integrated and customized to your benefit, and total WooCommerce support makes marketing your gaming wares an easy, breezy matter. bbPress and BuddyPress will let you set up your own sophisticated online gaming forums in a flash. What are you waiting for? You play, don’t you?


gameleon - arcade game theme

You can have your own unique Gaming Website and impress your online players with this fully functional WordPress Theme for Online Games. Take a look to our cool features list below and you’ll see that the Gameleon theme will be a great choice to your projects and will convince you to buy it in a minute! If you are not looking to establish gaming website, that’s fine too. Since latest update this theme features none-gamer edition with similar functionality but noticeably different design.


buddy - buddypress community theme

Buddy is a clean, modern and fully responsive WordPress and BuddyPress theme that can be used for any type of website, whether it be business, corporate, community, magazine, portfolio, etc. And if you want to get to know Buddy a little better, the theme comes with detailed documentation and top-notch free support. This theme would be an ideal options casual and mobile games but you can feel free to unleash your creativity.

If you want to use the theme without BuddyPress or bbPress that’s fine. The theme works great without them!


gauge - dark style gaming theme

For those who are searching for an excellent Multi-Purpose Review Theme, Gauge is an excellent solution. If you wish to catch a glimpse of this outstanding product, there are screenshots available on its website, along with a live preview. The customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, as users praise this theme’s quality. It is developed by an Elite Author which has consistently created superior WordPress products for over 4 years.

Every element of your future web page will be able to adapt to all devices. Screen size will never be an issue. It is amazing how you can construct beautiful page layouts with the innovative Visual Composer plugin. Admins will be able to rate sites and users, thanks to the eye-catching rating display. You will have a Pros and Cons section, and support for multiple site ratings. Your followers can post their own reviews via the Front-End Posting system. However, all of their comments can be read by the admin, before they are displayed publicly.

The hub feature does a great job at centralizing all information regarding a single game. It will feature release dates, ratings, images, latest news and videos. Due to the Ajax filtering feature, you do not have to refresh your page while filtering content for criteria such as title, date, awards received, comments and ratings. In order to increase the hype that surrounds a game release, you may add video teasers to all page headers. Visitors can easily toggle the full video option.

All subsequent reviews can be converted from the Score or Reviewlt theme, to the modern Gauge theme. Every single detail will be displayed in this new style. In order to increase revenue, you may choose to open your own online shop. Commercializing goods and services is made easy by the outstanding WooCommerce plugin.




Explicit is a WordPress theme that is dedicated to quality and accessibility. Be sure to check out its live preview, and the screenshots that are available on the theme page. Explicit has an Ajax-Powered Mega Menu, along with category colors and icons. Using these features, users may create several sub-sections on their main page. A Touch/Swipe Masterslider was also included. This guarantees that there will be no compatibility issues, as your sliders are fully responsive. Given the popularity of mobile platforms, touchscreen integration is a valuable asset.

Infinite loaders are available for both blog and grid layouts. In order to reduce server load, Explicit has an Ajax Sorting & Paging feature. Both the user and editor have the ability to rate content using 4 enticing rating styles. All posts will be eligible for reviews. There is an unlimited number of criteria with the selective rating system, and the reviews can be disabled entirely. Admins can enjoy the massive billboard layouts which can scale to any screen, or select standard layouts for posts. Expand the number of available followers via the Social Sharing capabilities, and asses their response using the popularity metrics. Overall, this is a very impressive theme, capable of creating an unforgettable website.



engine - light gaming WordPress theme

Engine is a modern news, blog and magazine WordPress theme. It goes great with any gadget, gaming, gear, video, gossip, news and tech website. This theme implements smart sidebars, allowing them to follow your movement on the site. Engine tries to make the most out of the space on your screen, eliminating wasteful design choices. Users will definitely benefit from a streamlined experience. This magazine theme boasts Drag and Drop capabilities, a rare feature among WordPress products. Your site will include limitless possibilities for your page layout. Your main page can host several mini sites, each with distinct backgrounds, colors, logos, and layouts.

In addition, they are category-based for performance, compatibility, and future-proofing. There is no need to implement plugins in order to manage your menus. Engine has its own mega menu, and you get to personalize each category. Mobile compatibility will not be an issue, because your content will scale to any screen size. An eye-catching ratings system will be implemented, where each post will be associated with a heat index. This index depends on user interest, and it will be added to tags, and categories. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate your content, and make decisions based on customer feedback.


Games Zone

gamezone - oldschool gaming theme

Games Zone is one of the best WordPress themes for gamers, blogs or magazines. It has an astounding number of admin options and features. Users can manage and filter reviews, ratings, and games. Considering that online attention spans are quite brief, you must impress your followers in a short amount of time. This theme allows you to put your best foot forward, aiding user retention.

It has some of the best styling options in the industry. Admins can select the color scheme of the site, enhancing the page’s aesthetic value. You also get to choose and implement your favorite Google fonts, crafting an experience that matches your taste. Games Zone has included several advertisement options, offering you the possibility to increase your monthly revenue. Quality short codes were added, along with the acclaimed events calendar.

Should you encounter any issue with the theme, you must visit its Help Desk website and register an account. As soon as the registration is finalized, you can submit a support ticket. The number of devices on the market is constantly expanding, causing online content to experience resizing problems. Thankfully, Games Zone is entirely responsive, and it will look great on any platform. Be it tablets, laptops, or smart phones, visitors will be able to enjoy your wonderful page.



orizon - classic gaming magazine

Orizon – The Gaming WP Template is a theme for gaming, news and entertainment content. Created using the latest CSS3 and HTML5 techniques, it gives you the possibility of creating a sleek, eye-catching online magazine, blog, gaming or personal project site. Orizon is a versatile WordPress theme with plenty of awesome Theme Options, BuddyPress integration and much more.


magazine made wordpress theme

Made is an industrial strength review and magazine WordPress/BuddyPress theme powered by a rock solid theme framework built to showcase your content and proven to increase the amount of time users spend on your site. Made theme has 2 unique skins, unlimited color schemes, and a brilliant array of provided background designs enable you to make Made your own with ease.

This isn’t the first time when we have mentioned this theme. You can also look for similar themes on this list.


newssette - magazine style gaming theme

A really gorgeous and crisp looking News WordPress theme, best suited for your Technology reviews magazine, gaming sites or blog. This theme features one click installation to get your website up and running in no time. Newssetter theme is developed by Themefuse which is among the best theme developers today.


megamag - classic game magazine

MEGAMAG is a versatile and fully responsive all purpose magazine theme. With it’s deep tweakable appearance options the MEGAMAG theme can be molded to fit your exact needs whether it’s a personal blog or a grand scale magazine style homepage. With color coded widgets setting up your homepage will be a breeze and the richly customizable review system will let you tell the world exactly what you think about any given subject.

MEGAMAG is an amazing theme that we already mentioned earlier on this list.


oblivion - parallax gaming theme

Oblivion is the ultimate gaming theme for magazines and blogs. Created using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, it allows you to create awesome review sites or portfolios for your games. This is the next big thing in the gaming industry.

Game Addict

game addict - classic gaming theme

As its name suggests, Game Addict is a WordPress theme for gaming and clan websites. Your page will be able to promote and manage clan wars in various games, maps and teams. Be sure to check out Game Addict’s screenshots and live preview, for a more detailed look. With this theme your website will become an online hub for passionate gamers. Those interested in multiplayer can establish teams and maps, while coordinating matches. As you try to cater your content for your audience, you can use the limitless number of backgrounds and colors that are available. Admins can lay the groundwork for closely-knit community forums, thanks to the BBPRESS Compatibility.

You do not need to be an expert gamer or programmer in order to manage a successful site. Thankfully, Game Addict includes the Drag & Drop Page builder. With this capability, page creation becomes very easy and accessible. The theme can feature jaw-dropping galleries, due to the ISOTOPE Gallery plugin. It is worth $14, yet it is included for free. Merchandising has always been a big part of gaming. With the WooCommerce plugin, you can create your own online store in order to distribute your goods. This can potentially increase your bottom line, and promote brand awareness.



ithaca - gaming review template

Love gaming? Got the story and the game before anyone else in the industry? Want to share your passion with others? Why don’t you run a gaming reviews site? This is the right theme for game magazines and review sites. Star rating system will get picked up by Google and will be shown directly in search engine result pages.


forca - dark blog theme for games

Dark style theme designed for gaming, sports, cars, gadgets sites. With an integrated review system and powerful theme options. This theme is developed and designed by fellow latvians. If you find some bugs or they offer poor customer service, let me know and I will personally take care of it.

39 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes Powered by WooCommerce eStore Toolkit 2016

Responsive Woocommerce Themes

A handpicked list of the best eCommerce ready WordPress themes as of today. These themes are optimized to work with wide variety of eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce, WP E-commerce, Jigoshop and others.

All these are premium themes with a pixel perfect design and extensive functionality to create your own professional, unique and successful eStore. Most of these themes are highly customizable to be used to sell all kinds of products.

We tried to include all kind of themes for you to choose and this should be the only list you will ever need to find the theme you have always wanted.

If you can’t find the right theme for you on this collection you might want to check our two other theme collection. First one lists the best premium WooCommerce themes and second one is all about free WooCommerce themes that are available for personal and commercial use.

Shopkeeper (Most Popular)


Shopkeeper is a well-designed eCommerce ready theme that you can absolutely use for publishing your personal or company portfolio, showcasing your products or building an efficient online store for your business. This theme is very flexible and packed with options that make website development an easy task. It has a fluid and fully responsive layout design to make sure that your visitors will have an awesome viewing experience each time they go to your website. You can also use this theme for other purposes aside from setting up an online store as the theme also offers layout for landing page, corporate or agency, personal or portfolio style, full width slider, parallax ready and product catalogue.

In addition, Shopkeeper includes Visual Composer plugin that allows you to build advanced layouts for your posts, pages and the homepage of your site using a drag and drop back and front end editors. It also includes a Slider Revolution plugin to help people generate striking slideshows for your content, products and images an easy job. Shopkeeper advanced theme options panel makes it possible for you to change the look of your eCommerce site. With the help of the theme’s sticky header navigation, you customers will easily find the products or items they are looking for in your website. If you have any questions or concerns while setting up your site, you can depend on their reliable customer support. Shopkeeper is now even faster than ever making it one of the fastest WooCommerce theme available today.



Uncode is a warm and inviting, powerful and versatile, superbly simple and streamlined, both user and developer friendly, reliable and secure, safe and smartly developed, engaging and dynamic, tech-savvy and resourceful, extremely responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Uncode is a powerful theme, entirely capable out of the box of managing all sorts of website archetypes and applications, ranging from portfolios and blogs to sophisticated business solutions, due to its incredibly flexible, customizable nature and highly intuitive user interface that end users across all demographics easily relate to and get a handle on.

Uncode includes an enhanced Visual Composer with powerful elements, the Revolution Slider and Layer Slider, and amazing, fully integrated and visually cohesive deployment of WooCommerce and other eCommerce-relevant features like plentiful shop template pages and commercially friendly shortcodes such as Pricing Plans, which will save you tons of time and which include extensive customization options though the Advanced Theme Options Panel that let you fine-tune your website’s look and feel to no end. Uncode is built on Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3, and powerful AJAX portfolio filtering, making it a perfect themefor all sorts of eCommerce websites across a wide range of industries. Start selling out, with Uncode!



Divi is a strong and extensively developed, aesthetically pure and clean and highly customizable, very neatly structured and considerably user friendly, thoughtfully designed and wonderfully intuitive, professionally composed and very lightweight and fast loading, SEO friendly and Retina ready responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Divi is a superbly thorough and ambitiously expansive theme, a vast and comprehensive all-inclusive website building solution for websites large and small, personal and professional, commercial or corporate, and webmasters rookie and seasoned alike.

Divi Builder which is included with theme features over 40 unique, customizable content module blocks readily available for you to drag and drop into the action as you hand craft your pages to suit your every need or simply edit and fiddle about with the dozens of carefully preconfigured template pages for all sorts of purposes. Divi is particularly powerful when deployed as an eCommerce theme. Its numerous, versatile demo websites include several sophisticated and sleek eCommerce purposed websites, featuring carts, product pages, AJAX powered searches and dynamic filtering and WooCommerce suite compatibility for the full blown WordPress eCommerce experience, right out of the box, without having to write a single line of code yourself. Try Divi today, and start marketing your wares online without skipping a beat!



Merchandiser is a clever and concise, sophisticated yet simple, intuitive and intelligent, rapidly responsive WordPress commercial multipurpose WooCommerce website theme. Merchandiser is a dedicated website building platform exclusively centered upon providing modern, appealing, seamless websites with a profound ability to deal in online commerce in a myriad ways and for a thousand different niches and markets. Merchandiser has the right combination of features, plugins, page templates and elements to make the process of building and designing your own unique online shop website a speedy matter. The Visual Composer and Live Customizer make short work of all layout customization, aided by a range of attractive layout templates.

The intuitive deployment of advanced features, such as the engaging and mobile-friendly Off-Canvas Shopping Cart as well as the Off-Canvas Quick View for scanning individual product details in an instant make for a smooth and pleasant end user browsing experience that results in increased return visits and more business in the long run. With thorough WooCommerce integration, Merchandiser is ready out of the box for you to start churning out merchandise and collecting payments from a wealth of diverse sources, maximizing your revenue all around. Try Merchandiser today, and watch the numbers go black, and stay black!



XStore is a versatile and creative, visually stunning and very easy to use, tech-savvy and flexible, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose WooCommerce website theme. XStore has been developed as a multi-talented, polyfacetic and highly adaptable solution for webmasters of any background and experience level seeking to create functional, modern and competent online store websites, digital outlets, online wholesale websites or any sort of e-Commerce venture imaginable. XStore exists so that you can speedily and efficiently craft powerful e-Commerce websites across all niches and markets in a matter of minutes, without having to write a line of code.

To that end, XStore has been equipped with a vast ensamble of marvelously designed, heavily manicured and polished demo websites and page templates, which you can readily import with a single click and customize through the Visual Composer or with the Slider Revolution or Contact Form 7 plugins, plus a multitude of widgets and shortcodes specifically aimed towards online commerce and commercial ventures. XStore has been purposefully designed to be versatile and lightweight, with a modular Bootstrap coding underpinning an HTML5 and CSS3 foundation that keeps this WooCommerce enabled wonder sharp and innovative, with bold transitions and animations, native handling of streaming video and much more. Try XStore now!



KALLYAS is a resourceful and vast, flexible and pliable, modern and comprehensive, wonderfully responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. KALLYAS is the result of an extensive, dedicated design and development process, resulting in a massive, ambitiously wide-spanning website building tool that quickly lends itself to a host of applications, from personal to professional, corporate to commercial, KALLYAS is capable of doing it all. Within the realm of online commerce websites, KALLYAS is peculiarly talented, considering its out of the box integration of the industry standard WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite and its visually and graphically cohesive presentation in the form of beautiful ready-made online shop page templates that are fully functional and ready to go live from day one, following a simplified importation process and then simply adding your product catalogue.

With incredibly dynamic and highly customizable product portfolio options and a myriad portfolio template pages, showcasing your products to a massive online audience has never been easier to achieve in the utmost style and quality. A thoroughly responsive Bootstrap based coding makes KALLYAS natively cross compatible with devices, platforms and operating systems across the board, instantly expanding your customer base. Try KALLYAS today, and feel the difference of having a truly comprehensive theme by your side!



TheGem is a highly innovative and deeply attractive, seamlessly modern and very stylish, rapidly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. TheGem is a splendid toolkit for the development of sophisticated websites across a spectrum of possible applications and fields of interest, with dedicated tools for diverse scenarios and necessities that adapt perfectly to websites in the personal, professional, business or corporate spheres with ease.

TheGem packs over 40 unique conceptual demos for you to get started with, each a different interpretation of TheGem’s abilities and servicing a different purpose but adaptable to all thanks to the Visual Composer and TheGem’s set of over 60 unique VC elements with over 250 customizable settings for them. Setting up shop online is easier than ever before with TheGem, due to its visually integrated implementation of the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite, which, combined with dozens of handsome shop page styles and a myriad customizable options for your product catalogues, image galleries and product portfolios, TheGem is a modern, proficient marketer of just about any products or services. WPML enabled from the start, TheGem is packaged with three language alternatives and can be expanded to just about any language with utter ease. Try TheGem today!


bronx - multipurpose ecommerce theme

Bronx is a clean and simple WooCommerce theme that you can use for building a striking eCommerce website that will definitely draw more customers to your business. With its simple layout and countless theme tools and options, you get unlimited design possibilities for your online store. It is very responsive to different types of devices such as desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Bronx is fast to install and customize. This theme allows site owners to extend their product page so they could effectively showcase the features of their product and invite more potential customers to examine and purchase their product. Depending on your business’ needs, you can choose from two different product page layout.

The Visual Composer integrated in this theme makes creating unique web pages and product pages a breeze. The Visual Composer is a drag and drop frontend and backend page builder plugin that makes web development faster and easier. Making an impression to your target customer is easy because this theme includes Slider Revolution plugin that allows you to create responsive and eye-catching homepage layout. Bronx also comes with several header options, you can set up a header with background, header without a background, user-friendly top navigation element or fixed header. Most importantly, Bronx is WooCommerce compatible to help you set up a decent online store for your business. With its awesome blog options, you can now blog in style. Simply choose between masonry and classic blog layout. Moreover, it is fully compatible with WPML so that you can sell your products worldwide in any currency. Are you planning to launch a new line? You can now showcase them by creating Lookbooks that can be edited without any hassle using Visual Composer.



Versatile and user friendly, Kalium is one of the best multipurpose WooCommerce themes on WordPress. Its strength comes from a diverse set of features, working together to provide flexibility and a wealth of personalization settings. There are over 600 Google fonts, with the option to add personalized fonts through the admin panel. Kalium has a skin for every occasion, as it is capable of adapting to your needs. This assures that your site will always match your vision. You can add another dimension to your content, by implementing some of the special icon fonts. There are 4 packages, with a total of 800 icons offered. In addition, footer variations are available: corporate, minimal and simple.

Today’s online market must adapt to the rising popularity of mobile devices. Kalium is completely responsive, given that it looks amazing on all platforms. Be it tablets or smartphones, your pages will always impress visitors. Admins can benefit from this as well. Mobile accessibility allows them to update and manage content while they are on the move. Of course, your site will respond to touch sensor commands. High quality icons and images are featured, and they were thoroughly tested in order to assure that they are Retina-ready. Stagnation can ruin even the best blogs. Thankfully, your quality writing can be displayed in several ways, due to various blog formats.

While the installation process can be intimidating, Kalium users can breathe a sigh of relief. It offers the fastest and easiest method of website construction. The one click installer can import posts, pages, sliders, theme options and widgets in a matter of moments. Even a child can create a successful WooCommerce powered store. The theme’s code is streamlined and optimized to perfection. This results in some very fast loading speeds.


atelier multipurpose ecommerce theme

Atelier is a truly versatile WooCommerce WordPress theme. Its visual design is sleek, minimalistic and modern. It has an astounding number of features, and the support system is top notch. If you wish to explore Atelier’s layout, a well designed demo is available that you can use as foundation to create your future website. What distinguishes this theme from others, is that the user may control the entire experience. The mobile navigation is just as good as its desktop counterpart, making Atelier fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

There are 3 distinct versions of product pages: Standard, full-screen and tabbed. Each page can be fully customized and tailored to fit your design. This is due to the amazing Drag & Drop Page Builder. There are also 10 different types of headers, along with 2 custom animations: Geometric and Falling Circles. Special Cart animations will spice up your site, and add another layer of visual appeal. These include flash, bounce, shake, pulse, none or tada. In order to maximize user retention, the add-to-cart process now has some interesting visual cues. Speaking of carts, they have 3 varieties: fill, stroke or basket. Atelier has its own personal roster of icons, made just for this theme. This is the right theme for you if you are looking for multipurpose eCommerce theme that can handle everything you throw at it. If you are not convinced that this is the right theme for you you might want to read our detailed Atelier theme review.



eCommerce WordPress Theme – adot is an all-encompassing WordPress theme for businesses of all sorts, shapes and sizes. Packed with useful add-ons, an attractive, fresh design and over nine general demos to choose from, there is bound to be a solution for your online business needs in this theme, regardless of what those may be.

Including a minimalistic shopping experience, integrated with WooCommerce and an AJAX shopping cart out of the box, this single click installation theme will have your users purchasing your products in a matter of seconds. Product displays may be single or in a carousel, may feature hover effects, sales countdowns, automatic portfolios and timeline blogging, dozens of header and style combinations, limitless color schemes, this theme really lets you sit in the driver’s seat and take control of your digital storefront.

A simple drag and drop, block based interface, a single page option for elegant minimalism, SEO optimization built right into the theme, allowing for better indexing, real time translation options, BootStrap3, CSS3 and HTML5 enabled, is there really anything else an online store can ask for? If you answered yes, you’ll be delighted to know this theme also includes a limitless range of responsive design, so your user’s navigation is unhindered, regardless of viewing device.


north - awesome multipurpose woocommerce theme

North is a lively and vibrant WordPress theme built for speed and efficiency. It WordPress 4+ Ready and built with clean and valid code. It comes with an eye-catching layout design that will instantly draw the attention of anyone who visits your website. It is retina ready, fully responsive and mobile-ready to ensure that your website will look stunning and work smoothly across all modern devices to give your users an amazing viewing experience. This theme is designed with strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience. North is an incredible template that showcases your content, work of art or products in an elegant way. This fullwidth WordPress theme is packed with nice features and options that allow you to explore your creativity and build a unique website for your business or agency. This theme includes 600+ Google fonts, unlimited color options, custom widgets, post format support (for image, gallery, video and standard), tons of drag and drop elements, unique account pages and many more. You can change or adjust almost every aspect of this website template with its intuitive theme options.

You can build every layout page you can imagine using Visual Composer. This drag and drop page builder allows you to build unlimited unique layout pages for your website without putting forth much effort. All you have to do is select a module, then drag and drop it on the desired position. If you need to create slides with amazing effects and animations, you don’t have to worry because this theme is packed with Slider Revolution. It also includes premium e-Commerce plugins such as Table Rate Shipping, WooCommerce PDF Invoice, Dynamic Pricing & Discounts and Product Filter. North also has full support for all variations of the WPML plugin. It also comes with a currency feature using the WooCommerce Multi-Lingual plugin from WPML. Ultimately, this theme is optimized for SEO and compatible with SEO Plugins like Yoast.



Aurum is a simple and modest WooCommerce ready theme that will provide your customers a convenient online shopping experience. This theme is apt for businesses such as bookstores, jewelries, boutiques, technology and many more. This theme is very flexible and packed with nice features that you can use for designing a unique eCommerce website. It comes with a fully responsive layout design and implemented with retina ready icons and elements to ensure that your website will look stunning on HiDPi displays.

The theme package comes with several pre-made demos that you can use for building your website. On the other hand, you can create your own page layout using the skin builder. The Visual Composer integrated into this theme helps you set up and organize your page layout in no time at all. It offers several header styles that you can style and customize to draw the attention of your target customers. Aurum is bundled with Layer Slider and Revolution Slider that allows you to showcase all your latest or featured products and special offers. This theme includes amazing eCommerce features such as products carousel, products shortcode, catalog mode, UberMenu support (Mega menu), sticky menu, 4 different shop item hover effects and custom search page with content filtering and many more. Aurum is the right theme if you are looking for clean and minimal WordPress theme to create professional and truly unique eCommerce website with ease.

Mr. Tailor


Mr. Tailor is a trendy and sophisticated website template created by Get Bowtied. This theme is suitable for online sellers, retailers and other businesses that need a WooCommerce compatible theme for their website. But if you intend to use your website for promoting your products or services, you can simply disable the eCommerce functionality of the theme options panel. It boasts its extremely responsive layout that adjusts suitably to any kinds of devices. This has a striking design fashioned to grab the attention of your target customers or potential clients. Its classy design makes Mr. Tailor a great choice for any projects that necessitates a refined design and layout. This theme includes handy theme features that you can use for setting up an online store for your business. In addition, this theme offers you unlimited colour options, parallax image support for awesome visual presentation, custom logo upload, sticky header to improve your site’s navigation, built-in sliders and the optional eCommerce Wish list functionality. This theme also allows you to sell physical, digital or affiliate products since it is integrated with WooCommerce plugin. Lastly, they have a dedicated technical team to assist you.

Mr. Tailor recently faced a major overhaul and now this theme is better than ever. We highly recommend it for everyone looking for to create a stunning looking ecommerce website using WooCommerce and WordPress.



Uplift is a robust and reliable, polished and professional, attractive and appealing, readily responsive WordPress business and multipurpose website theme. Uplift is a clever and versatile multipurpose theme, created to easily muscle the demands of a broad spectrum of website archetypes and applications over a range of industries and fields. Uplift has been built around the Swift Page Builder and the Unbranded Theme Options Panel as your main interfaces for shaping and molding websites in a matter of minutes, without ever having to write a line of code.

Uplift’s professionally designed demo websites can be perfectly replicated instantly thanks to the top-rated Demo Importer included, right down to the last setting, shortcode or plugin, making initial setup intuitive, and further customization uncomplicated. Thorough WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite compatibility out of the box as well as visual integration makes Uplift a fantastic e-Commerce website theme. Ready to market your wares from day one, within an hour of setup, all you have to do is add your WooCommerce plugins and products to Uplift, import your preferred demo, fine-tune visual and branding settings and go live, turning a profit the same day, particularly with Uplift’s native SEO enhancements. Get an Uplift in your online business, today!



H-Code is a powerful and flexible, deliberate and professional, robust and reliable, rapidly responsive WordPress single and multipage multipurpose website theme. H-Code is a colorful, bold and fresh-faced solution for creative webmasters seeking an effective platform for developing sophisticated, modern websites across a myriad different interests and industries. With H-Code’s powerful advanced theme settings, configuring your pages to match your graphical and branding needs is an intuitive, breezy task, while finding the right fit for your business or venture is considerable simplified thanks to the enormously diversity within H-Code’s selection of 58 demo websites and over 197 individual HTML5 page templates-and counting!

H-Code’s incredible versatility and sophisticated choices for blog pages, portfolio pages, deft image gallery handling and superb collection of headers, footers, sidebars and navigational menus make it a solid theme for design agencies, freelance designers, web designers, and all related, similar fields. H-Code features over 24 unique shortcodes to make your pages, images and content come alive and interact with your audience in multiple different ways. Detailed portfolio product pages, blog detail pages, accordion style navigational tabs and a wealth of additional features are packed into H-Code. Try it yourself today and see the real power of this ambitious theme!

The Retailer


If you want a user-friendly website template for building an eCommerce site, product catalogue, portfolio, agency website or business website, The Retailer WordPress theme could be just what you are looking for. This incredible theme is feature-rich and comes with built in tools and customization options required in building different kinds of business or agency website. While The Retailer theme is built with eCommerce and online retail business in mind, this theme also includes a selection of homepage layout designs that you can use for different purposes. Aside from the 4 eCommerce homepage layout variations, the theme also offers layout for landing page, corporate or agency, personal or portfolio style, full width slider, parallax and product catalogue.

The Retailer is bundled with Visual Composer plugin to help you create advanced layouts for your posts, pages, and the homepage of your site using a drag and drop back and front end editors. It also includes the premium Slider Revolution plugin that makes creating spectacular slideshows for your content, products and images really quick and easy. Its powerful theme options panel allows you to change the overall look and feel of your website.It has a sticky header navigation that makes site navigation faster and less intricate which retains leads and drastically improves user engagement. Moreover, this theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you sell your products online and give consumers an awesome shopping experience.

The Stormer


The Stormer is a youthful and attractive, seamless and polished, elegant and modern, readily responsive WordPress hipster apparel eCommerce website theme. The Stormer is a purposeful platform deliberately designed to empower webmasters from all backgrounds and with or without any previous development experience to easily and effectively set up functional, pristine modern commercial outlets on the web within minutes, without writing a line of code and with jaw-dropping visual stylings. Aimed at a young, hip and fashionable demographic, The Stormer is a theme with a decidedly sleek appearance with an underlying wealth of features and capabilities to amaze and impress your customers.

From stunning Parallax hardware-powered smooth backgrounds to dazzling Video Breadcrumbs, The Stormer’s eye for detail and attentive design philosophy makes for a handsome navigational experience that your visitors will delight in, increasing your return traffic and revenue rates in no time. Incredibly sleek animations and transitions powered by AJAX, CSS3 and Parallax are readily available everywhere within the Stormer, ready to liven up your customers’ browsing or spruce up your galleries and product pages. And with The Stormer’s mobile-first coding philosophy, native responsiveness is the order of the day, ensuring perfect performance on all devices, platforms and browsers. Try The Stormer today!



StoreX is a powerful and technologically sophisticated, highly secure and extremely reliable, extensively and carefully developed, professionally graphically designed and visually stunning and dynamic, fluid and entirely malleable, supremely customizable and very easy to use, inherently responsive WordPress business and commerce multipurpose website theme. StoreX is a potent and resourceful theme that has been specifically designed with the purpose of easing electronic commercial transactions for store owners and sellers of all kinds, scales and fields across a huge range of industries.

StoreX has been created as an intuitive and webmaster-friendly theme that can be visually customized in its entirety, requiring no coding at any point while affording incredible control over layout designs and styles, fonts, colors, visual effects, and much, much more. StoreX includes full native integration with the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, while boasting compatibility with a range of eCommerce plugins to ease your workflow tremendously. At the codebase level, StoreX has been built around a strong security, a lightweight interface and extensive search engine optimization, articulated on a modular Bootstrap design. StoreX is a theme ready to take any business to the next level in eCommerce. Make it to the big leagues, then sit back and relax, with StoreX



Handy is a clever and downright charming, visually whimsical and tasteful, creative and bold, highly customizable and extensively polished, professionally graphically designed and luminously youthful, reliable and secure, tech-savvy and cutting edge, modern and enticing, natively responsive WordPress business and commerce multipurpose website theme. Handy is a lightweight and efficient theme devoted to empowering webmasters without any prior coding experience to effortlessly design, develop and maintain sophisticated eCommerce websites dealing in handcrafted goods including handcrafted marketplace websites.

Handy is a capable and effective theme for churning out seamless and professional quality handcrafted goods eCommerce websites of any scale and industry. Handy is extremely reliable, built on a solid foundation of W3C valid HTML5 code styled smoothly through advanced CSS3 scripting technology and a modular Bootstrap design that is inherently mobile and developer friendly. with a powerful AJAX engine providing smooth loading, filtering and sorting capabilities, among many other perks and details. Handy is a very detail-oriented theme, and every nook and cranny of your handmade goods eCommerce website will look and feel just the way you need it to, without having to write a line of code. If you are looking for a solid solution to your handmade goods eCommerce needs, Handy is your man.


magnium - flat ecommerce theme

Magnium is an extremely flexible, thoroughly powerful, fluid and modern WordPress multi concept theme, built for the needs of many different types of websites, ranging from corporate to personal, though uniquely suited for eCommerce related applications, including firms offering their services through their business website, online store websites, creative firms selling their wares, service industry websites offering their services online, and any number of other imaginable websites that need to handle distributed transactions online for numerous discrete products or services. If you have something to sell, you have Magnium to purchase, today!

Magnium is intuitive and easy to use. After a simple, 60 second single click import process, you’ll be set up with one of Magnium’s multiple, professionally designed demo pages, which you can begin to alter using the powerful Visual Composer plugin and extensive Admin panel theme customization options, as well as begin adding your own products and descriptions to your website right away. WooCommerce integrated plugins, including WooCommerce QuickView and WooCommerce Brands, will set up your online storefront within 24 hours of installation, and you’ll be turning a profit within the day. Powerful AJAX frontend integration allows users to search your product listings live, while an impressive Sales Countdown plugin permits you to quickly and effortlessly add countdowns to special events to your website. Magnium makes selling online so easy it feels like magic!


polaris fashion woocommerce theme

Polaris in an incredibly versatile, astoundingly powerful, superbly customizable and amazingly convenient WordPress responsive eCommerce theme, a unique solution to all your online sales needs, packed with a plethora of nifty tools and widgets that will make your life easier as you try to peddle your wares in the highly competitive environment of Internet shopping. Don’t be another snowflake in the blizzard of eCommerce websites, stand out and make your mark with Polaris today! Shine bright and bedazzle with Polaris’ responsive design, available in multiple different colors and with gorgeous, smooth Parallax backgrounds.

Polaris is easy to set up and intuitive–you can import one of the four full-fledged demos, provided with text, images and content that you can edit and customize to your heart’s desire, giving you a head start in setting up your whole website in a heartbeat. Full integration with WooCommerce means you’ll be selling your stuff within mere minutes of installation, and perceiving the profits within hours. Sophisticated, nifty tools let your users shop comfortably, search for products live, share your products on social media, make use of convenient quickshopping, shop by categories, related products, popular products… the sky is the limit, and Polaris will guide you there!



The DMCS is an extremely well-built, highly reliable and very safe, technologically cutting-edge, aesthetically polished, visually minimalist and understated, thoroughly customizable and functionally pliable WordPress responsive WooCommerce business theme, a unique theme that has been deliberately built as a perfect toolkit for webmasters that wish to establish an online storefront for commercializing their products to a wide, massive audience, and wish to do so in fashionable style, with a website has speaks a refined visual language without ever detracting focus from your attractive product imagery.

The DMCS is a perfect blend of the full power of the WooCommerce plugin and a wealth of associated compatible plugins, which create an entire commercial framework for your store to work on and for your products to fill out and then fly off the online shelves, as well as the grace and beauty of a minimalist design that firmly believes that less is more, particularly in business. From smooth AJAX frontend product searches to easily translatable WPML tools and extensive search engine optimization, The DMCS is a full-fledged, professional package of custom, advanced widgets, filters, handsome product portfolios, attractive and easily modifiable page templates, convenient Mega Menus and much more. Try it out today!



Lemon is a colorful and fresh-faced, readily customizable and very user and developer friendly, robustly designed and highly responsive WordPress WooCommerce website theme. Lemon has been crafted by a dedicated team of professional coders and designers seeking to create a uniquely well-rounded platform where webmasters with or without previous coding experience can intuitively build the most impressive, professional quality modern websites in a matter of minutes, with full-blown graphical user interface customization and layout creation and edition freedom, as well as staunch and reliable online commerce features that simplify and streamline the process of setting up shop and completing transactions.

Lemon takes you by the hand through the entire website building process, with the powerful Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins aiding you in crafting your own creative solutions, while the WooCommerce plugin suite minds your store with ruthless efficiency right out of the box, with ample configuration options. Lemon is especially well suited for businesseses that need a capable blog page with a selection of handsome blog styles and multiple post options, allowing them to easily reach out to their customer base and audience with new products or updates. There’s just about nothing you can’t do with Lemon at your side!

Business Hub


If your goal is to sell digital products, Business Hub is an ideal choice. This high-quality WordPress theme allows you to create a professional online store. It will be possible to sell: design works, software, e-books, audio files, videos, and more. Of course, this is made possible by the revolutionary WooCommerce plugin. Thousands of sites have trusted this feature, and none were disappointed. You can now create a nifty community forum for your clients, giving them the opportunity to interact with other consumers. This form’s creation is made possible by the bbPress plugin. The theme layout is completely responsive, and it can be displayed on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. In addition, Business Hub is compatible with most internet browsers.

Slides can be an excellent way through which to display many of your products. The Revolution Slider plugin can facilitate the creation of gorgeous slides, and there is no need for programming knowledge. Everything is very intuitive, and user-friendly. There are numerous color and layout versions, so feel free to experiment with different palettes. The theme is translatable, and it supports RTL (right to left) writing for languages such as Hebrew and Japanese. A live preview was added for those who wish to sample Business Hub without having to commit to a purchase.



Labomba is a unique WordPress theme that is sure to impress your followers. It offers a vast roster of features, and it is very user-friendly. Labomba aims to bring you the most recent fashion trends via an intuitive and streamlined interface. This product can be used as a portfolio, lookbook and blog page. Due to the addition of the Visual Composer tool, the customization process has been greatly simplified. It does not require coding or programming knowledge, and even a child can construct an awesome web page using Labomba.

Diversity is not in short supply, given that there are 21 distinct layouts for your home page, a limitless color palette, and 4 personalized headers. Your site will certainly be able to stand out from its competition. You may also share your thoughts and advice using a stylized blog. This blog includes an AJAX infinite scroll button, and other interesting features.

Each of your products can be showcased in quickview and wishlist formats. Parallax backgrounds are available, allowing to you easily manage the theme animations, or disable them entirely. There are two basic layout styles for product sections, and each can be customized and enhanced. Labomba is sure to exceed all expectations, as it attracts more users to your site.




Why limit yourself to a physical store, when the internet can give you an international platform? Noraure is an impressive WordPress theme for eCommerce websites. It is practical, versatile, and extremely user-friendly. Regardless of your market niche, you will be able to create an impressive online shop. This is made possible by WooCommerce, one of the most popular premium plugins on WordPress. The installation process is brief, and no advanced technical knowledge is required. With Noraure, it is easy to handle payments, shipping and taxes. Many extraordinary features were included, along with a cool design that will never become outdated.

This theme can showcase products in a very attractive manner, given that it incorporates the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins. Powerful widgets and personalized shortcodes were included, making it easier for developers to organize the site elements. Every single aspect of your page can be changed, in order to fit your specifications. In total, there are 6 different header layouts, along with a sticky header that persists even while scrolling. Your logo and main menu will remain at the top of the page, while the customer is browsing through content. This sticky function can be easily disabled by accessing the Options Panel.


woopress fullscreen WooComemrce template

WooPress is a stylish and superfine theme perfect for setting up your online store with ease. This simple, clean and powerful theme is designed to showcase your product in a presentable way. You can use this website template for different purposes such as business, corporate, portfolio, build mobile website, blog, personal, photography & videography website and many more. This fully responsive theme is built based on Bootstrap frontend framework. This theme is available in boxed, one page, fullwidth, sidebar, Lookbook variant and parallax ready page layout to help you craft a modern and striking website.

WooPress is also fully integrated with all the elements a premium theme has such as Revolution Slider, Master Slider, Visual Composer, Essential Grid and Live Chat. It includes a very intuitive and detailed Mega Menu, 8theme ShortCodes and widgets for better website usability and optimal functionality. This theme has custom product page layout, advanced grid system and testimonial widgets. With WooPress WordPress theme, you can launch a successful online business since it fully supports WooCommerce plugin. This theme is packed with eCommerce-focused features such as Quickstart Packages, Custom Registration Page, Product Image Hover (swap, images slider, mask with information), Product Image Zoom, Sizing Guide and Custom Tabs on product page, Categories Accordion, “SALE” and “NEW” product badges, editable product image sizes, Promo Popup feature, Improved checkout process, Google Maps and Charts and many more. Lastly, this theme is ideal for setting successful online store because it loads really fast and resizes smoothly on different kinds of devices.



Are you looking for a stylish AJAX powered website template for your online store? Then Savoy WordPress theme would be a perfect choice for you. Its clean and minimal design makes it possible for you to showcase and sell clothes, accessories, fashion items, design things, furniture and any goods you could offer online. This theme comes with a one-click install functionality that helps you conveniently build your eCommerce website with just one click. This theme is built based on Bootstrap 3 and comes with fully responsive layout that adjusts slickly on different of computers and mobile platforms. This theme makes it possible for you to build and design your eCommerce site like a real pro thanks to its smart admin panel and drag and drop frontend and backend page builder powered by Visual Composer. Slider Revolution plugin is also included in the theme package to help you create fully responsive slides with striking effects in your website.

Savoy WordPress theme includes unlimited color scheme, 2 unique header variations, 4 homepage layout options, supports multiple blog post formats, custom widgets, 650+ Google web fonts, 350+ Font Awesome icons and custom social icons. You can personalize your theme by uploading your own logo and favicon. This theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you promote your fashion items in style and sell them with ease.It includes a ‘Quick View Product’ feature to provide users a quick access to the main product information. Savoy WordPress theme is also compatible with WPML so you can translate any page, content or posts in your website in any language you prefer.



Tower is a Retina-ready, completely responsive theme for WordPress. It is quite versatile, given that it can enhance sites from almost any online niche. With Tower, you will never suffer from a lack of personalization options. It incorporates a custom Codeless Slider, in addition to 30 unique portfolio layout variations. Tower will be able to shine a spotlight on your best images and posts, giving you a better chance of converting first-time visitors into die-hard fans.

In order to promote brand awareness and improve their bottom line, site owners can choose to open their own online store via WooCommerce. This innovative plugin was used for some of the most successful WordPress online shops, and it guarantees a reliable experience for all clients.

If you wish to skip some of the most tedious aspects of page creation, you will be able to import demo content. Every demo layout can be used to create a fully functional page. The theme has also incorporated an amazing Drag and Drop Page builder, in addition to some aesthetically-pleasing Video Backgrounds. Tower has incorporated Parallax Section, 8 different blog styles, and a Live WordPress Customizer tool. For more information regarding this product, be sure to access the live preview.


basic - multipurpose woocommerce theme

Basic is a flexible and multipurpose WordPress theme that you can use for almost any types of businesses. Its bendy layout and multiple homepage layout variations is perfect for building a unique website for your online fashion shops, promoting your clothing brand, setting up a gift shop, toy store or any kinds of online store that you can think of. Its modern design styles and advanced theme features will surely make your website standout. This theme is compatible with WordPress 4.2+. This theme is based on the latest Bootstrap 3 technology to ensure that your website is always up to date with the current trends in web development.This theme is totally responsive and resizes suitably on different devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet and other kinds of smartphones.

This theme comes with multiple header styles and unlimited footer layout to help you create an impressive page layout for your eCommerce website. This theme is fully integrated with Visual Composer to help the admin organize the elements in their theme using the drag and drop functionality. Moreover, Revolution Slider is packaged into this theme to help incorporate stunning slides with awesome animations in your website. Basic WordPress theme supports mega menu plugin to enhance the navigation and usability of your website. What’s more? This modern theme is loaded with eCommerce-specific functionality that you will need in promoting, selling and managing the inventory of your products.


hugo retro ecommerce theme

Hugo is a minimalist, beautiful, fresh-faced WordPress eCommerce enabled theme, built for the needs of websites wishing to start capitalizing on their traffic, commercializing their products and turning views into customers and into revenue in a lightning fast, simple, intuitive way. Hugo will provide you with stunning, professionally-designed websites within minutes and requiring absolutely no coding skills. Let your website live up to its commercial potential with Hugo.

Featuring native search engine optimization technologies, Hugo will funnel the traffic right into your website and your webstore, most importantly! Easily design your homepage with the powerful drag & drop editor and extend functionality with several custom made widgets included right into Hugo. Your website will look splendid regardless of the device that renders it thanks to Hugo’s responsive, modern design, which is flexible and dynamic, with truly unique homepage layout designs that are like nothing you’ll see anywhere else and ensure your branding image is instantly recognizable and engaging. Hugo stands out of the pack, no matter how you put it.

Hugo showcases your products seamlessly and attractively, featuring hover effects, sidebars, sliders, and all the goodies that come with HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap integration. Hugo gives you everything you need to start making money online today!

eCommerce by MyThemeShop

mythemeshop - simple WooCommerce theme

eCommerce is a modern, beautiful and professional WordPress theme for websites. If your goal is to start a successful online commerce business, you should consider this product. The incredible layout will attract more customers, thus boosting your sales. It includes many features such as the quickview option and a wish list. If you wish to experience this theme before purchasing it, be sure to sample the free demo.

Of course, any respectable eCommerce theme is going to include WooCommerce. It is one of the best plugins on WordPress, allowing users to create reliable online stores. Be it software, T-shirts or eBooks, you have the option to sell both digital and physical products.
Even those that do not manufacture their own merchandise can turn a profit. This theme can also accommodate the needs of ambitious affiliate marketers. It offers built-in support for external transactions.

People often browse websites by skimming their eyes across the page, catching mostly headlines. eCommerce makes sure that those headlined are attractive, by implementing 6 distinct style for your header. The theme adapts to your needs, and offers a staggering variety of personalized layouts for your home page. You are able to display a limitless number of pages and products.

The Look


The Look is an ideal eCommerce theme for WordPress websites, capable of increasing your view count and your bottom line. Unlike other non-specialized products, The Look is very niche oriented. Your online store will be completely professional, conforming to the high standards of a competitive online commerce market. At the core of this theme lies WooCommerce, an innovative WordPress plugin that enables the creation of astounding online shops. An email transaction system is enabled, complete with links and social icons.

Few users can tolerate a slow-loading online store page. Thankfully, The Look has implemented a very clean and well-written code. Nothing short of flawless, this code assures that your site can benefit from lightning fast loading speeds. Potential customers can rest easy knowing that their favorite retail site will not crash or experience latency issues. It is also quite simple to determine the number of items per row and per page. Most online retailers have implemented a mail subscription system. This can notify clients of upcoming offers, and build hype regarding new releases. Your eCommerce page will have both MailPoet and Mailchimp subscription forms. It should also be mentioned that a practical AJAX shopping cart feature was included. For more information regarding The Look eCommerce theme, be sure to check out the live preview.


ducan WooCommerce WordPress theme

Ducan is a lightweight multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress theme well suited for any niche eCommerce website. The theme is SEO friendly that will make Google to love your website. Ducan theme has 19 unique homepage layouts with each created for separate niche but you can feel free to use them for other niches as well. This theme integrated Visual Composer page builder plugin that allows you to create unique pages by using an intuitive drag & drop method. The Ducan theme is powered by WooCommerce which is by far the most popular eCommerce platform out there and is used by millions of websites worldwide. This theme is the right one for you if you are looking for a versatile theme that will help you to dominate in any niche.



LOJA is an incredibly beautiful, visually sophisticated while uncluttered, aesthetically fashionable and tasteful, functionally modern, tech-savvy, flexible and powerful WordPress responsive WooCommerce commercial theme, a highly specialized theme that has been developed with the needs and requirements of webmasters seeking to design and maintain online storefronts, particularly those in the fashion, clothing, shoes and accessories industries. If you are in the business of marketing beautiful, gorgeous, stunning products to a selective, online, massive audience that demands quality, LOJA is the theme you’ve been looking for.

Capable of presenting your product catalogues in a myriad different ways, both through included listing and individual product templates as well as through boundless customization options, on top of the incredible Revolution Slider sliders, LOJA will never fail to capture your audience’s attention. The brilliance behind LOJA is the fact that this attention is entirely channeled towards your products, wasting no eyeball time on redundant bells and whistles–LOJA’s minimalist, businesslike, clean facade ensures your customers will salivate over your every page as they gaze at the precise content you wish them to appreciate. Thorough out of the box WooCommerce integration makes setting up shop an intuitive and painless task, and native responsiveness means no customer will ever be unable to render your website, regardless of what device they wish to access it from. Upgrade your business today, with LOJA!



Known as one of the best WordPress themes for eCommerce websites, Classico is a great choice for those who wish to create an impressive web page. With this product, you will be able to commercialize assets, distribute your blog posts, and display your impressive portfolio. Flexibility is very important in online marketing. Thankfully, Classico has included a varied collection of theme layouts, each designed to meet a specific customer preference. Currently, there are 12 unique versions available.

A great theme must be very accessible and user-friendly. There is no specialized knowledge required, given that Classico can be enjoyed by newbies and experts alike. The administration panel is very powerful, yet it remains highly intuitive. It lets you modify every feature and element, resulting in a streamlined experience for your admins. There is much to be gained from a well-designed, original website. Owners can benefit greatly from a memorable page, given that it increases brand awareness. Thanks to the Visual Composer plugin, you may easily personalize your site without having to modify the code. There are various theme combinations, and several layout options: Framed, Wide, and Boxed. The theme includes a left and right sidebar, along with the possibility to turn off the sidebars.


Velo – Bike Store Theme


Velo is a fresh-faced and modern, youthful and lively, energetic and colorful, deeply functional and aesthetically pleasant and delightful, intuitive and easy to use, flexible and reliable, tech-savvy and handsome, engaging and social media friendly responsive WordPress bike store website theme. Velo is a crafty theme that has been developed from the ground up as a complete solution for webmasters that want to start selling bycicles or related products through an online webshop that looks professional, high quality and seamless, just like the bikes you are marketing. Velo is built with the painless Visual Composer page builder, so modifying Velo’s predesigned layouts or building your own from scratch is an easy task, and the Revolution Slider is included to make smooth and charming sliders easy as pie.

Velo is extensively WooCommerce integrated, meaning that you can use WordPress’ most successful and popular eCommerce platform to market your bicycle wares right out of the box. With Velo, tons of nifty little features are tucked into the delightful user interface, such as a live suggestion list as users type their search queries, and advanced review system for all products, social media login features that greatly increase your conversion rates, and a lot more, packed into a sleek and capriciously beautiful theme. Try Velo today!



Butiko is a unique, clean and professional WordPress theme perfect for promoting and selling your products online. This theme is fully responsive and runs smoothly on desktop, tablet and smartphones. This theme allows you to set up a functional and easy to manage online store with just few clicks. This theme is available in 8 different homepage layouts to help you pick the page layout that best suits your business needs. Let your eCommerce website standout by changing the color scheme and font of your website.

This theme is also designed to look great on modern mobile devices. Butiko has a built in theme options panel that allows you to tweak the settings and appearance of basic design elements of your website.This theme includes Visual Composer, a powerful drag and drop page builder to help you build the layout page that you want for your online store without touching a single line of code. Adding fancy slides in your website is not a problem because Butiko is fully integrated with Slider Revolution.This theme supports WooCommerce plugin to help you quickly set up your online store. This eCommerce theme supports YITH Wishlist to encourage people to keep coming back to your website and purchase your product. Lastly, this theme is fully optimized for SEO.

Zerif PRO


If you are looking for business theme that also works as eCommerce theme then look no further. Zerif PRO is a clean an minimal one page WordPress business theme that can be well suited for business, portfolio, blog websites as well as handle eCommerce with ease. The theme features smooth parallax scrolling effect that will help your website to look more professional and modern. Zerif PRO is a highly customizable WordPress theme and all customizations can be done via simple yet powerful Theme Options. It is well coded that makes it SEO friendly and fast loading for better user experience. Zerif PRO is the right them if you are looking for one theme that can handle everything you throw at it.



Oxygen is an eCommerce theme specially made for building online stores. This fully responsive theme is built based on the popular framework built by twitter, the Bootstrap 3. It offers various customization options to change the look and feel of the theme using theme options panel. You can select among 4 header types, alter typography and toggle shop and blog settings. You can also create unique page layouts with Visual Composer premium plugin. Oxygen comes with a free Slider revolution that enables you to produce attention-grabbing presentations for your shop. Moreover, oxygen supports 2 plugins (WooThemes wishlist and YITH wishlist) to help consumers add items on their wishlist basket.


neighborhood WooCommerce theme

Neighborhood is yet another best seller with nearly 3000 purchases in less than 5 months. It is built using Bootstrap frontend framework making it fully responsive theme which is optimized for all device screen sizes. Neighborhood is a highly customizable WordPress eCommerce theme with loads of theme options that you can tweak. You can’t go wrong by choosing this theme since it is tested by thousands of users and has average rating of 4.6/5.



MixStore is a smart and clean WooCommerce ready WordPress theme perfect for any types of online retail business. This theme is completely compatible with WordPress 4.2 and above. It comes with various page layouts particularly designed for fashion or clothing shops, sportswear, music stores, mobile and electronics store, gift shop and the like. This theme is built based on WPO Framework Theme with Bootstrap 3, to guarantee the responsiveness of your website and for easy theme customization. MixStore supports Visual Composer Page Builder to help you add and organize the modules in your website. The theme package also includes Revolution Slider to help you create beautiful and attention-grabbing slides for your products, packages or special offers.

This theme is very easy to customize and quick to work on. It offers unlimited predefined color schemes to suit your brand. It is WordPress Customizer supported to help you configure your theme via WordPress options. It powerful yet very easy to use control panel lets you change the skin, fonts and modules. It is integrated with Mega Menu module with lightweight mega menu editor tool and includes tons of useful widgets. MixStore also supports multiple post types such as blog, portfolios, video, news and slideshows. This theme is built using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding to help you keep pace with the newest web standards. It is also developed to go with all major browsers. Lastly, you are assured that your target customer will easily find you on the web because it is SEO friendly.


Uberstore WordPress theme

UberStore is a spectacular and multi-purpose theme inspired by modern eCommerce designs. This theme comes with the finest eCommerce theme features to help you showcase your business and products with ease. The theme includes Visual Composer for a drag-and-drop layout builder and Revolution Slider, a great slider plugin for WordPress. UberStore also supports WooCommerce plugin to help you effortlessly integrate an ecommerce store on your website. The theme is also translation ready using WPML. UberStore gives your website glamorous look that makes your business/products even more noticeable and standout.

Mega Shop

Mega Shop WordPress themes

Mega Shop is a chic WordPress eCommerce theme designed based on WooCommerce plugin. Its flexible framework is perfect for cosmetics, accessories, mega store, electronics and any kind of online store. This theme comes with a stunning design and cutting-edge features essential in building an outstanding online store. This theme is optimized for speed, which is very important in obtaining higher sales. This theme is user-friendly both for professional and novice developers.


barberry elegant ecommerce theme

Barberry is yet another clean and minimalistic WooCommerce WordPress theme which is built using Bootstrap frontend framework. This theme has been featured in the Forbes as one of the best premium WordPress themes for, so you can’t go wrong with this theme or Forbes have made a huge mistake. Additionally this theme packs features slider, Mega Menu, Quick View and much more.

In case you didn’t find the theme you were looking for you might want to check this list of free WooCommerce enabled themes.

50+ Jaw-Dropping WordPress Travel Themes For Travel Agencies, Hotels, Hostels, Vacation Rentals, Travel Blogs and Journals 2016

Best WordPress Travel Themes

Comprehensive list of WordPress travel themes suited for hotels, motels, spas, travel agencies and other travel related website. This is the one and only list you will ever need to see to finally found the WordPress theme you have always dreamed of.

According to various sources travel industry is one of the fastest growing right after technology. People are looking for new travel destinations and they search for this information online. If your travel business doesn’t have a website or it was created 10 years ago you are losing tons of clients. We put an incredible effort to create this outstanding list of best WordPress travel themes available today. Some of these themes are the best selling ones but some others are pure gold that haven’t yet discovered by audience and can become the next big thing.

All of these are premium WordPress themes with beautiful design and impressive functionality to please the most demanding users. Most themes comes with Google Maps integration, Automated Booking system, custom page types for travel packages and other goods. This theme is not about which is the best travel theme but about which one suits your business and personal needs.

Among these stunning premium themes I managed to include quite a few free WordPress travel themes to compare how well they stack against premium themes. Enough talking! Start looking for theme that you really love and want to use for your business or personal website.

For more specific Hotel and Resort booking themes check this theme collection.

On this theme collection we have 4 different WordPress travel theme types:



If your goal is to create a successful Bed and Breakfast theme, be sure to check out Bellevue. It offers a simplistic layout, and an instant booking function. The product’s design is excellent, as it can attract many potential customers. If you own a Bed and Breakfast page, this theme can make your life easier.

It comes as no surprise that Bellevue’s features are catered towards the hospitality industry. For instance, customers can showcase their schedules on personalized event calendars. Merchandise payments are made on buy pages, and customers can sign up via pre-made forms. As a site owner, you can design your own online shop via WooCommerce. It is definitely the best eCommerce plugin in the world, as countless sites have chosen to implement it. This theme incorporates five eye-catching personalized logos, and various sticky header options.

Pre-made demos are available for those who cannot afford to spend time on website customization. The Lake House, Countryside, Beach House, Chalet, and Urban Guest House layouts are designed to accommodate a specific niche, and they are entirely functional. Users are able to modify their page’s sidebars, widgets, header opacity, and color palette. If you wish to sample Bellevue and its features, be sure to check out the live preview.



Take your visitors in an amazing journey and offer them the experience they are truly searching for. Use Newspaper to build a website where the world beauty and diversity inspire and changes the visitors life. This clean, elegant and stylish theme provides a great way to promote exotic travel destinations. Designed to showcase your content with a fresh style on various devices, Newspaper 7 theme brings more than beauty, it delivers high performance and stability. Developed by a power elite author, this is the best selling WordPress news theme of all times.

Using a stunning combination of tested structures, relaxing touches of color and high-quality images, Newspaper 7 will make your website a delightful experience for your visitors. Powered by a drag and drop page builder, all major aspects of your page are easily customizable and most of the theme setting are gathered inside the Theme Panel administration area. Using tons of custom build features, like dozens of headers, footers, category templates, big grids, dedicated blocks and modules, special typography, Newspaper 7 will adapt to your every need.

You can create beautiful smart lists to promote unique destinations and set up an online shop to sell beautiful travel packages. Newspaper theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, Google AdSense ready and supports responsive and mobile-friendly ads. It uses the best clean SEO practices.



KALLYAS is a sophisticated and attractive, visually eloquent and well structured, modern and highly responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. KALLYAS has been developed as an answer to multiple usage cases, niche markets, and general purpose scenarios, resulting in an incredibly broad, wide-spanning theme with a multiplicity of choice at every corner and a wealth of ready-made general and niche template pages, demo websites, homepage styles and much more under the hood.

With top of the line image gallery configuration options and layout styles, transitions and animations, as well as professional quality portfolios and incredibly eloquent and expressive blog styles and layouts, KALLYAS makes a perfect fit as a travel blog website, a travel journal, a travel magazine website or any other sort of travel-related online project. KALLYAS has plentiful relevant widgets and capabilities, including Google Maps API integrated, dynamic maps, easily deployed across the theme, as well as gorgeous pictorial or video sliders and carousels for you to captivate your audience, increase traffic and visit length and much more. Thoroughly SEO validated coding ensures your website’s efficient performance in all the relevant searches, widening your audience further. With KALLYAS at your side, the world truly is your oyster!

The Traveler


The Traveler is a deeply stylish and elegant, classy and visually distinct, highly customizable and responsive WordPress friendly blog website theme. The Traveler is a perfect theme for bloggers who love to write about their journeys for audiences of any size and scale, as well as for travel bloggers or photobloggers that like to visually document their exploration and share their images with the world at large. Intuitive to the core, The Traveler requires absolutely no coding skills to deliver professional quality results.

With a completely visual customization interface and deeply powerful admin theme settings and styling choices, The Traveler will always reflect the personality of the blogger behind the website, while simultaneously being unfalteringly classy and worldly. A wealth of layout styles are included as predesigned templates for you to present your content to the world, such as sidebar with one, two, three or four columns, or full width columns, or even alternative post styles. Each layout style can be further customized to suit your wishes entirely. Social media sharing features are built right into The Traveler, ensuring your content gets optimal dissemination through the best modern channels. Try The Traveler today and blog away your travels in style!



CheerUp is a beautiful and eloquent, minimal and expressive, clean and pristine, intuitive and responsive WordPress multipurpose magazine and blog website theme. CheerUp is a stylish, elegant theme built to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of creative webmasters with a unique artistic sensitivity who want a space where they can tell their stories and share their high resolution visual imagery under a soft, flattering light. CheerUp is perfect for webmasters both seasoned and inveterate, incorporating a completely streamlined, visual interface for the creation and customization of every page and element within your blog or magazine.

CheerUp is perfect for travel blogs, as its subdued, poignant layouts put your content front and center, showcasing it for the world without distractions and with the utmost elegance through over a hundred different layout style combinations. With CheerUp, media formats are never a problem, as its state of the art HTML5 technology powers multiple custom post types capable of handling all forms of media with natural ease, while a Bootstrap design guarantees solid visual performance on mobile and desktop devices, expanding your audience greatly. Endless advanced graphical effects such as Parallax Backgrounds Headers and Video Background pages are readily available. Try CheerUp today, and see the sights!

Morning Time


Morning Time is a WordPress theme designed for those who wish to construct a high quality website that is sure to impress all visitors. It is packed with useful features and user-friendly options. You do not have to be an expert programmer in order to enjoy Morning Time. It includes an easy to navigate options panel, and a great support system that can resolve any issue. Users can also benefit from a Child Theme, and an unlimited color palette that allows for a broad selection of aesthetic options. You can tailor your site’s image until it matches your vision.

Morning Time comes with a large number of Widget areas for Portfolios, Pages and Posts. The goal of any site is to grow and expand. However, that expansion must often be facilitated by multilingual capabilities. Thankfully, this theme is translation ready, offering to showcase your pages in different languages. This product is based on Foundation 5 Technologies such as SASS and Grunt were used. Morning Time is compatible with the innovative Revolution Slider, and it allows users to upload their own custom logos. It promises to work with all major browsers and all devices. Users can enjoy frequent online upgrades, as this theme is an ever-evolving product.

The Voux


Those with wanderlust often have the best stories. Thanks to the internet, we can now read them all. For people who want to craft their own travel website, The Voux is an ideal choice. This is an exemplary WordPress product, as it offers a charming and minimalist design, along with multiple useful features. The Voux was released by an elite author, and it is Retina-ready, cross-browser compatible, and fully-responsive. You will never have to come across any resizing or compatibility errors. As long as it has a screen and an internet connection, it can be used to display your content. Without this flexibility, it would be much harder to write while traveling.

An infinite scrolling option was introduced, in order to promote a seamless browsing experience. The next article will load automatically, as the reader scrolls down the page. The URL address will be automatically updated in order to reflect this change. The Voux also has a modern Mega Menu, and you can implement sub-categories, tags, and categories. Full screen galleries will showcase jaw-dropping sceneries, ancient ruins, or idyllic village pictures. As the photo collection grows, your gallery will be there to host it.


travelo travel agency wordpress theme

Travelo is a vibrant and lively theme custom-built for tourism and travel-related websites. This theme has a ready to use demo content that allows you to set up you travel website in no time at all. The theme is built based in the latest Bootstrap frontend framework. It has a completely responsive and mobile friendly layout design that adapts gracefully to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers. This theme offers flexible page layouts, 10 site skins, 8 homepage variations and 6 footer skins. It is fully integrated with custom icon pack and Font Awesome icon. Present your destination’s best spots in grid, block or list view.

This theme is bundled with Revolutions Slider and Layer Slider to help you create unlimited fully responsive and animated sliders for your travel site. Travelo includes a powerful hotel booking system, PayPal payment integration, Property Owner user role, dashboard page, SignUp/Login modal and other great features that could help you efficiently manage your website. This theme includes mega menu that improves the navigation of your site and help site visitors explore your website with ease. This theme has amazing blog integration, sticky (fixed) menu bar, Ajax pagination, Ajax photo gallery and map popup, Contact Form 7 support and free lifetime support and updates. Travelo is the right choice for everyone looking to create professional and mobile friendly travel website with ease.


leisure - travel hotel booking theme

Leisure is the best resort, hotel and spa theme for WordPress. It allows for the creation of an awesome web site which can properly promote your business. It is optimized for search engines, increasing the likelihood that your content will show up on the first page of search results. Leisure is made for speed, resulting in a website that is as fast, as it is beautiful. Both you and your visitors can rejoice, due to the optimized code that lives up to the high standards of the WordPress community. All major aspects of your page will be entirely customizable due to the versatile Admin Panel. This theme will suit your every need. Pleasing both aesthetically and practically, Leisure includes beautifully designer headers text.

There are Multi Navigation areas and regardless of your preferred menu size, Leisure can adapt to what you want. Website owners can create impressive WordPress forms in just a few moments, without the requirement of advanced technical knowledge. This is due to the user friendly Drag & Drop interface. In addition, Leisure boasts over 500 sharp and clear Font Awesome Icons, allowing for a greater degree of customization. Should the user want to know the status of the weather, the Simple Weather Plugin can be consulted with ease. With many themes, transitions can often be dull and boring, but not with Leisure! The Revolution Slider Plugin introduces eye-catching animation, bringing your page into the 21st century. This theme encourages you to hand-craft your own website, aided by the impressive Visual Composer Plugin.

Travel Agency Themes


altari fullscreen travel template

Altair is a clean and modern WordPress theme that can be used for travel agency and tourism related websites. It is fully responsive and streams faultlessly when viewed on different devices, but you can also deactivate its responsive with one click in your backend. It is also retina ready and guaranteed to bring a pleasurable user experience for those viewing your site. This straightforward theme is packed with drag and drop page builder that eases the trouble of building pages and organizing certain elements in your website. Just click the article that you want to edit or move and drop it effortlessly on the space where you want to place it. Altair comes packed with features that you will need in setting up and managing a travel website. It has a built-in booking form that could help your prospective clients book an accommodation or travel package without difficulty. Its advanced tour search to help customers decide on the tour package that matches their interests. Its instant AJAX search filters the tour package by start and end date, maximum budget and keywords. You can easily craft gorgeous destination page and amaze your potential customers using built-in parallax background module without touching a single line of code. It has built in custom post type that allows you to build service, team member, testimonials and pricing table for your website.


avada - fullscreen travel agency theme

Avada is a notoriously powerful, creatively accomplished and thoroughly flexible WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, suited to fulfill the needs and requirements of all imaginable website models and kinds, from personal portfolios to corporate blogs, creative agencies, charities and pretty much any use you can think of. Yet Avada shines in a few particular areas-among them, Avada excels peculiarly as a theme for travel agencies, expedition organizers, tour organizers or other travel service provider websites in general. Avada empowers your website with stylized management of visual content, presenting the imagery that sells your products in full Retina ready capability with extensive, thorough responsivity that ensures perfectly displayed layouts regardless of platform, screen size or browser. Reach more people with Avada!

Avada is customization-rich and feature-dense, with a huge number of premium features built in for your convenience. From attractive sliders that enamor your audience with their smooth interactivity to reactive header and footer widgets that jump at the hover of your audience’s mouse pointers, Avada feels alive and energetic, as does the content it displays. Images of trips and travels, impressive vistas and gorgeous landscapes, you’ll have your potential clients going crazy over their beauty while they scroll through them in a sophisticated Parallax effect. Useful geolocating tools, appealing pricing guide features and WooCommerce integration means you’ll hit the ground running. Now hit the road with Avada today!



H-Code is a clean and pristine, fresh faced and youthful, user and developer friendly, modern and very engaging and attractive, wonderfully time-saving and graphically stunning and impressive, readily responsive WordPress one page and multipage multipurpose website theme. H-Code is a surprisingly attractive and very intuitive website building tool for inexperienced or veteran website designers alike that are seeking a solid, effective and time-saving kit that packs all the necessary tools, resources and features to craft gorgeous business or professional websites across a broad spectrum of applications and archetypes.

With H-Code, you will always find a perfect home page demo website for your specific application, and with H-Code’s expansive layouts including sophisticated HTML5 and CSS3 styling and gorgeous layouts and arrangements of high resolution imagery and media, creating a modern, engaging travel website has never been this easy or this quick ever before. With H-Code, anyone is capable of keeping exciting blogs of their gorgeous vistas and eventful travels, beautiful galleries of their escapades or dream destinations, and pretty much any element you can think of, owing to H-Code’s use of the Visual Composer premium plugin. H-Code is readily compatible with browsers and platforms across the board, making it ideally suited for receiving business and customers from around the world. Try H-Code today!

Travel Agency

travelino - travel agency wordpress theme

Travel Agency is a clean and fresh theme for travel agencies, travel bloggers, hotel accommodations and other tourism and travel related agencies. Many developers love this theme because it very easy to use and includes an extensive documentation. This theme is ready to use for people who needs an instant website for their travel agency or hotel. But this theme is also highly customizable if you want to style it to match your brand or go with your marketing plan. This theme adjusts efficiently on all types of devices, from desktop computer, tablet to smartphone. Moreover, Cherry framework is fully integrated into this theme to help you customize your travel agency website with ease. Impress your target customers or clients by changing the color and font of your theme via the admin panel. Make the most of its awesome sliders and display eye-catching pictures of the place or hotel you are promoting. This theme includes custom post types FAQ, Our Team, Portfolio, Services and Testimonials. Furthermore, this Travel Agency includes theme customizer that gives you a live preview of the changes you make in your theme. Every single aspect of this theme is optimized for SEO to ensure that you will acquire get considerable amount of web traffic and rank well on search engines.

Love Travel

love travel - flat design theme

Love Travel WordPress Theme is a Multipurpose WordPress theme which loads of awesome features and customization options. The site has been designed for travel agency, tour operator, travel blog, but thanks to his creative graphics, simple, modern, flat and clean well suited to any business. Thanks to its excellent structure and layout of the theme you can use Love Travel WordPress Theme for all services related to tourism such as hotels, resorts, honeymoon, cruise, travel and much more. This theme is everything you need to create successful travel website without touching a single line of code.

Trendy Travel

trendy travel WordPress theme

Trendy Travel is a lively and colorful premium website intended for showcasing tours, hotel bookings, resorts, honeymoon and other travel related websites. This theme is coded with clean and valid HTML5/CSS3 standards. It includes an advanced search feature, which helps visitors easily find information. It is also integrated with slider revolution and layer slider premium WordPress plugins that you can use for adding visual appeal to your site. Moreover, Trendy Travel comes with Hotels custom post type for hotel management that allows clients add their reviews and ratings, let you display Room Types & Prices and manage image gallery. It also includes powerful features like mega menu, Google map, WooCommerce support, BBPress & BuddyPress, Social network integration and Events Calendar Pro.

Book Your Travel – Online Booking WordPress Theme

book your travel template

Book Your Travel is a modern and responsive WordPress travel theme built for travel agencies, booking portals, hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, guest houses, private villas and anything else that requires booking. This theme is translation and multi-lingual ready to bring your business global.

Book Your Travel WordPress theme is search engine friendly, responsive, easy to use and packs everything to create your own custom booking system without hiring developers. Every customization can be done via simple yet powerful web interface.

Tour Package – WordPress Travel/Tour Theme

tour package - well designed travel theme

Tour Package is a simple, modern and fully responsive WordPress theme designed for travel agencies. This theme comes with package post type that allows to list information about travel packages and provide with simple booking system to automate the process.
On top of that Tour Package theme is responsive and will look stunning on any device such as iPhone and iPad. This theme is multi-lingual ready and SEO friendly to make sure your business can be found online. Tour Package is fully-customizable with 600 different fonts, several color palettes, blog templates, widgets and much more to take full control over the look and functionality of your website.

Midway – Responsive Travel WP Theme

midway - travel booking theme

Midway is a elegant, clean and responsive WordPress travel theme made for travel business. This theme packs fully customizable Tour package management and booking system that will make tour like a lot easier. Theme Options Panel will help to customize your website look and functionality. You can tweak slider, tour listings, galleries, search form and booking form via simple web interface. Everything can be done with no help from developers and this is something every website owner would like.

Hotel WordPress Themes


holiday - hotel booking template

Holiday is a fully responsive and mobile ready premium WordPress theme suitable for hotels, resorts, villas, B&Bs, holiday rentals, inns and other accommodation websites. This theme is designed to present your hotel and accommodation business in an elegant way. The theme’s simple and very straightforward layout design will surely sway your target customers to book an accommodation in your hotel. It has a simple header and easy to access main navigation bar that helps users find the information they are looking for in an instant. You can use the back-end theme options to change the colors, fonts, background and layout presented on their demos to match it with your brand. This theme includes an efficient Booking System that allows you to build an advanced contact form with text fields, text areas, numbers, emails, radio buttons, checkboxes, and multiple choices. This form is linked to your Rooms (custom posts), it calculated the price per day and gives a balance in the end, and a printable bill for guest, which they can present to you when they arrive at your hotel. It is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you add your rooms or even other services as products on your site shop, add photos and other information related to your service.

Paradise Cove

paradise cove travel theme

Paradise Cove displays a modern and eye-catching design suitable for all types of hotels and resorts. This premium WordPress theme has been built with hotels and accommodation websites in mind. It is created with innumerable cool functionalities and lots of customization options that are useful for hotel websites. Its custom homepage flaunts the important information about your hotel, while custom page templates efficiently exhibit your location, rooms, amenities and other services. You can pick from 3 different slider styles. It also includes a reservation module to facilitate room reservations. Other fascinating features include: custom widgets, custom fonts, shortcodes, photo and video galleries, blog section, powerful admin options and more.

Soho Hotel – Responsive Hotel Booking WP Theme

soho hotel booking theme

Soho Hotel WordPress theme is built for hotels and travel business in general. It packs advanced and fully customizable booking system. Booking system is further expanded in room and apartment availability checker to automate your travel business.
Soho Hotel theme is fully responsive and is built using latest web technologies and to help it setup and manage developers provide free well detailed documentation that will get you started.



Splendor is a WordPress theme that allows you to design an incredible hotel directory website. It puts every tool at your disposal, given that it is packed with various practical features. Given the dynamic nature of travel, users will rarely have an opportunity to sit down at a desk in order to browser a web page. Thankfully, anyone can access Splendor from a mobile device. This product’s layout will automatically resize in order to fit the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets.

A practical map is featured on your site home page, allowing for easy navigation. If your page features listings, you get to implement personalized fields. Hotels, resorts and other destinations can be managed via the theme back-end and front-end. Splendor has a very powerful and versatile search function. Users can determine specific categories and search criteria. In terms of web page security, this theme has you covered. Captcha support and an IP blocker tool were made available.

For more visual customization, be sure to access the Admin Panel. It allows users to design and implement personalized color schemes. In addition, it is possible to modify the currency settings for monetization. Unlimited pricing and membership packages can be added as well.

Viva Hotel – Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

viva hotel booking theme

Viva Hotel is a clean, powerful and feature-rich WordPress theme for hotel and travel websites. Developers have done an incredible job creating this theme and provides fully responsive layout, retina ready graphics, social network integration, listing page builder and plenty of other options.

Viva Hotel is modern WordPress theme that will boost your hotel and travel business because users will lover its simplicity, advanced search criteria and stunning design.

Anchor Inn – Hotel and Resort Theme

anchor inn premium booking theme

Anchor Inn is powerful, clean, modern and fully customizable WordPress theme for travel resorts, hotels and travel agencies. The theme comes with detailed instruction and helpful support to get started with your online ventures.

Anchor Inn is retina ready, responsive and comes with unlimited color variations. You can choose your own color palette via customizable theme options. Other crucial features such as typography, background images, logo and other can be changes or tweaked without touching a single line of code.

RoyalGold – Unique WordPress Theme

royalgold WordPress hotel theme

RoyalGold is clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme designed for hotels, resorts, restaurants, hostels, villas, spa and beauty centers. This is multi purpose WordPress theme with full-size image slider to highlight your travel destination or other aspects of your business.

RoyalGold theme is fully responsive and will look stunning on any device such as iPahone or iPad. Developers have done an incredible job to make this theme optimized for high resolution retina displays while providing modern feel and look. Plenty of available customization options will make your website personal and professional looking.

Dignitas – Hotel & Apartment Responsive Theme

diginitas - beautiful and minimal theme

Dignitas is fully customizable WordPress theme with unlimited color variations, over 600 different fonts powered by Google fonts, layer slider, custom widgets and widget areas. This theme leaves no doubt to be one of the most customizable travel and hotel themes out there.

Dignitas theme is fully responsive and adjusts to every device screen size. This theme has features that I haven’t seen for other themes such as weather widget and fully customizable contact form. Just spend some few minutes and check this theme demo to see how well designed it is and how it can help to boost your sales in travel industry.

Nice Hotel – WordPress Theme

nice hotel - booking wordpress theme

Nice Hotel is a stunning WordPress theme built for hotels, resorts, villas, hostels, spas, and other business that requires powerful, flexible and automated booking system. Creating a booking website has never been easier thanks to fully customizable design that gives user a complete freedom to built their own website without writing a single line of code.

Nice Hotel theme is translation and multi-lingual ready to take your business globally. Another features worth mentioning is various different templates, event management, testimonial management, adjustable contact form and fully flexible home page with default templates to choose from.

HotelMotel Theme

hotelmotel - resort booking theme

HotelMorel is a fancy flat design theme suitable for hotels, motels, hostels, resorts and all sorts of different businesses that requires booking system. This theme is fully responsive and will look stunning on any device including iPhone and iPad. HotelMorel theme is built on top of powerful theme options that allows to tweak every aspect of theme to adjust it for your business needs. Beautiful listing pages are fully customizable and packs image lightbox and can be paired with slider and of course each listing page is incorporated with booking system.

Travel Blog Themes


insight - photography blog style theme

Insight is an incredibly beautiful, amazingly flexible, highly visual WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, wholly capable of managing several different kinds and types of websites big and small, personal and corporate, but especially well suited for usage in travel magazine websites, personal traveler’s blogs, and all travel information related websites. Insight’s unique ability to project your content in a remarkable, memorable way are the hallmark of this minimalist, clean and crisp theme. Insight is pliable to your needs, while ensuring your beautiful vistas and breath taking landscape photographs remain front and center the entire time, while presenting your content in an engaging, elegant fashion.

Insight is empowered by the ZOOM Framework and Live Customizer, as well as the Dynamic Homepage Builder, allowing for beautiful, HTML5 and CSS3 enabled homepages with smooth scrolling features, interactive hovering effects, carefully crafted grid and list post styles, and gorgeous animated sliders to display your featured content, as well as powerful category systems that group your content seamlessly in category pages for an easier user navigational experience. Insight is flexible, with multiple color schemes, premade layouts and a great amount of custom widgets to display your travel content in a myriad different, modern and responsive ways that make a solid, lasting impression in your every visitor.



INFRA is a visually stunning and expansive, bright and luminous, clean and clear, well structured and aesthetically polished, graphically refined and technologically resourceful, deeply functional and highly flexible, intuitively customizable and extremely responsive WordPress newspaper and magazine theme. INFRA is a gorgeous and very visual theme that has been designed to meet and exceed the demands of news and magazine websites of all kinds. As such, it is readily capable of dealing with all sorts of advanced multimedia content and posts, with sophisticated layouts that truly show off your high quality, high resolution images in pixel perfect, Retina ready definition, with 7 different Featured Image styles.

INFRA is uniquely well suited for the purpose of developing and maintaining tech-savvy and creative travel magazine websites, travel agency websites and all sorts of travel industry related websites. If you are looking for a theme capable of creating an engaging and enveloping atmosphere wherein users can truly fascinate themselves with your content while undistracted by a pristine, uncluttered design with ample room for customization, INFRA is the answer to your prayers. With INFRA’s Bootstrap-powered Grid System, your travel website will be arranged precisely as you see fit, and its thorough native responsiveness will render your travel website perfectly across all devices and browsers.


photonote - dark photography gallery

PhotoNote 2.0 is an advanced, modern, powerful and beautiful WordPress responsive theme, constructed with the needs of photographers and photojournalists, both professional and amateur. With PhotoNote 2.0, your images are all that matters. Whether you’re a small time photographer advertising your services, a photography studio exhibit your previous work and luring in new business, or simply a traveling amateur documenting your trips, PhotoNote 2.0 ensures your photography outshines everything else online.

PhotoNote 2.0 is built upon the notoriously powerful ZOOM Framework, meaning its light and dark skins are far from all there is to this theme’s customization capabilities. Customizing your fonts, backgrounds and color schemes is simple and requires no coding, while a built-in logo editor lets you create your own logos to use. Your website will be unique and unrepeatable, and your imagination is the only limit. Touch enabled homepage slider galleries feature your content in interactive, engaging style. Category and Post template pages offer simplified sorting of your content via customized category systems, while your single Post pages can be customized to your heart’s content. Whether you’re a newbie webmaster or a vetted professional, PhotoNote has the stuff needed to make your website stand out. Try it now, and you’ll never look back!


For those who wish to create incredible travel websites, Himmelen is an ideal solution. This WordPress theme can improve your page, assuring that it can overshadow its competitors. There are limitless personalization options, allowing you to customize the site’s layout. Given that a traveler’s schedule is always limited, a useful One Click Demo Importer function was added. Setting up a functional page only takes a few minutes. In addition, your content can be easily accessed by users who prefer smartphones or tablets.

Himmelen is fully compatible with all browsers and operating systems. The fully responsive nature of this theme guarantees that posts can be updated while on the move. A well-written Documentation source was introduced for new users, offering to guide them through the installation process. There are limitless home page variation choices, enabling you to design a travel site that reflects your personality.

Himmelen has 3 menu positions: footer, header and off-canvas. Customers will also benefit from two post slider layouts: boxed and full width. The logo position is variable, and you can include header images for each blog post. For clients who want to experience this product without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.



Innovation is an extraordinarily creative and impressively well designed, amazingly purposeful and beautifully intuitive, very easy to use and user friendly, polished and professional, graceful and stylish, modern and deeply engaging, Retina ready and graphically astonishing and stunning, responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Innovation is the easiest solution for webmasters far and wide coming from absolutely any background and with or without previous coding experience who are looking for a solid and robust framework upon which to build their own customized, creative and one of a kind blog websites for absolutely all imaginable applications and purposes across the board.

To that end, Innovation makes clever and handsome deployment of a curated, massive collection including over 230 exclusive home page demo website designs that are readily available for your convenience, saving you time and money as you set up your professional quality blog websites. Innovation is perfect for travel blog webmasters that need a simple fix for all their website building needs, and with Innovation’s thoroughly integrated reviews system, getting your users to chime in on your content and your posts is easier now than it ever was. Try Innovation now, and experience a truly modern travel blog website theme in its full glory!



Voyager is a modern, intimate, heart-warming WordPress Premium Travel Theme. Featuring many tools especially designed for travelers, Voyager is intelligently integrated with Google API’s powerful map displays to illustrate your journeys. TravellerPress, Voyager’s own included free Plugin, empowers you to do so much more while out in roaming territory. Voyager and travel simply go hand in hand.

Including an advanced theme options panel, Voyager lets you intuitively and easily edit its provided layouts into full-fledged, stunning homepages. Your gorgeous, high resolution photographs will be displayed front and center, with a heavy focus on the visual and a glossy, Retina ready interface. A responsive photo grid scales proportionately, incorporating design principles from Material Design. Easy to use shortcodes add design flexibility and navigational functionality with minimal effort. HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap3 combine to offer an advanced, modern product, featuring Sliders, responsive Parallax headers that can be modified to your heart’s desire, KML integration out of the box, a pliable Footer custom widget that can be molded into whatever you wish, gorgeous Google typography.

SEO optimized, Voyager ensures your website remains relevant by cleverly organizing your content for better search engine indexation. Voyager is the theme that takes you where you want to go.


travelista - simple blog theme

Travelista is an attractive and attention-grabbing travel WordPress theme suitable for travel journal websites, city portals, travel blogs, tourism websites and other travel related websites. It is extremely responsive and resizes its layout smoothly on different kind of devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and iPhone to provide visitors a great viewing experience. It also looks sharp and clear on modern devices with high screen resolution because every area of this theme is retina ready. It comes with multiple layout options and countless layout options for homepage, archive pages and single page. It includes unlimited color choices, 8 blog layouts to choose from, advanced typography options with 600+ Google Fonts, 9 post formats, custom menu support, custom logo and favicon, custom CSS option and many more. Travelista is powered by powerful Redux Framework that makes this theme idiot-proof and easy to customize. It includes a powerful featured slider that you can use for showcasing your content to the world. It author page section is brilliantly designed with parallax background effect. Lastly, this theme is fully integrated social media share icons to help users share your content with just one click.



If you want to create a gorgeous web page, be sure to check out Piemont. This is a WordPress theme that focuses on quality and consistency. The layout is beautiful, fast and clean, resulting in a superior browsing experience for your readers. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, and the vast roster of features, you are able to design an excellent fashion blog. Regardless of your fashion niche, your site will be able to match your vision.

Piemont has 4 featured layout post sliders, over 650 unique fonts, more than 20 header variations, and 5 distinct listing versions. This leads to more personalization, which can raise brand awareness. Of course, the fashion industry relies on creativity and interesting design. Your blog must accurately represent that philosophy.

Aesthetic customization choices are available, given that site administrators can select one of the pre-defined color palettes, or they can simply design their own color scheme. Despite the degree of complexity, this theme remains accessible. Even a child can create an awesome blog, thanks to the Piemont Control Panel.

If you experience any issue, the informative documentation guide can be consulted. There are also video guides, and an impressive live theme demo. In addition, this product incorporates WooCommerce, one of the best commercial plugins on WordPress.



Wildcat is a stunning and fully functional WordPress theme created specifically for travel and booking websites. This incredible theme is built using HTML5 Boilerplate for fast, straightforward and future-proof site. It comes with an extremely responsive layout and retina support that makes your website look awesome on devices or screen sizes with high resolution displays. This theme allows you to create unlimited travel packages. It also offers countless customization options, unlimited sidebars, custom widgets and many more. Lastly, this theme is eCommerce ready to help you sell travel packages with ease.

Travelify (FREE)

travelify - free travel theme

Travelify is the best free WordPress travel theme I have found so far. This theme brings premium functionality and incredible support while it is free theme. This theme has pixel perfect design, fantastic featured slider, custom page and blog templates and plenty of other fancy features.

Travelify is a sleek, modern and responsive WordPress travel theme which can compete with most if not all premium WordPress themes. Theme packs dozens of theme options to change different theme aspects. Of course the main thing here is that this is free WordPress theme and you can use it for your personal travel blog or company website. If you don’t like this theme you can always switch to another since you won’t need to pay for it to test its functionality.



vellum multipurpose theme

A new kind of WordPress theme with so much capability, you just have to see it to understand how truly unique it is. Fully responsive, SEO optimized and ready to become the next big thing. Vellum’s unique structure lets you create any design, layout or style, all from a single theme without touching a code. No matter the type of site you need, for business, eCommerce, travel, real estate, photography, music, one page, or even a wedding, this theme does it all. This isn’t a single theme, it’s a thousand themes in one. It is a truly unique theme with millions of possible combinations to create website you have always wanted. Check theme demo for more information but I can promise that you will fall in love with this theme once you see its endless possibilities.

The Navigator: Premium WP Location Guide + Blog

the navigator WordPress theme

The Navigator is simple, clean and modern WordPres theme. This theme is designed for travel blogs, location guides and other travel related website. The Navigator theme is built around interactive Google Maps that can be tweaked to suit your needs. Theme is fully customizable thanks to WP Theme Customized.

Since The Navigator is premium theme it packs loads of useful features like fullscreen background images, logo manager, advanced jQuery effects, Google fonts integration and many other cool functions. This theme comes with detailed documentation and premium support so it is guaranteed that you won’t get stuck.

Other Travel Themes


listify - locations search engine

Listify is a beautiful WordPress Theme for travel directory and listing sites. It is awash with nice features and customization options that let you promote and showcase travel packages or accommodation with ease. This theme is obviously fashioned with functionality and usability in mind. It is fully integrated with Open Table, Resurva, Guestful, and WooCommerce Bookings plugin to let your visitors get the chance to make reservations with the packages and services listed in your directory. Listify allows customers to save a listing with the theme’s bookmarks support, let users search for a listing by a location or zip code, view a map of all the local listings, create submissions without logging into the admin interface and share or visit a listing’s social media sites. What’s more? It includes heaps of custom widgets, dual menus, color skins, video backgrounds and many more. This theme is crafted with the best SEO practices to ensure that your website will get significant web traffic. If you want you earn extra income from your directory site, this beautiful directory theme allows you to display ads, charge users for adding a listing, claiming a listing and even viewing listings and accessing the website. Listify is also compatible with WP Job Manager and WooCommerce plugin.

Socha Responsive WordPress Theme

socha - classic adventures template

Socha is a clean, flexible and responsive WordPress theme built for multi-purpose and can be used for any kind of website. It puts a lot of effort on images providing different sliders, 13 different gallery templates, portfolio and much more. However, this theme can look brilliant when images are not the main content on your website.

Socha theme can be used for travel websites, personal blogs and other ventures and adventures. There is no thing that this theme can’t do. Fully customizable layout with 12 different color variations and unlimited other for custom tweaking via simple yet powerful interface.

Centum – Responsive WordPress Theme

centum - travel blog and website theme

Centum is a clean, powerful, minimalistic and fully customizable theme that can be used for various purposes such as personal travel blogs, corporate website, travel agency websites and much more. Theme has advanced slider functionality that can be tweaked to insane levels to guarantee the best possible look for your website.

This is the only WordPress template I have used for my clients website and they absolutely love it. These clients are in travel niche and they are so excited to showcase images from travel destination in a huge slider which is easy to setup and maintain even for users who have never used WordPress. I highly recommend this theme if you are looking for simplicity, performance and freedom because of so many customization options and of course WooCommerce integration.

Vertex WordPress Theme

vertex photography wordpress theme

Vertex is a stunning, beautiful, clean and modern WordPress theme designed to showcase your pictures. Its main purpose is for service business but can be further expanded into personal travel blog, portfolio website or hotel website. There is literally no limits for this theme as long as you have time to release your imagination.

This theme is designed by famous designers and developed by industry professionals meaning that this theme is incredibly well created with no rough edges and it delivers outstanding performance.

Source – Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

source travel photography theme

Source is spectacular WordPress theme built to showcase photographs. This theme would be ideal fit for travelers who are taking a lot of photographs and want them to showcase in full size along some description. Source theme has this premium feel like no other theme in this category. Your visitors will be excited even before they will start reading your travel reports and impressions from travels.

Source theme is built using HTML5 and CSS3 and is optimized for all browser and screen sizes making it to look awesome on smartphones and tablets.

Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme

expression - photography WordPress theme

Expression is bold responsive premium WordPress theme designed to showcase photographies along stunning blog entries. This would be an outstanding option if you are looking to built your own travel blog and have a lot of pictures to showcase.

Theme is designed and developed by experienced developers and it packs powerful theme settings panel that allows to control everything starting from fonts up to website width, picture size, element colors and much more. On top of that you can build unlimited gallery pages using various templates and showcase your images using fancy sliders.

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News WordPress Themes

Collection of the best WordPress News themes for news sites, blogs, portals and other news oriented websites.

News sites come and go but there are several that become extremely popular. For instance, The Verge was founded less than 3 years ago and has become dominant tech news player with millions of month visitors. There are several other large news sites using WordPress such as TechCrunch, Engadget, CNN, Forbes, Reuters, The New York Times and other. They are hosted on WordPress VIP hosting which is created to handle millions of monthly visitors. It is an Nginx powered web hosting, which is fully managed by Automattic team to provide the best user experience and the best possible uptime.

WordPress is great platform for blogs and news sites and thanks to these themes you can create the next big thing. These themes can be used for any news niche such as tech, gossip, politics, sports, games and much more. All below listed themes are highly customizable with unlimited color options, dozens of fonts, custom widgets and many of those themes has a built in drag and drop page builder to create unique and professional news portal with ease.

Newspaper (Most Popular)


The Newspaper theme is excellent for news, magazine, publishing and review sites. This is the best selling WordPress News theme with over 22.000 purchases and counting. The latest released version of this theme, Newspaper 7, introduces a new technology called the “Mobile Theme”, that brings retina ready images and optimal page size designed to make your website run faster on small screen devices. The mobile menu was completely changed to give you a modern glossy design and options to style its colors or to add a new image as a menu background.

Newspaper theme comes with unmatched flexibility. Elegant design, unique demos, integrated translations, intelligent ads system, and no coding skills necessary, are some of its strong points.

I’ve tested the Newspaper theme and as expected from one of the best rated themes on ThemeForest, the experience was great. With the “one click demo” installer it was remarkably easy to start building our test website. The theme comes bundled with Visual Composer, tons of elements and over 25 custom made blocks. This multitude of options allowed me to create a unique looking homepage in a couple of minutes. With a dedicated section in the Theme Panel the category templates are one of the main features of this theme, and I used them to create a custom layout for each category.

The Newspaper Theme is full of nice surprises, it has many header and footer templates, over 80 incredible Big Grid combination available to highlight pages and categories and a comprehensive documentation. I don’t want to spoil all the fun, so I will just tell you that the theme integrates clean coding, great designs and fast loading speed. Newspaper 7 is Google AdSense ready and supports responsive and mobile friendly ads. It uses the best clean SEO practices, it’s fast and easy to use.



Sahifa is one of the most versatile website themes in the world. This amazing product offers many incredible features, each added in order to enhance your web page. It manages to balance power and beauty, resulting in a high-quality browsing experience for all users. Many sites have to choose between complexity and accessibility, given that their layout cannot adapt to the diminutive screens of hand-held devices. Thankfully, this theme has solved all compatibility and resizing issues. Customers who prefer smart phones or tablets can now access your posts with ease. Also, Sahifa can work with any operating system or browser. Clients are given complete freedom, and they can even turn off the responsive elements of their page.

The site layout is available in 3 settings: Framed, Wide and Boxed. You can toggle between them with a single click. A solid business strategy often includes online merchandising. This product has added WooComerce, and it can help users to design an amazing online commerce shop. WooCommerce is one of the most prolific plugins in the world, given that it is used by thousands of personal and company pages. Popularity can only increase, if you strive to include as many users as possible. Sahifa can accommodate foreign site visitors, as it is fully translatable.



Divi is a bright and clean, fresh-faced and energetic, dynamic and fluid, technologically cutting edge and deeply innovative, developer friendly and seamlessly graphically cohesive, deeply customizable and cleverly structured for readability, intuitive and resourceful, well documented and responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Divi is a tech-savvy and ambitiously vast theme, created for webmasters with or without any previous coding experience to be able to effectively and effortlessly design, develop and maintain their own fully functional, completely modern, engaging and polished websites across a range of archetypes and niches, with a huge collection of purposefully diverse demo websites for you to get off on the right foot regardless of the nature of your project.

Divi comes with an unique Divi Builder and its intuitive, section and block-based modular content design approach, a wholly visual builder that requires absolutely no coding and affords ample degrees of flexibility with just a few clicks, empowering anyone to craft whole modern, functional websites within minutes, right out of the box, with sophisticated features like custom pagination styles and multiple column functionalities, making Divi well suited for the ultimate purpose of disseminating your content to the world at large. That makes Divi the most flexible news website theme on the market today.



Soledad is a beautiful and very engaging, modern and stylish, aesthetically thought out and profoundly dynamic and interactive, sleek and attractive, technologically rich and diverse, versatile and superbly functional, polished and professional, extremely responsive and mobile friendly WordPress multiconcept magazine and blog website theme. Soledad is a very clean and purposeful theme that has been designed with a creative outlook, making it wholly compatible with a range of diverse applications and usages, from sophisticated online magazines to ravishing and attention grabbing blogs, owing to its highly customizable end user experience, supremely polished graphical effects and amazing, expressive and outspoken layouts at your disposal from the get go, making the website building process swift and painless with professional quality results every single time.

Over 250 powerful customization options are at your fingertips, so your Soledad blog or magazine will always be completely unique and different, making for a memorable website that users will develop loyalty for your website. Soledad also packs over 100 different sliders and blog combinations, and a whopping 250 unique demo websites, as well as cutting edge HTML5 Feature Video Background, complete out of the box WooCommerce integration and much more, making Soledad an ideal theme for managing a range of diverse news magazines. Try Soledad today!



Voice is a truly comprehensive, massively innovative, superbly lightweight and lightning-fast, easy to use and very reader-friendly, content-centric and aesthetically appealing, fresh-faced and responsive WordPress clean news and magazine website theme. Voice is a simple, streamlined theme, conceived as an outlet for no frills, minimalist media, particularly news and magazine websites reporting on entertainment, politics, world news, music, or pretty much any trendy, interesting topic. Voice stands out from the pack due to being incredibly focused on speed and efficiency.

Optimized for brutally fast load times, Voice will keep your server loads uncluttered even when your stories or posts go viral. Speaking of posts, over 150 different post listing combinations are possible within Voice, making every time you post unique and every post an opportunity for specificity. Smart post listing modules keep your website hierarchized and organized in a user and reader-friendly fashion, keeping like topics together where users can see and find them. These modules allow for advanced post filtering and searching as well. Furthermore, customized categories can even sport individual looks each, allowing for different editorial tones to each category of post within your magazine or news website. Bloggers also love Voice’s clean, hassle-free interface. Try it out for yourself today!

The Essence


The Essence is a handsome and tech-savvy, fresh-faced and aesthetically minimalist, polished and professional responsive WordPress creative blog website theme. The Essence is the ultimate toolkit for professional or amateur bloggers to create their own unique, custom-crafted blog layouts as well as highly creative, original blog layouts and customization settings, all without having to write a single line of code yourself. The Essence builds upon the traditional blog concept to provide you with a wealth of imaginative layout choices and styles for you to make incredible, sophisticated blog websites suited for content of any nature, tone or style.

The Essence includes attractive modern layouts such as enticing Grids with or without sidebars, Classic Blog layouts, Single Post layouts and over fifteen additional customizable possibilities at your fingertips. Highly social media savvy, The Essence has been integrated with a series of inhouse developed plugins and widgets for uncomplicated, one-step deployment of a range of social media sharing features within your pages as well as advanced widgets such as an Instagram feed widget and more under the hood. Highly intuitive, The Essence is well documented, allowing webmasters from all walks of life to make the most of this remarkable theme. Try The Essence today!



WooHoo is a cleverly designed and highly attractive, incredibly flexible and technologically inspired, highly responsive WordPress news, magazine and blog website theme. WooHoo is a marvelously on point, modern and immersive theme dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge, articles, media and thoughts of all kinds to wide, undifferentiated, massive online audiences, in the blink of an eye, without ever having to write a single line of coding yourself. Multiple professionally predesigned template demo homepages are packaged along with WooHoo to get things started on the right foot each time, with diverse, specific niche markets targeted with their very own demos filled with useful features and elements.

Chiefly among these, WooHoo’s premium news demo website template is among the strongest news themes on the market today. WooHoo has been wonderfully constructed around its own custom built drag and drop page builder to afford you the ultimate customization capability for your layouts and pages, along with an impressive set of customizable categories that can dynamically define all sorts of thematic content collections or aggregations, perfect for keeping track of ongoing news and developments or targeted keywords. With top of the line SEO enhancements, WooHoo is the theme you need to ride your news website to the top of the ranks!

Onfleek (New)


Onfleek is a trendy and innovative, creative and popular, youthful and vibrant, rapidly responsive WordPress AMP magazine website theme. Onfleek is a strong and reliable platform for the design and development of sophisticated, technologically resourceful modern websites servicing roles in the magazine and online publishing industries. Onfleek streamlines and simplifies the website building process in the modern web by furnishing you with a series of professionally drafted layouts, templates and demo websites to empower you to set up and customize full-fledged magazine websites in a matter of minutes, awaiting nothing but your content to go live.

Onfleek is dexterous around social media, keeping you fresh and relevant and deftly managing incoming traffic, particularly of the mobile variety, through cutting edge deployment of Google AMP technology at the codebase level, resulting in an incredibly lightweight website that consumes minimized amounts of data on mobile connections while featuring higher effectivity of SEO enhancements when searching through mobile platforms. Onfleek provides you with creative log stylings and layouts, unique listicle layouts and deft dynamic handling of HTML5-powered multimedia streaming video, image slideshows and much more right out of the box. When you are working with Onfleek, everything seems to always work out just right!

Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a clean and sparkling, modern and tech-savvy, feature-rich and dynamic, highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO is a handsome and resourceful set of tools honed to perfectly fit the needs of magazine websites the world over today. With powerful capabilities covering a range of the basic and advanced features expected of a magazine website, from limitless customizable sliders and content carousels with smooth and fluid animations powered by CSS3 technology to top-notch AJAX powered categories and filtering capabilities that offer you profoundly dynamic content pages defined at your leisure as well as robust search features and modern essentials like Trending Articles, Recent Articles and Featured Content.

Newsmag PRO is everything you’ve dreamed of in your magazine website and much more. With multiple headers and footers, collapsible navigational menus and customizable sidebars, gorgeous layout grids and masonry layout styles, Newsmag PRO looks and feels professional and polished at every turn. Intuitively customizable to the core, you can fully brand your Newsmag PRO websites with ease, including custom fonts, endless color schemes, custom logos and more. Built-in SEO enhancements within NEwsmag PRO ensure your magazine quickly climbs the ranks of all the relevant searches. Try Newsmag PRO now!



News websites become the windows through which we view the world. For those who wish to create their own professional news page, Herald is an ideal choice. This innovative WordPress theme has a large selection of useful features, and a charming design that is sure to impress readers. Your site will look amazing on any device, regardless of the size of its screen. In addition, this product is compatible with high resolution Retina displays and all web browsers. In just 5 minutes, you can setup a fully-functioning page via the Advanced Theme Options Panel. The panel can be navigated by all users, even those who are not very tech savvy. In addition, Herald has a simple video tutorial that offers to guide you through the installation process.

Site owners are able to color-code every layout section, thanks to the smart categories feature. This can enhance the reader’s browsing experience. It is possible to include a limitless number of sidebars for all pages, categories, or posts. In addition to the classic WordPress widgets, Herald has some personalized widgets which expand its features. For those who want to sample this product without having to spend any money, a free theme demo was made available.



A growing number of people are choosing to abandon conventional media, in favor of a modern, internet-based format. Online news is slowly replacing its mainstream counterpart. If you want to create a trustworthy, professional news website, look no further than GoodLife. This innovative WordPress theme has a charming design, and a large roster of versatile features. All users will benefit from gorgeous article pages, and a limitless supply of sidebars. For every category and page, you can assign a different sidebar variation. The customization process can be intimidating for inexperienced site owners. Thankfully, GoodLife is very easy to personalize, as you get to alter the widget colors or typography settings. Also, it is possible to display popular posts among content articles, due to the Visual Composer tool.

Every article can be sort by several criteria: share numbers, post views, and number of comments. Your news website can even incorporate a video playlist that is based on the native WP oEmbed API. Regardless of your business niche, you must build a strong relationship with the community. GoodLife lets you monitor feedback, as it has incorporated a comprehensive review system. If you want to sample this theme without having to commit to a purchase, be sure to access its live preview.



WorldPlus is a sharp and creative, clever and concise, fast-loading and tech-savvy, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose news and magazine website theme. WorldPlus is a powerful theme that has been crafted with online news and magazine website in mind as well as all sorts of modern, multimedia friendly blogging websites, but that also possesses the strength and flexibility to lend itself to a myriad possible uses, as a multipurpose platform.

WorldPlus includes all the essentials for webmasters to build gorgeous websites without writing any code, from a potent Drag and Drop Page Builder to sophisticated post and page customization options, 7 different, professionally conceived layouts for your sidebars, a powerful customizable category system to let you mass your content around different concentrations or topics and create your own customized news or magazine sections, creative and uniquely styled post layouts and types, so each kind of content gets its own unique treatment on your website, and much more under the hood. With readily integrated ad blocks for incorporation of a range of ad revenue systems, monetizing your online news service or online magazine is easier than ever before, and you will be in the black in no time at all. Try WorldPlus today!



Tana Magazine is a convenient and powerful, easy to use and highly resourceful, modern and readily responsive WordPress newspaper, music and movies magazine website theme. Tana Magazine is a comprehensive framework for the uncomplicated creation of state-of-the-art magazine websites across a range of niches and applications without having to write any code and ready to go live within minutes of initial setup. With Tana Magazine, you get access to an incredible collection of professional quality demo websites for niches such as Fashion, Movies, Music and Newspaper, as well as single page magazine website demos and tons of template pages for specific purposes.

An enhanced version of the Visual Composer premium page builder plugin gives you access to dozens of custom modules and widgets, sidebar elements and shortcodes, and a multitude of visual and graphical customization options, supplemented by powerful advanced admin customization settings. Enticing animations and transitions powered by CSS3 technology are complemented by sophisticated hardware-powered Parallax Smooth Scrolling and Quick Scroll capabilities for any page, while out of the box integration of the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite makes Tana Magazine a competent platform for you to market your wares of any kind, affiliate products or your own subscriptions. Try Tana Magazine now!



Domino is a modern and elegant, clean and pristine, legible and dynamic, well structured and very thoughtfully designed, user friendly and fast-loading, search engine optimized and intuitively customizable, flexible and functional responsive WordPress news and magazine theme. Domino is a powerful theme that has been developed with ample functionality and thorough pliability in mind, to produce a theme that can be easily deployed by webmasters of any skill level to create the most attractive and engaging news websites on the market.

With potent features like the Dynamic Homepage Builder and the Visual Customizer, along with an advanced Theme Options Panel, Domino will quickly and effortlessly lend itself to suit your every visual and branding necessity. And with the Jetpack supercharge pack included, tons of sophisticated elements like Tiled Galleries, Related Posts and Extra Sidebar Widgets become instantly available for your utmost convenience. Domino includes a wealth of widgets and shortcodes to save your precious time in developing your pages so you can focus on delivering the news better and faster than ever before. With a handsome Carousel Widget, you can have your best or featured stories in any of the Homepage’s several widgetized areas. Dominate the news market, with Domino!



Developed by an elite author, Brixton is a WordPress theme that promises to improve your magazine and news website. Every single feature makes it easier for users to tell their stories, or report the facts. With Brixton, you will be able to alter the page’s color palettes, tailoring them to your brand logo. In the online world, user retention rates depend on the speed of the site. You will never have your time wasted, given that this theme offers lightning-fast loading speeds. With every article, it is possible to implement personalized typography. Brixton has many Google font variations, so take your pick.

The theme is optimized for search engines, making it easier for readers to find your magazine and news website. It can be available in a boxed or full-width version. Brixton was constructed for readability, and it shows. There are multiple post format variations, and you are able to use personalized favicon icons and logos. Of course, the layout is responsive towards desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Regardless of their device’s screen size, readers can enjoy every well-written article or picture. For users who want to sample Brixton and its features, a live preview was made available.



MagOne is a clever and upbeat, fresh-faced and modern, easy to use and cleanly structured, highly responsive WordPress news and magazine website theme. MagOne is a purposeful theme built to effectively communicate visual and textual content to massive, undifferentiated online audiences in a completely unique, customizable presentation that can readily shapeshift to adapt itself to a myriad specific niches. From fashion magazines to sports online newspapers, from blogger platforms to affiliate marketing websites and even e-commerce solutions, MagOne is flexible enough to service them all, and even includes helpful and time-saving demo website templates for these and many more website archetypes, all of which can be readily imported in full with a single click, so you can simply add your content and go live.

Or you may choose to go into the Sheeit Framework and its enhanced Drag and Drop Page Builder, which puts all the power in your hands to make specific modifications to layouts, headers, sidebars, shortcodes and elements as you desire, with a couple of clicks and a completely intuitive feel. Building a social media and mobile friendly modern website with attractive headers and captivating sliders has never been faster or easier than with MagOne. Try it today!

The Voux

the voux - fashion blogging theme

The Voux is one of the best magazine themes on WordPress. It used to be the case that mobile accessibility would go down, as the site’s complexity increased. That is no longer an issue, because The Voux is fully responsive. It will work on all platforms and devices, regardless of screen size or resolution. Using the amazing Visual Composer, site owners are able to customize all elements of their page. No two sites will ever look alike, as each user is given the freedom to design something that matches his vision. This theme has incorporated a useful option for Social Sharing. In fact, it is the first product on ThemeForest that has included this feature.

Data is stored on WordPress, and it can be accessed from the backend. Users can select a specific cache period for data, as well as the Social Network on which it will be distributed. As readers scroll down your pages, more articles will load. This will improve your visitor’s experience, as it reduces loading times. Site owners can choose to create multilingual pages, with content that can be translated into several languages. This allows them to cater to a broader range of potential customers.



Magellan is an amazingly attractive and highly polished, professional and purposeful, modern and responsive WordPress video news and reviews magazine website theme. Magellan is a theme constructed specifically for the quick and effective dissemination of information, of both text and video nature, in a sleek, modern platform that webmasters with or without previous development experience can easily master and make full use of. Magellan is equipped with potent premium plugins to simplify your design and development work, such as the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, as well as a number of amazing demo websites fully fleshed out with inner pages and dummy content, waiting for you to pick them out, fill them out and go live, the same day you set up.

Smooth and seamless video news post types are available for you to keep your visitors up to date on all the latest goings-ons, making Magellan a natural theme for news magazines and online news websites in general. Convenient blog styles, sleek weather widgets, beautiful sidebar options and attractive sliding articles are some of the features packed within. Based on Bootstrap and HTML5, Magellan is completely responsive right out of the box. Try Magellan today, and see for yourself!


goliath - classic magazine WordPress theme

Goliath WordPress theme is a clean, professional-looking and responsive theme that you can use for developing a credible news website. Its strong framework is built based on Twitter Bootstrap technology, so you are assured that your website is compatible with the latest plugins and web development tools in the market. It is fully responsive and runs efficiently on all devices such as computer, smartphones and tablet. This modern news magazine theme allows you to build the website you want and let you customize it to suit your branding needs via the powerful Planetshine Control Panel.

It is fully integrated with Visual Composer, a drag and drop tool that lets you build unique page layout in a flash. It also includes Slider Revolution plugin to help users add beautiful sliders in your website. It also comes with a drag and drop mega menu to improve the design and navigation in your website. This theme offers a broad parallax background to make your website look more interesting and capture the attention of anyone who visits your website. Your content will certainly look presentable with its mosaic-style featured posts. In addition, this theme allows visitors to hover on any post to take a peek of the text without leaving the homepage of the site.

Goliath News WordPress theme includes featured news slider, featured post slider with hover intro expanded text, select latest posts from any category with featured post option, left or right aligned sidebar, styled sidebar widgets, photo gallery & post integration thumbnails, easy to manage footer with multiple custom widgets and social icons and custom image banners or Google Ads. It comes with a Product Review feature so customers, clients or readers could post their reviews about your content with style. If you plan to create an online store, you need not to worry because this theme supports WooCommerce plugin. The theme also comes with bbPress plugin integration, WPML Ready, includes PSD files, modern photo galleries, Auto hot articles and Smart Sidebar and many more.



Adams is an incredibly modern and very cutting edge, wonderfully bright and colorful, very easy to use and developer friendly, technologically resourceful and creative, visually dynamic and highly stimulating, structurally sound and extremely navigable, modern and attractive, handsome and responsive WordPress news, magazine and blog website theme. Adams is a surprisingly versatile theme, capable of handling the visual and functional requirements of a broad range of website archetypes and usages across a whole spectrum of fields and interests.

Adams is the result of a careful and deliberate design process aimed towards offering a full suite of tools, features, templates and plugins that webmasters rookie and expert alike can effortlessly deploy all of Adams’ power with just a few clicks, owing to a visual and intuitive page design and construction process. You can start off with the fully fleshed out, polished demo websites included with Adams, or start from a predesigned layout and fine-tune it to your precise specs, or simply start from scratch and drag and drop Adams’ multitude of amazing elements into your pages to create your own unique sense of style that users can identify and relate with. Full out of the box support for RTL characters means reaching around the globe has never been easier!



If you are searching for an excellent multipurpose WordPress theme, look no further than Portus. This product was developed by an elite author, and it has a clean layout with a perfect design. Portus users will never have to worry about resizing errors, given that their website will be responsive towards all devices, web browsers, and operating system. Clients can access your content from their phones, and you can work and update posts while on the move. Portus supports the WPML plugin, allowing users to create some engaging multilingual websites. This makes it easier to appeal to an international audience.

As the site owner, you have the ability to change every single option. No specialized coding or web development knowledge is required, given that this theme is extremely user-friendly. Thanks to the addition of more than 650 Google Fonts, the typography of posts will be amazing. Of course, Portus is optimized for search engines, increasing your chances of being noticed by potential followers. Website modules can be easily personalized, due to the Drag and Drop technology that comes with Visual Composer plugin. It should also be mentioned that users will benefit from a custom drop-down Mega Menu, and a personalized layout with widgets.



Compass is a modern and sophisticated, technologically accomplished, feature dense WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, well suited to service a range of different website types thanks to its flexible, potent coding, but uniquely attuned to servicing the needs of news and magazine related websites. Compass offers a perfect solution to distributing content to mass audiences in a beautiful, attractive fashion, which is guaranteed to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more thanks to the multiple available interactive features that make Compass seem alive, vibrant and pulsating, regardless of whether it’s being displayed on a mobile device, a desktop or a laptop, seamlessly adapting to remain legible and beautiful through every aspect ratio and screen size imaginable.

Compass allows you to build amazing, widgetized homepages that are fully and thoroughly customizable down to every nook and cranny, incorporating the ZOOM Framework, Dynamic Homepage Builder and Live Customizer, allowing you to see what you’re doing as you edit your pages. The incredible Jetpack plugin extends functionality to no end, with amazingly powerful categorization and tag cloud widgets, Related Posts feature, numerous convenient Sidebar Widgets, and a smooth Touch Slideshow that is mobile compatible out of the box, and visually stunning. Compass is pointing you in the right direction-will you follow it?



CrazyBlog is a powerfully innovative and very business friendly, tech-savvy and cutting edge, intuitive and responsive WordPress blog and magazine website theme. CrazyBlog is a fantastic platform for the efficient development of seamless modern blogs in a variety of styles and for all sorts of usage cases, with a particular talent for managing affiliate marketing or AdSense powered business oriented blog websites.

CrazyBlog has all the right tools to streamline the website building experience down to its essentials without compromising a bit the quality of your end product. CrazyBlog focuses on keeping things simple and interesting, and to that end, it provides you with an assorted selection of impressive demo websites, fully decked out with customizable plugins, demo content and lovely layouts and visual arrangements for different purposes, both general and specific. 7 competent and capable magazine demo websites are available for you to import with a single click, including all the necessary sidebars, menus and plugin widgets you’ll need to run a successful online magazine, right off your own custom CrazyBlog website. CrazyBlog also includes lifetime updates both for CrazyBlog itself and for every premium plugin contained within, at no additional cost to you. Start spreading the word, with CrazyBlog!



Daynight Magazine is a sleek and attractive, modern and tech-savvy, innovative and cutting edge WordPress news magazine theme. Daynight Magazine is a very creative and technologically cutting edge and resourceful WordPress website theme dedicated to the news magazine industry and all related, similar websites, from news blogs to celebrity or fashion mags, but especially focused on modern, serious yet stylish digital news magazines.

Daynight has been equipped with a broad and potent set of powerhouse plugins and customized tools to empower webmasters from any background and experience level to easily and quickly set up the most feature-rich and impressive digital news magazines on the market today, in a matter of minutes, and without having to so much as look at a single line of code. The Visual Composer, integrated for streamlining the page design and building experience, includes a series of custom elements and features that make short work of most tasks and requirements, from an amazing What’s Hot box element to Classic and Grid Sliders with tons of options, Facebook box, various social media buttons, and engaging post styles for your every news item. With automatic theme-wide night-mode shift, Daynight Magazine knows how to keep your audience engaged. Try Daynight Magazine now!



Subha is a beautiful and elegant, clean and fresh-faced, appealing and enticing, highly responsive WordPress premium magazine and news website theme. Subha is an exclusively designed and carefully composed website building platform that has been thoughtfully equipped with a sophisticated set of intuitive yet powerful tools that streamline and speed up the website design and construction process while yielding professional quality, bold and minimalist results that are pixel perfect and polished to a fault.

Subha is a very handsome choice with a lot of attention to detail, presenting a generous amount of options for you to easily craft a unique magazine website that feels and looks premium around every corner. With elegant typographies and subtle, classy layout and background combinations packaged and pre-designed by professional graphic designers for your convenience, it is easy to appreciate the beauty of Subha’s numerous website demo pages and templates. With the beautiful Featured Posts widget shortcode, you can captivate your audience with the most recent posts from specially defined categories of your choosing, making for prolonged visits and increased overall traffic to your pages and articles, highlighting what you want your visitors to focus on every time. Try Subha today, and feel the premium magazine experience!

Flex Mag


Flex Mag is an incredibly powerful, highly visually customizable, fast-loading and speed-optimized, tech-savvy and elegantly refined, clean and minimalist, flexible and powerful WordPress responsive multipurpose magazine theme. An unimaginably pliable theme with the sheer power and versatility to effortlessly adapt itself to the needs of websites such as portfolios, personal or corporate blogs and many others, but uniquely crafted for servicing the needs of magazine related websites of all natures and kinds, and peculiarly powerful when deployed as a theme for entertainment related magazines.

Whether you report on summer blockbusters or on the summer flings of their stars, if you’re building a magazine website in the highly competitive entertainment market segment and need a theme that can make you stand out from the bunch with incredible graphical features while still being easily installed and intuitive to use, capable of handling all sorts and volumes of content, high resolution images and multimedia content across a host of different post types for a huge, wide online audience with a short attention span. Flex Mag is exactly the answer to your prayers–from auto-loading posts to Sticky Sidebars, from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud integration to infinite scroll Parallax effects, Flex Mag will make your entertainment magazine website succeed.


noticia - clean and minimal magazine theme

Noticia is a sleek and modern retina-ready magazine and news WordPress theme well suited for any news, magazine, professional blog or other editorial website. This theme is highly customizable and comes with unlimited color variations, hundreds of fonts, several page templates and custom widgets. Noticia comes bundled with banner ad management, bbPress support and rich snippet support for star ratings. Theme Options are powered by Redux Framework which is by far the best option framework available for WordPress. This theme is the right choice if you are looking to create professional and truly unique magazine style website.



ADMAG is an extremely flexible and amazingly dynamic, visually stunning and graphically thought out, clever and surprisingly nimble, outrageously flexible and impressively intuitive and easy to use, tech-savvy, secure and reliable, modern and user friendly responsive WordPress magazine and blog theme, an ambitious and fast-loading one-stop shop solution for a slew of diverse website archetypes, tightly packaged with a host of convenient and powerful tools and plugins that enable webmasters without any coding background to effortlessly and quickly generate amazing, professional and finished websites of all kinds.

ADMAG has been especially developed for muscling the needs of magazine websites, though, as it is uniquely capable of presenting all sorts of visual or media content to a wide online audience in fascinating, captivating presentations that can engage users, increase overall conversion rates, and heighten user focus overall, rendering your website a truly immersive experience. ADMAG is capable of powering your website to unforeseen levels, with five fleshed out demo websites included out of the box, on top of five different, unique layout configuration options, an impressive custom review system, several different article choices, AJAX-based MegaMenus, hundreds of Google Fonts and much more. ADMAG is an endlessly vast magazine solution for cutting edge online magazines. Give it a go!



AlYoum is a technologically impressive, visually clean and luminous, well structured and technologically sophisticated, easy to use and intuitive, very safe and highly reliable, serious and professional, vibrant and fresh-faced, dynamic and modern responsive WordPress magazine and blog theme. AlYoum is an incredibly expansive and resourceful theme, carefully constructed over time to be a solid, reliable all-in-one solution for webmasters wishing to establish successful and massive blogs or magazines for a wide and diverse online audience. Streamlined and simple, AlYoum is very navigable and user friendly, and your visitors will feel right at home in any of AlYoum’s 17 included possible page layouts, or 8 readymade, professionally designed, high quality Homepage versions.

AlYoum is quite technologically articulate, boasting complete compatibility with bbPress and BuddyPress plugins for syndication and all sorts of functionality, WooCommerce integration compatibility so you can market anything right off your magazine or blog, a powerful Ratings System in three varieties, and thorough Advertisement Readiness, so you can just hit the ground running with the breezy one-click installation and start monetizing your content and posts from day one. Tons of different headers and footers, shortcodes and widgets are available, the latter totaling in at over 40 and counting. AlYoum is continuously updated and currently at version 5.0, so expect ever more features in the near future.

The Fox


The Fox is a beautiful and wonderfully creative, colorful and vibrant, elegantly designed and cleanly executed, polished and professional, serious and creative, innovative and fashionably composed, smooth and fluid, flexible and pliable, modern and cutting edge responsive WordPress multipurpose blog and magazine theme. The Fox is an amazingly avant-garde theme that incorporates the latest and greatest web development technologies deploying them to great effect with a seamless, unblemished, luminous and attractive visual presentation permeating every site and page created with The Fox.

The Fox has been packed to the brim with incredibly professional and advanced functions and features suited perfectly for running all sorts of blog websites or magazine websites across a huge range of fields, industries or interests, with a ton of amazing layouts such as Real Newspaper, Grid Layout, Pinsterest-style Masonry and more, as well as over four footer sidebars, a Highlighted Area, a Featured Sticky area and over 100 Live Customizer options including logos, backgrounds, colors, typographies and more–The Fox really puts you in the driver’s seat of your website’s look and feel every step of the way. A creative two column arrangement is readily available to create professional looking newspaper-style websites, and the incredible Gallery will leave your audience breathless.



Interactive is a lightweight, efficient WordPress theme, built to perfection following the latest open standards for interconnectedness and new web technologies. Customizable color schemes can render its tone anywhere between giddy and muted with ease, at the webmaster’s discretion. Such flexibility is owed to its unerring mutability. Interactive is nothing if not flexible.

Handling up to three column layouts, Interactive can be installed with a single click, after which you have at your disposable a myriad options to make it truly your own, while simultaneously, to better connect you with your audience. Interactive is nothing if not intimate, offering a no-frills connection between the content and the users viewing it, complete with all the visual and social trappings of modern website management, yet entirely personal. Features such as language translation indeed allow your users to actively interact in ways that simply were not possible to them before. And still, Interactive accomplishes this while retaining an entirely professional style. A true design success.

In its mobile version, your website will feature an off canvas mobile menu, that conveniently packs the menu options into a menu that disappears to the left of the screen when not useful or called upon. Mobile users are sure to come back to your website, for this feature alone!



Quadrum is an astoundingly modern and incredibly lightweight, surprisingly creative and thoughtfully innovative, wonderfully easy to use and extremely flexible, social media friendly and Retina ready, graphically polished and experientially designed, robust and reliable, lightning-fast and responsive WordPress news and magazine multipurpose website theme. Quadrum is a very uniquely shape-shifting and amazingly convenient and time-saving website building toolset, a potent and unimaginably versatile kit that has been jam-packed with powerhouse premium plugins and custom, in-house developed shortcodes, professionally predesigned demo websites and aesthetically arranged template pages in order to offer webmasters of any background and with or without prior coding skills a simple solution of seemingly endless capabilities

Theme allows users to craft the most impressive and jaw-dropping news and magazine websites in a matter of minutes, without having to write a single line of code yourself. Quadrum includes then premium Visual Composer plugin to let you create websites that look and feel the way you want them to by dragging and dropping elements, as well as the stunning LayerSlider 5 plugin to chisel beautiful content sliders to suit your specific needs, which makes Quadrum a great fit for news websites overall, capable of enveloping your audience with your every story. Try Quadrum today!


master - unique magazine style theme

Master is an aesthetically accomplished, technologically sophisticated, pliable and graceful WordPress news and magazine theme, suited to fulfill the needs of all sorts of websites dedicated to distributing visual content and information to massive amounts of people online, and especially powerful when deployed on personal magazine and news websites, and blog styled websites that aggregate specialized niche content for attracting a loyal, returning user base. Master is accessible and attractive throughout its every incarnation.

Master comes packaged with many tools and features to really highlight your content, both visually and navigationally, meaning Master offers everything you need without getting in the way of your imagery and text, letting you connect with your audience. Deployed instantly with a single click installation, and further customized intuitively and easily with the Awesome Builder plugin and advanced theme customization options, Master includes flexible and powerful Page Slider layouts and Page settings, along with customized Header and Footer widgets and a self made Mega Menu, effortless sorting with easy categorization of pages and browsing of categories, extensive search engine optimization, a thoroughly responsive design to maximize the scope of your audience, RTL support, and many more features. Master is the theme to take charge of your content and build your user base to the limit!



NewsPaper is an intelligent content-oriented WordPress Theme designed for content-rich sites. It’s responsive and user-friendly interface lets you upload any time of content easily. It’s layout is ideal for multi-media and engaging blogs. Its fluid responsive design has many features such as multi-languages for easy translation and automatic shifting to accommodate any screen size, this makes it mobile friendly. It’s parallax scrolling creates a smooth effect of depth and tone.

It is highly customizable with an array of fonts, colors and backgrounds. Search engine optimization is integrated so you appear high in the search engine lists. It is now available at a reduced price of $45 that includes taxes, support, updates, narrated video tutorials and use on unlimited sites. NewsPaper is designed to load fast which pleases the search engines as well as the customers. It’s AdSense integration maximizes your click through rate making it super-efficient.

The options panel enables you to customize it to suit your content. It is compatible with third-party plugins and widgets from other sites. It has seamless navigation with an intuitive tabbed page layout. It gives many ways to organize your content with popular categories and a featured section. The brands section is ideal for businesses who want to improve their brand visibility.


bucket clean magazine theme

BUCKET is an indispensable News Magazine Style WordPress Theme aimed at providing you with an easy-to-use tool to share your discoveries and showcase the latest findings. Whether you’re looking to share the latest cool things out there, write reviews for your favorite products, keep your visitors engaged with the latest videos, the hottest breaking news or special events, BUCKET is designed to fulfill these and more.

A powerful unique Admin Panel and a Custom Page Builder designed with ease of use in mind will enable you to setup your website in a matter of minutes. Everything just works the way you expect it to. BUCKET theme is fully WooCommerce ready to sell your own merchandise with ease. Theme come with extensive documentation and video tutorials that will get you started in no time.


15zine multipurpose magazine theme

Customers that are searching for an excellent magazine WordPress theme will find that 15Zine is an ideal solution. It is very flexible and resourceful, offering many practical features. This product has gained quite a following, given its high quality and the fact that it was developed by an elite author. Taking full advantage of the Drag & Drop page builder, users may now create outstanding Homepages. It is easy to use, even for clients that are not very technically inclined. This theme makes it easy for you to track and organize your content, thanks to the trending Megamenu feature.

There is a outstanding degree of depth and immersion for this theme, due to the implementation of the high quality featured image system. Customization does not require any code modification. This theme is very advanced, but it is presented in a very user-friendly package. All features are optimized and adapted for the modern business landscape. Say goodbye to the time wasted by sifting through content, as 15Zine has integrated an Ajax instant search function. In order to increase your publication’s bottom line, a flexible advertisement system is included. You may also place your company logo on the site and build your brand awareness.


ubergrid WordPress theme

Ubergrid is a grid-based, responsive, retina ready, custom post-format supporting, minimalistic WordPress theme suitable for any kind of creative, personal or business use. It comes with a Theme Manager, Page builder, FrontPage Manager, Infinite Scroll and many other options. Ubergrid could be used as Pinterest or Tumblr style image sharing websites as well but its main purpose is to deliver news in creative way.



WordX is an appealing, sophisticated WordPress theme, designed with online magazines, editorials and blogs in mind. It is best suited for a webmaster overflowing with content and high resolution images. In any entertainment industry related area, this theme will keep you in business, bringing users through the door and into your pages.

The look of WordX is sleek and understated, letting your content do all the talking. What is there, visually, is glossy and clean, and organization is quite neat; so neat. In fact, that WordX is fully compatible with all devices, instantly rearranging your content to best suit the screen displaying it. No more worries about screen ratios, WordX does it all for you. Compatibility with tablets and mobile phones Is, of course, included, and automatic. Your mobile users will face no restrictions to content ever again.

Needless to say, WordX is one of WordPress’ most customizable themes, with sufficient options, features, colors and fonts for you to build the website of your fanciest, hippest dreams. The useful Carrousel feature allows your best work to be showcased to visitors wherever you’d like, and full integration with AdSense out of the box makes monetizing your website easy as pie. WordX is a theme for those who’ve got something to say, and want nothing in their way of saying it.



Valenti is a cutting-edge, feature-rich WordPress premium review magazine theme. Using the exclusive Valenti Drag & Drop Builder users can have fun creating a unique homepage and easily make modifications to it any time they wish. Valenti also comes with a unique MegaMenu system for beautiful drop down menus and also the ability to set the featured image of a post to have a parallax effect. To understand how parallax scrolling works, see theme demo or this theme collection with several awesome examples. Among other awesome features, this theme is WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress ready to build estore and community sites.

We recently featured Valenti theme between the best review WordPress themes. Click here for complete theme collection.

MH Newsdesk


MH Newsdesk is a clean and dynamic WordPress theme suited for news portal, magazine or other content rich websites. Theme features plenty or customizations options that allows to create professional and unique website with ease. It is fully responsive and looks great on all mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. MH Newsdesk have many widget areas that can be used to enhance theme functionality with help from many plugins. For those looking to monetize their traffic this theme offers several banner areas that can be used for AdSense and other contextual ads. Banner areas are well located and will help you to boost page CTR while not looking spammy. MH Newsdesk theme is the right choice for everyone looking for a simple and flexible WordPress magazine theme that can easily monetized with ads.


jupiter simple magazine theme

Jupiter is a clean, modern and fully responsive WordPress theme designed as news magazine theme for any niche. This theme features advanced theme administration panel to tweak colors, fonts, functionality and much more. Jupiter is a highly customizable theme with unlimited color options, translation ready core and drag and drop page builder. Drag & drop page builder makes it easy to setup unique and professional layout for every page without touching a code.

Hot Topix

hot topix news magazine

Hot Topix is the complete makeover for your WordPress magazine site! This ultra-modern, professional theme is retina-ready, fully-responsive and comes with five different ad units, including a wallpaper ad for full screen backgrounds ads. Hot Topix also comes with a drag-and-drop homepage, featured posts on each category page, a “sticky” menu bar, post/page slideshows and so much more!

Hot Topix is among the best selling themes with over 1,800 purchases in less than 7 months. Only few other news themes have come close. Theme comes with extensive documentation and free support, which is available via support forum.


fearless gaming magazine theme

Take your site to the next level with one of the most powerful WordPress magazine themes on the market. Fearless features a modular drag and drop homepage layout, multiple blog styles, multiple theme layouts, and an incredible number of premium features and custom widgets. Fearless has also been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, so setup is a breeze. And to top it all off, it’s backed by some of the best support in the industry. Fearless was featured between the best WordPress magazine themes.

Fearless is a versatile WordPress theme that can be used for any domain such as games, news, gossip, politics, tech and any other topic. This theme has 17 custom widgets for social networks, popular posts, subscriptions and much more. Fearless theme has hundreds of other options available via simple yet powerful theme options.


legatus minimal magazine theme

Legatus is a clean, modern and highly customizable WordPress theme suited for any news site or blog. This theme features over 700+ Google Fonts, 30+ shortcodes and content blocks that can be used on any post and page. This theme has a built in weather report that detects from where users comes from and displays accurate local weather forecast. This theme has several different category page layouts for you to choose. Legatus theme comes with extensive documentation and great support.

MH Magazine


MH Magazine is a minimal and elegant WordPress theme ideally suited for online magazines, news websites, professional blogs and other editorial related websites. Theme is fully responsive and it will look great on any device such as smartphones, tablets and desktops. MH Magazine theme is SEO friendly to ensure maximum exposure on search engines such as Google and Bing. The theme is well coded to ensure good code readability and maximum performance. MH Magazine theme is great for any magazine and news style website on any niche.



Wagazine is an aesthetically eclectic, visually stunning, dynamic and interactive WordPress responsive news and magazine theme, especially designed for being deployed as a WordPress theme for all sorts of news aggregators, specialized and niche content online magazines and online review websites, but peculiarly effective in the role of managing a news website. Wagazine is a theme that ensures your content is delivered in an impeccable, appealing, eye-catching way that keeps audiences interested, engaged and constantly returning for more, which the conveniently located ad space will quickly monetize into actual revenue for you and your news project.

Wagazine makes your voice loud and clear over the crowd of howling news crews online, with a clean, polished user interface with tons of frontpage designs to match your needs, columns, spacing and ideal layout. Multiple headers, widgets and sidebars are available with endless customization to make your news website experience modern and engaging. A great multiplicity of predesigned post types abound, including category pages, detailed article pages, contact us pages, registration forms, newsletter and popular posts widgets, along with retina-ready icons and imagery everywhere, included. Custom geolocated weather functionality lets your visitors know the news and the climate in one go. Wagazine is where hot things are hip and happening–ready to shake things up? For more information about Wagazine theme you can read our detailed review.



NewsPlus is an all purpose WordPress theme designed for online magazine, technology blog, news and editorial ventures. The theme is fully responsive, retina ready and supports proportional layout scaling. Key features include language localization, optimization for SEO and Micro-Formats (Google Rich Snippets), RTL support, visual shortcodes, custom templates, post formats, theme options, custom widgets, and much more. Built with latest coding standards and clean design, the theme is envisioned to provide you a long-term and powerful solution for online projects. Developers have done an incredible job to make this theme to loads fast on any desktop and mobile browser. Any design and layout changes can be done in live preview to see changes as you make them.

20 Top WordPress Newspaper Themes Themes To Build Responsive News Websites 2016

Best Worpress Magazine Themes

Who says that traditional media is dead? As is the case with any traditional technology, newspapers have transcended and evolved past their humble origins. Some people see this as a bad thing, as relocating to the internet somehow diminishes the effectiveness and validity of the medium. However, that is objectively wrong. By posting any type of publication online, you are shattering barriers and making it easier for people to read what you and your team wrote. The middleman is cut out, and the content can be delivered directly to your followers. Every limitation that you can possibly think of was removed by the introduction of the internet.

This increased exposure is not a guarantee of success, because you risk losing the user’s attention if you do not manage to keep your content interesting and engaging. At this point, the expression “to each his own” applies. Depending on your personality, and what your viewers want to see, you must create a general direction in which your content must go. Be it objective news, political commentary, or simple entertainment or gossip, your work must be displayed in a professional yet aesthetically pleasing manner. A good WordPress theme is similar to a picture frame. It somehow enhances the overall value without drawing attention from the centerpiece, your content. That being said let’s take a look at some excellent WordPress newspaper themes:



Newsmag is a sophisticated and fantastic looking WordPress theme that allows you to easily write and publish articles and blog posts. This template is one of the most wanted news themes on Themeforest. It’s strong points are flexibility, performance, elegant design, retina ready layouts, unique demos, integrated translations, intelligent ads system, and all these come with no need for coding skills. I believe this theme is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review sites.

The Newsmag theme has a unique design and while testing it I noticed that it looks great with any type of content due to its compact design. The small width content area is a great advantage when it’s doubled by high performance. In our tests we found that the theme is performing well and gets a good score on Google Pagespeed Test. Newsmag is also optimized to work with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. On Google Structured Data Testing Tools we received a green light on all parameters, this mean that SEO is a matter addressed in the most serious manner by TagDiv team.

Newsmag is Google AdSense ready and supports responsive and mobile friendly ads. The ads automatically resize for each device, we just added the adsense code, saved the settings and the theme did the rest.We tried some of the content improvement tools like the custom made gallery, smartlist, video playlist and text format settings options and the results were amazing.

The theme is easy to use although it has so many options. I would have enjoyed it even more if Newsmag would provide more features for WooCommerce such as custom product templates or a live cart, but the theme is actually built for news websites and my personal desired features regarding the WooCommerce area may be a bit off topic. I’m sure the author, who is one of the most popular on, will bring further enhancements in this section in the it’s future updates.

I think this is a must have news theme for everyone who want to build a great website with no effort and no coding skills.



Thanks to the internet, a more direct and honest relationship was formed between the consumer, and the media provider. GoodLife is an exemplary WordPress theme for news sites, and it promises to simplify the web development process. Readers with busy schedules will prefer to get their news while on the move, so you need a page that works perfectly with mobile screens. Thankfully, GoodLife is fully-responsive and cross-browser compatible. You can rest easy knowing that compatibility errors were eliminated. This theme is versatile, and it can adapt to any niche. Regardless of your needs, GoodLife has your back. In addition, there are multiple pre-designed theme demos which can be imported almost instantly.

The articles will be the heart of your newspaper website. However, readers will appreciate the fact that you can incorporate gorgeous galleries and video pages. GoodLife offers 3 main header styles, and a limitless number of sidebars. Page construction has been greatly simplified, and even can child will be able to design a popular website. The Visual Composer plugin uses Drag and Drop Technology, turning an otherwise complicated process into a pleasurable experience. For users who prefer a more hands-on approach, a live theme preview was made available.

The Voux

the voux - fashion blogging theme

If you are looking for a versatile magazine WordPress theme, look no further than The Voux. It offers infinite loading for news articles, and readers will get to enjoy a streamlined experience. The browser URL will update itself based on what page is being viewed, making it easier to link articles.

This theme incorporates user-friendly headers and powerful Mega Menus. Admins can use sub-categories, tags and categories as sources. You can display content with gorgeous Full Screen galleries. This feature will properly showcase your artful posts. With The Voux, mobile users can easily access your site. The layout is completely responsive, and it works great on tablets, laptops, smart phones and desktop computers.

You have to make sure that your page will be unique, distinguishing itself from its competition. Thankfully, the Visual Composer allows you to style and personalize each element. A solid marketing plan will always seek to harness the massive potential of social Networks. This product is a ThemeForest pioneer, when it comes to Social Sharing capabilities. Site admins can use the Theme options in order to determine the Network on which data will be shared, along with the allotted cache period. The Voux also has WPML multilingual plugin support.



Soledad is an innovative WordPress theme that promises to enhance every aspect of your newspaper website. It has many practical features, and a design that is sure to impress every reader. Tablet and smartphone users can rejoice, as Soledad is fully responsive towards all devices, web browsers, and operating system. You will never have to worry about compatibility errors. This is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market, because it insists on offering quality and variety. There are many customization options that allow you to craft an exemplary newspaper site.

There are 6 header variations, 5 article layouts, and 7 Slider variations. An amazing gallery will host your gorgeous photos, making it easier to showcase artful content. In total, there are more than 100 slider and layout combinations. This high degree of customization can be achieved even by novice users, given that Soledad does not required programming knowledge. The theme is very accessible and easy to install. For those who want to sell their merchandise, the wonderful WooCommerce plugin was added. It facilitates the creation of professional online shops. It should also be mentioned that Soledad has 6 personalized sidebars for every page and post.

The Fox


The Fox is a clever and innovative, sophisticated and classy, visually stimulating and dynamically structured, readily responsive WordPress contemporary magazine for creators website theme. The Fox is an incredibly useful and versatile theme constructed by a team of creative designers and meticulous developers exclusively for the purpose of providing a platform for creators to effectively put together modern online magazines in a matter of minutes, without having to touch a line of code, and with professional, polished results every single time.

That is why The Fox has been equipped with the impressively flexible WordPress Live Customizer, with custom additional elements and options for a total of over 100 configurable choices that define every nook and cranny of your online magazine, ensuring any branding or corporate identity requirements are easily met. The Fox is also jam-packed with specifically useful features for the online magazine industry, including helpful widgets and cleverly designed shortcodes and tools, such as the Intelligent Related Posts System, which can readily organize dynamic listings of related posts based on live tags and various algotithms, or social media friendly tools like the Facebook Like box, Latest Tweets feed and much more. The Fox is everything you need to get your online magazine off the ground. Try it now!

Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a potent and impressive, resourceful and flexible, visually stimulating and highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO has been crafted as a reliable framework for the seamless development of competent, creative modern magazine websites across a range of markets and niches without having to write a single line of code and with professional quality results. Newsmag PRO includes a clever assortment of top of the line tools, widgets, plugins and shortcodes that make building your very own online magazine website an easy, breezy matter, taking you but a few easy steps to produce a fully customized magazine website with your choice of colors, fonts, custom logos and more.

Newsmag PRO also includes amazing, smoothly animated image or content sliders and carousels custom-crafted from dynamically defined AJAX powered filtered categories. Based on a cutting edge Bootstrap modular design, Newsmag PRO is inherently cross-compatible with browsers, devices and platforms the world over as well as completely mobile-friendly to boot, expanding your reader base to everyone on the internet today. Built in SEO improvements make Newsmag PRO a top search engine performer, guaranteeing increased traffic and revenue. Give Newsmag PRO a go today, and see for yourself!



Compass is a potently pliable, fresh faced, bold and beautiful WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, which while entirely capable of handling the needs and requirements of an ample range of different websites, is uniquely well suited for the design and construction of news and magazine related websites, online magazines, webzines and similar projects. If your aim is to distribute a large amount of visual and information heavy content to an even larger amount of users across a multitude of devices, browsers and platforms, Compass is the theme you’re looking for, ready to adapt itself to every situation and responsively displaying in gorgeous form no matter where it’s being viewed. Figure out where you want to go, and Compass will take you there, and do all the heavy lifting!

Endlessly customizable with the ZOOM Framework, Dynamic Homepage Builder and Live Customizer, Compass will allow you to create magazine websites like none other, completely branded to your image and superpowered by the Jetpack plugin’s incredible added functionalities, including gorgeous Tiled Galleries, Related Posts features, full tag and category systems for seamless post sorting and effortless user navigation, extensive SEO to drive content home and maximize your exposure, it seems the one thing Compass can’t do is let you lose your way.



AlYoum is a sophisticated and very flexible, modern and reliable, safe and secure, professionally developed and very efficiently coded, visually stunning and imaginative, malleable and adaptable, tech-savvy and intuitively customizable responsive WordPress blog and magazine theme. AlYoum is a theme that, while strong and pliable enough to easily meet the demands of a whole host of different website archetypes, has been specifically and purposefully built for the design and maintenance of the most amazing, attractive and appealing online magazines, professional or personal blogs and all related websites, where getting your message out there is what matters.

AlYoum is endlessly technologically powerful, featuring the simple and streamlined Awesome Builder and over 40 Widgets and Shortcodes you can easily manage through AlYoum’s Shortcode Generator, considerably speeding your workflow and easing the website building process a great deal. Over 17 possible Page Layouts will dazzle your viewers with untold amounts of creativity and originality, and 8 unique Homepage templates will let you hit the ground running with modern and interactive websites readymade for your convenience, just waiting for you to add your content and go. AlYoum is compatible with bbPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and WPML, so the possibilities are endless for your online magazine or blog!



Portus is akin to a digital Swiss Army Knife. This innovative WordPress theme has a tool for all occasions, and it can be used for any market niche. Both personal and business websites can benefit from this incredible product. While the reader is scrolling, a stunning Parallax effect can be noticed. This enhances any user’s browser’s experience, as it adds another layer of depth to your pages. Of course, Portus realizes that in the age of social media, you cannot afford to neglect the potential of these gigantic networks. Twitter summary Cards and Facebook post previews are available for all clients.

The page header will be fixed, and it will always stay on top. Iconized Category rows were implemented, along with a limitless number of color variations. Article typography can be enhanced, thanks to more than 660 Google WebFonts. These numerous options enable users to craft something that accurately represents their vision. On average, multiple-language sites outperform their single-language counterparts. Thankfully, Portus has included the WPML plugin, which makes it easier to translate your website. The theme has an Off-Canvas Mobile Menu which automatically goes away when it is not being used. This feature makes better use of the limited screen space of mobile devices.



INFRA is a beautiful and appealing, engaging and attractive, modern and noteworthy, memorable and attention-grabbing, vibrant and colorful, polished and professional, serious and well structured, resourceful and tech-savvy responsive WordPress newspaper and magazine theme. INFRA is a cleverly coded theme that has been decked out with ample strength and raw pliability that empower it to effortlessly handle sophisticated websites across a broad range of archetypes and applications. INFRA is peculiarly well suited, however, for deployment on newspaper websites specifically.

INFRA has all the tools required to create modern and dynamic newspaper websites, from customizable homepages through the Orange-Themes drag and drop builder to Mega Menus with Trending Articles functionality, Sticky Sidebars, Custom Post Sidebars for each post or page, Custom Background, and over seven different Featured Image styles, INFRA is sure to make your news shine and to catch everyone’s eyes with its innovative and creative layouts and clean and pristine presentation. INFRA has a powerful Bootstrap-based modular row and column Grid System, perfect for constructing your newspaper layout exactly the way you want and with as many sidebars or drop-down secondary menus as you wish, on top of being readily ad revenue system-friendly out of the box. Let the world know what is going on, with INFRA!



Onfleek is a stylish and fashionable, feature rich and multimedia friendly, modern and tech-savvy, highly responsive WordPress AMP magazine website theme. Onfleek is a modern, creative solution for webmasters reaching out to young, highly mobile userbases and audiences wherein issues such as pageload speeds, data consumption and mobile search engine ranking play crucial roles in overall website performance indicators. Through AMP technology, Onfleek assures utmost efficiency, minimized data usage and top mobile search placement as outlined by Google’s AMP tech. The premium Visual Composer and Slider Revolution have been integrated into Onfleek to facilitate the layout and page edition process through simplified drag and drop interfaces, while essential magazine shortcodes and features such as hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and custom pagination styles are easily accessible and highly intuitive. With Onfleek, social media presence is at the helm at all times, with handsome, Retina-ready, sharp custom icons and feeds to maximize your exposure. Multiple AMP enhanced gallery options are available to present the latest trending celebrity news and gossip in a tangible, memorable presentation that is highly legible while also enveloping and engaging. Onfleek is the perfect platform for the creative celebrity fashion writer of today. Are you ready to bring your website to the new era?

The premium Visual Composer and Slider Revolution have been integrated into Onfleek to facilitate the layout and page edition process through simplified drag and drop interfaces, while essential magazine shortcodes and features such as hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and custom pagination styles are easily accessible and highly intuitive. With Onfleek, social media presence is at the helm at all times, with handsome, Retina-ready, sharp custom icons and feeds to maximize your exposure. Multiple AMP enhanced gallery options are available to present the latest trending celebrity news and gossip in a tangible, memorable presentation that is highly legible while also enveloping and engaging. Onfleek is the perfect platform for the creative celebrity fashion writer of today. Are you ready to bring your website to the new era?



Interactive is a brand-new, simple-looking WordPress theme with a heck of a lot going on under the hood. Built around a down to earth design philosophy, Interactive’s layouts and formatting keep it simple by shining the spotlight on your content, your media, your comments, and your users. A theme that enables a webmaster to build a high quality website in a matter of minutes, completely pre-equipped for handling the protocols of connectivity that are a requisite of the new millennium.

Prepared to handle, out of the box, three column layouts, Google’s AdSense integration, comments, feeds, content sharing and much more, Interactive builds a platform for you and your users to showcase your message, whatever that may be, in the most favorable light the 21st century can afford to offer; the stark contrasts of color and the soft edges of its highly readable fonts, Interactive Is built for mass content, and mass consumption.

Adapted to the mobile reign as well, Interactive features a classy off-canvas mobile menu that allows users to quickly navigate your website while disposing of the menu the second it outlives its usefulness, offering a seamless navigational experience in all handheld devices. Interactive is a theme for a new generation, that simply has too much to say, and too many people willing to listen!



WordX is the ultimate WordPress theme for webmasters of online magazines, editorial blogs and similar enterprises. WordX is an extremely customizable theme. Its literally infinite color palette allows you to tune your scheme until it is picture perfect, as does its advanced typographic blending tools and translation-ready interface for easy international readership acquisition. But this flexibility merely scratches at the surface of WordX’s impressive capabilities.

Sleek and mutable, like the culture it is built for, WordX is compatible with all devices and screens imaginable. It features an automatic rearrangement of content for optimized visibility and interactivity on mobile, tablet, netbook, notebook, laptop or desktop access. Optimized for legibility, readers of your WordX website are sure not to miss a beat in the content you provide for them, as WordX ensures it is easy on the eyes. All this, coupled with outstanding responsiveness, lightning fast loading times, stunning visuals centered around your own content, and a Carousel feature to highlight your best work, WordX is a theme for all communicational purposes.

SEO integration and optimization, included, guarantees your website will ascend the ranks of search engine motors very quickly and effortlessly. And when you factor in WordX’s innate AdSense integration, things start monetizing very quickly as well!


master - unique magazine style theme

Master is an awesome WordPress theme that can enhance and complement your website. It incorporates many flexible features, allowing it to fit almost any role. It is also user-friendly, intuitive, and designed with WordPress standards. Master aims to maximize convenience for its customers. From start to finish, the installation process can be finalized in just a few minutes. Master offers several layout options, each implemented in order to increase diversity and functionality. There are 3 sliders, 2 header options, 5 layouts for your blogs, 2 article layouts, 5 blocks for categories, and 9 templates for your home page.

For users who are short on time, some gorgeous theme demos were implemented. This pre-made content is fully functional as soon as it is installed, sparing you from having to start from scratch. Even in modern times, some websites still experience mobile compatibility errors. Master has successfully eliminated these problems, and it can be accessed from any device, browser, or operating system. Basically, as long as it can connect to the web, it can also browse your content. This product supports “right to left writing” for languages such as Hebrew or Japanese, as it seeks to accommodate a broad spectrum of users.



Domino is a deeply functional and very attractive, resourceful and nimble, intuitive and user friendly, easy to navigate and very well structured, efficiently coded and fast loading, thoroughly documented and notoriously flexible responsive WordPress news and magazine theme. Domino is a powerful and pliable theme that can easily lend itself to service a whole slew of diverse website archetypes, from personal blogs to professional portfolios and much more, but that has been specifically designed for the needs of news and magazine websites–that is, to massively disseminate information to a huge online audience in a legible and appealing presentation–which is why Domino is the perfect theme for newspaper websites.

With its ample visual capabilities that support tons of diverse layouts, your content will really grab eyefuls of attention through a number of different visual hierarchies and styles that you can modify to your liking with ease, using the Dynamic Homepage Builder, the Visual Customizer and the potent and advanced Theme Options Panel, making Domino websites capable of emulating the feeling of a conventional newspaper, but with the glossy appeal of modern technology at your fingertips. Domino is natively responsive, so you can deliver the morning edition to users on their phones and tablets without skipping a beat.



NewsPaper is a smooth and responsive WordPress theme ideal for content-rich sites. Its user-friendly interface lets you hover over an option to see a screenshot and click to see a demo. Its mega menu gives oodles of options to create the site how you want it. It’s ideal for info-tainment sites with regular blogs in many categories illustrated with sumptuous graphics. Its smart design is optimized for speed, AdSense and Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media integration is built in to keep your pages connected. NewsPaper is packed with usable features like an author box for your contributors, a brands section, multiple post layouts and a popular categories section. For a competitively priced one-click download you get 24/7 support, updates, unlimited domain usage and video tutorials.

NewsPaper has an easy translation feature if you want to branch out internationally. It is adaptable with tons of colors, fonts and stylish backgrounds. There is a demo you can watch which shows you what can be done with it. Plenty of customization options make it personal while retaining a professional feel. The tabbed home page layout gives it smooth and usable navigation.



Quadrum is a deeply creative and profoundly attractive, very colorful and bright, handsome and attention-grabbing, wonderfully well structured and very intuitively navigable, graphically seamless and smooth, professionally composed and developed, lightweight and fast-loading, clever and responsive WordPress news and magazine multipurpose website theme. Quadrum is an incredibly resourceful WordPress theme, a wholly inclusive one-stop shop solution for all your magazine and news website building needs.

Quadrum has been deliberately designed as the ultimate theme for creating the most appealing websites for presenting sophisticated, high resolution multimedia content alongside with textual content under the most favorable possible spotlight, ensuring readability and legibility throughout as well as capturing the eyes of readers across the globe, with clean and pristine layouts and template pages coordinated across a host of amazing demo websites, ready for you to pick your favorite and import them with a single click. Customizing the visual branding and identity of your Quadrum website is an intuitive, streamlined process, negotiated by the Visual Composer plugin, while features like the LayerSlider 5 are there to make sure your content and images are always presented in dynamic ways and reducing the tediousness of lengthier works with nifty, customizable little shortcodes and widgets all readily at your disposal. Quadrum is the ultimate magazine website theme-try it now!



Its name is suggestive, and it is not a hyperbole. It loads almost instantly, so the people that choose to read your publication will not be bothered by long loading times. Speaking of loading times, they are one of the primary causes of user dropout, and eliminating them in one of Best’s greatest features. Unlike other themes, where optimization for advertising seems like an afterthought, this theme is coded in order to maximize both your view count, and your advertisement revenue.

Certain fluidity characterizes the overall design of this theme, while it benefits from full customization options. It is also optimized for search engines, making it easier for your site to show up if the associated keywords are typed. User feedback is also important, and the developers have built in a review system allowing for constant improvement.

If you are having trouble installing, they have included some explanation videos that are narrated, facilitating the process.



If you want to increase your online footprint, and generate revenue in the process, SociallyViral is the best option for you. The most important facility of a good theme is its functionality. E it pretty or functional, your overall design must run seamlessly. No delays, no pause loading, and no compatibility issues are the hallmark of a great product. Thankfully, this theme passes all tests with flying colors, and even surpasses common expectations.

It can install a mega menu feature, it includes an engaging design, and the popular posts are selected by taking into account their overall number of views. Other features include an enticing newsletter, widget form and compatibility with multiple platforms. Every single one of its features is tailored towards one goal: to boost your page’s viral traffic. Viral is a term that describes a meteoric rise, a widespread proliferation akin to that of a virus. It is optimized for search engines, meaning that users will have an easy time searching for, and finding your page.


NewsTimes - gossip theme

If you are looking for a professional theme that convinces your viewers of the quality of your content, look no further than NewsTimes. The theme is fully responsive, meaning that it can be viewed and displayed on any device. It has video post formats, and a review system was included, in order to receive constructive criticism from the community. On the technical side of things, everything on this page was optimized for search engines, and it is ready for HTML5 and CSS3.

Take full advantage of the versatile and expansive options panel and explore all of the customization features. It should also be mentioned that Dummy data was added. Achieving higher ranking with this theme will be very easy indeed. A demo was added, so you can check out the innovative features before making a decision.



For a measly $35, you can get your hands on one of the best WordPress themes in existence. Custom tailored to make you climb the ranking charts, it promises that your online footprint will be akin to that of a giant’s. It is HTML5 and CSS3 ready, and it included a couple of distinct single post layouts that are sure to impress. Unlimited sidebars are available along with some enticing homepage sections with drag and drop characteristics.

A shift in design is easy to pull off, and the user can seamlessly change the design from a minimal, dark scheme to a broader and brighter one. It is rare to find a theme that never compromises, and manages to balance both functionality, performance, and outstanding aesthetic design. The framework is quick and secure, a personal review system was added, and the entire theme is SEO ready.

Urban Mag

urbanmag - classic magazine template

Urban Mag is a top quality WordPress theme that goes great with personal blog, magazine, news editorial, and newspaper websites. It has a large amount of useful options, and it is tailored for any kind of publication web page. It is compatible with WooCommerce, allowing customers to create their own online store. You can increase your bottom line by commercializing goods and services, thanks to this innovative plugin. Urban Mag features an intuitive Mega Menu, along with a nifty Post List. A layout builder was added for your site’s home page, and you can modify the layout for every category. With only a single click, the GoodLayers importer plugin can import demo data for your pages.

The administration panel is very accessible and easy to use. You may alter the header layout, upload custom site backgrounds, and toggle between full and boxed layouts. In terms of aesthetic customization, the color palette can be modified at any time. There is no limit to what can be achieved by using this theme. With Urban Mag, your web pages will be entirely responsive, guaranteeing that no site visitor will be plagued by resizing issues. You can translate every line of content, resulting in a multilingual page that is sure to attract many people. Extensive online documentation was made available, for those who wish to learn more about this product. In addition, there is a live preview and some interesting screenshots.


goliath simple magazine theme

As online publications are growing more popular, WordPress themes like Goliath can be a steadfast ally to those who wish to create quality content. It is highly efficient and it works great on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. Its diverse set of features allows it to meet the needs of any website. Due to the inclusion of awesome summary tools, a built-in rating option and an enhanced review display system, Goliath is perfectly suited for review pages. In addition, this theme incorporates the innovative Visual Composer, and the Revolution Slider. Both are known world-wide as some of the best plugins on WordPress. Those who choose to buy this product will receive $90 of extra value.

If you are having trouble during the installation process, you can always watch the informative tutorial videos. They will explain everything in detail. This theme is filled with options and features, each designed to maximize your chances of success. For example, there are personalized image banners, a Planetshine mega menu, and a sidebar with various positioning options.

Goliath does not treat you like a child, as it hands you the reins to your own web page. The administration panel is very powerful, yet it remains accessible and user friendly. Every detail can be altered or tweaked in order to suit your taste. You can even translate posts, pages, and menus, making your content available to more people. As your site’s popularity grows, merchandising should be a top priority. The integration of the WooCommerce plugin allows users to setup personal online stores. The active particle Parallax background adds a new dimension to your page, offering to dazzle users with impressive effects. If you wish to showcase content in an attractive manner, Photo galleries are available.

Good News

good news - clean magazine theme

Good News is a new and fresh niche blog theme that could also function as a magazine theme. This theme provides a fluid and well-crafted layout design that efficiently displays written content along with few images. Good News is a multi niche blog theme and also works as a magazine theme. It is ideal to display written content with a few images like a news site or a niche website might. Its sturdy framework is built based on CSS Framework for guaranteed usability and flexibility. This theme is retina display ready and resizes slickly on any kinds of devices to give visitors a pleasant viewing experience. Its built-in admin panel enables you to change the color scheme of your theme, personalize the background image or smarten the header. Good News is bundled with Visual Composer plugin, a comprehensible drag and drop page builder that lets you create impressive pages in an instant. On the other hand, the Slider Revolution plugin makes it possible for you to create responsive slides with effects and animations for your theme. This beautiful theme allows you to add 3D looking parallax backgrounds to every section of your magazine site. Good News theme comes with multi-level push menu from left to right and mega menu with news thumbnails and headlines. This theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you amplify your sales and make selling products trouble-free. It also supports BuddyPress plugin to make your website even more interactive and encourage people to come back to your website.



Who says that the news has to be boring? Well with Multinews, it doesn’t have to. If one were to personalize it, this theme seems eager to help you out. After all, your content is not going to promote itself. It is optimized for performance, as it tries to increase ad revenue, while not compromising or overshadowing your content. Although it may be used for a multitude of purposes, it is best suited for news sites, magazines and even blogs.

The WooCommerce plugin creates a safe environment for online transactions, so your users will not have to worry about anything. Other plugins include Contact Form 7, Ad Rotate, bbPress and MailPoet Newsletters. The developers can also add retina ready on their list of accomplishments, and high resolution, crisp icons and animations can be displayed with ease.



No written review can ever hope to fully translate an experience, so if you want to experience this WordPress newspaper theme for yourself, be sure to download it or view their demo. Basically, it acts both as an artistic background for your content, and as a starter kit for anyone that is capable of starting their own online magazine, newspaper, review site or blog.

This theme is retina ready, it is optimized for ads and search engines, and it can attract a large number of followers. All of your content will generate crisp images on high definition screens, while its responsive design guarantees that any device can interact with your page without lag or compatibility issues.

The administration panel is quite easy to use, and it lets you customize every aspect of your page. Overall, this theme is well worth your time, and it has the potential to skyrocket your site to the heights of success.



This theme cuts out the middleman, and lets you interact directly with your core audience. It is both clean and functional, ready for the challenges of the online press medium. It has an unlimited color palette, allowing the user to customize the page in any way imaginable. In fact, the only limiting factor here is your imagination. Whatever you can think of, you can design.

The sidebar can be featured in both the right and the left part of the screen, while the site incorporates some ad banner spaces. This eliminates that intrusive feeling that most advertisements have, especially when dealing with virtual content. It can communicate with your social media account, resulting in a cross platform quality experience that nobody is soon to forget.



Sometimes, a product emerges that simply changes the entire game. Once you try out this theme, you can’t return to a lesser one, spoiled by the quality and outstanding features that MightyMag offers. The list of features is too long to cover here, but rest assured that whatever need you may have, this theme is more than capable of handling it with ease.

Woocommerce was also included, facilitating and encouraging online transactions by providing a dependable environment. It is also optimized for search engines, so people will not have any trouble finding you online.



Ever wish that you could have access to an awesome WordPress theme that seamlessly integrates both HTML5, CSS3, GRUNT programing and search engine optimization? Well, if your answer was yes, I introduce you to NewsCore. It is highly responsive, making your content more accessible.

People can access your page and read the news during their downtime, thanks to all of the mobile integration features. NewsCore is also Widget ready, it has multiple Home Layouts, Megamenu navigation, and WordPress 3.9 and higher, compatibility. Woocommerce support was also added, aiding the merchandising process.


unpress - fashion & beauty magazine

Trying to appeal to a young and hip audience is one of the riskiest things that you can do in marketing. If you fail, a permanent “Lame” stamp will be on your records, and to be honest, nobody wants that. However, this theme has the potential to do that, with its minimalist and elegant design. It seems cool without trying, high performance without adopting an unnecessarily flashy design. It has over 600 Google Fonts, it is unbelievably responsive, in includes slider revolution, a wishlist, and the famous Woocommerce plugin.

A page composer has also been added, along with an excellent support system and 3 beneficial sliders. Your content will always be the centerpiece, this theme just frames and envelopes it in the best skin possible. Take advantage of the page builder and the limitless color schemes in order to customize it further.

The Best Bootstrap 3 WordPress Themes For Corporate, Portfolio And Other Creative Websites 2016

Bootstrap 3 WordPress Themes

Huge collection of the best Bootstrap WordPress themes developed with mobile first approach and designed for portfolio, business, blog, personal, eCommerce and other websites.

Bootstrap is a free front-end framework that consists of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions for navigation, slider, transitions, scrollspy, tabs, alerts and much more.

There are no exact data on how many websites uses Bootstrap but we can be sure that this number is at least several million. Many online tutorials for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python and other programming languages advises to use Bootstrap and include it in their tutorials. Bootstrap has faced exponential growth and is by far the most popular front-end framework today.

Bootstrap initially was developer by Mark Otto (@mdo) and Jacob Thornton (@fat) at Twitter as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. Now it is open sources and is the most popular GitHub development project. Since Bootstrap hit version 2.0 it is no longer associated with Twitter.

Bootstrap got simplified with version 3 and now features flat design. It wasn’t made flat to follow latest design trends but instead to make it simpler and more developer friendly. Buttons, tabs, navigation and other elements simply had too much styling that is now removed.

Additional improvement in Bootstrap 3 is mobile-first approach. It’s not as awesome as it might sound but it still is a great improvement.

While we have already featured hundreds of WordPress Bootstrap themes on our theme collection, this time we would like to create a dedicated list of the best Bootstrap Themes as of today.


kalium-multipurpose-fullscreen-wordpress-templateKalium is a thoroughly thought-out, meticulously handcrafted, exceedingly technologically advanced and boundlessly creative WordPress multipurpose responsive theme, a powerful and visually stimulating theme that has been constructed with the needs of all sorts of websites in mind, but is especially geared towards creative professionals and businesses–from architectural firms and graphic design studios to freelance photographers, travel journalists and many similarly creative fields. Kalium is incredibly powerful when deployed upon websites that must be both entirely professional and inherently innovative.

Kalium has been built using the latest and greatest web technological developments, with extensive HTML5 coding and CSS3 styling that produces gorgeous, elegant and efficiently loading websites that look and feel great. And thanks to Kalium’s potent integration at the codebase level of a deeply rooted Bootstrap end user framework, responsiveness is entirely native to Kalium–not a single element in Kalium needs to be fiddled with in order to flawlessly adapt itself to mobile, tablet or desktop formats, seamlessly producing impressive pages without any additional coding. Or any coding whatsoever, in fact, as Kalium’s design process is as easy as drag and drop, with the full fledged functionality and advanced customizing tools that will let you speak in your own voice.


pivot - multipurpose startup theme

Pivot is a clean and professional WordPress theme custom-made for creative individuals and agencies who want to showcase their work in style. It comes with a very flexible framework built based on Twitter Bootstrap v3 and latest CSS&JS codes. Its fully responsive theme is designed to resize smoothly on different screen sizes and look sharp and clear on high resolution displays. This flat theme offers unlimited customization possibilities thanks to Visual Live Composer packaged in this theme.

Pivot has unlimited colors, backgrounds, 8 unique header styles, 600+ Google fonts, custom image cropping and multiple column layouts and portfolio layouts that you can use for building an outstanding agency website. Pivot is compatible with so many add-ons and plugins such as Revolution Slider, Master Slider, Ebor Page Builder, WooCommerce, BBPress, WPML, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Easy Digital Downloads and WP Job Manager. This theme is created with great design, flexibility and usability in mind.



CoPro is a highly modern, entirely stylish, clean and fresh-faced, elegant and luminous, technologically sophisticated and carefully coded WordPress responsive multipurpose, multiconcept theme, an incredibly expansive theme built to provide a simple, efficient solution for an enormously broad range of website applications. CoPro is a full-fledged website building framework, with over 300 predefined pages ready for you to deploy for any number of diverse uses, limitless sidebars, advanced customization options, unlimited headers and footers and much, much more. Impressive Parallax effects, refined Mega Menus, spectacular layouts that are easily and intuitively customized, and many, many more features await just behind the curtain with CoPro, and endless nifty little widgets are ready for you to find and deploy to your users’ delight. CoPro’s multiple pages and demos are all inherently mobile friendly and entirely responsive in design, owing to CoPro’s powerful Bootstrap end user framework, which the theme is entirely built upon, that permits CoPro to display your pages swiftly and perfectly every time, with consistent results across all imaginable devices, screen sizes and platforms out there. CoPro is also inherently optimized for search engine indexation, with every bit of content easily parsed by crawler bots with the most relevant content always indexed first, thanks to CoPro’s clever coding.

Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a slender and attractive, intuitive and visually stimulating, polished and professional, readily responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO is a theme for everyone and anyone who wants to set up their very own online magazine website in a matter of minutes, without any hassle or troublesome coding, and with an incredible depth of customization and visual styling at your disposal through simple, intuitive visual interfaces and powerful advanced theme settings.

Newsmag PRO combines a wealth of modular elements, integrated plugins and widgets as well as versatile shortcodes and creative icon sets for you to easily outfit your website with all the perks and features of a modern magazine, from sophisticated, custom image or content sliders to limitless customizable carousels for you to keep your audience interested and showcase your best or most recent content to drive up your traffic overnight. With built in SEO enhancements, Newsmag PRO is ready to assist your website in climbing the ranks of all the relevant searches, while out of the box WooCommerce readiness makes Newsmag PRO a competent salesman of absolutely any sort of products and wares. With Newsmag PRO at your side, the sky is the limit!



Specular is an extraordinarily expansive, incredibly thorough, carefully crafted, innovatively customizable and amazingly flexible WordPress responsive multipurpose business theme, an entirely one of a kind theme that incorporates all sorts of powerful and mind-blowing tools, features, plugins and options for easily and effortlessly constructing all sorts of business websites and pages of any nature and inclination, owing to its professional, businesslike efficient coding practices, making for a theme that is both incredibly polished and completely open to fine-tuning. That is because Specular, on top of including over two dozen completely different, full-fledged demo websites for all imaginable business needs, Specular is the only theme out there that lets you completely adjust the content of the theme you’re getting before you actually buy it–Specular lets you select the components you need for your website’s template pages, and then acquire the theme just as you need it. And to widen your customer base and maximize your exposure, Specular has been constructed incorporating the most advanced web technologies, with a Bootstrap end user framework that makes Specular natively compatible with absolutely every possible and impossible screen resolution, device and platform on the planet–if it can connect to the web, Specular looks good on it.



Rhythm is a game changing, unimaginably vast, unfathomably flexible, powerful and modern, elegant and swift WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, an amazing, thorough and polished theme that coherently integrates a wide assortment of deeply potent tools, plugins and theme options that seamlessly come together to create the most stylish, avant-garde websites and webpages out there, combined with a whole whopping 45 different demo websites, including carefully designed single page and multi page websites, with a great wealth of advanced, sophisticated, custom built tools and features, ranging from gorgeous content sliders with Parallax effects to several different, highly customizable menu variants, on top of multiple headers, portfolio pages, blog pages, online commerce templates and so much more. Every single element of Rhythm is built with the utmost concern for quality and aesthetics, with highly refined look and feel to every nook and cranny of your site. Twitter’s own incredibly powerful Bootstrap framework powers every aspect of Rhythm, permeating the theme with a powerful native responsiveness that makes every page and website come alive on every device and system capable of accessing the internet. Rhythm will maximize your user base while keeping your website dressed to impress. Forget about coding too–just let Rhythm take care of things.



Uplift is a novel and nimble, innovative and imaginative, creative and cutting-edge, readily responsive WordPress business and corporate multipurpose website theme. Uplift is a brand-new, impressively engineered website building solution, meant for users from all walks of life, with or without previous coding or developing experience. In that light, Uplift has been created to be a true multipurpose website theme, capable of handling high volumes of extremely diverse content without flinching, and ready to work under large traffic loads without compromising performance. Uplift features the creatively endowed Swift Page Builder, a nimble, visual interface to drag and drop elements, modules and shortcodes into your layouts, templates and pages manually, so you always get the results you want while being in complete creative control of your website.

Several professionally designed websites are included and can be flawlessly replicated with our top-rated Demo Importer. Uplift’s demos are incredibly hip and memorable, and can be easily fine-tuned to suite your necessities while remaining entirely functional, down to individual plugins, effects and shortcodes, making your job much easier and significantly faster. Two premium and impressive, Retina-ready icon font packages are included with Uplift at our expense, Nucleo and FontAwesome. Say what you need to say, with Uplift!



Dikka is a profoundly powerful, magnificently flexible, impressively well developed, masterfully designed, pliable and vibrant WordPress responsive multipurpose, multiconcept theme, an incredibly convenient theme that has been built to include the latest and most advanced technological tools and plugins combined with astounding ease of use and completely intuitive website building experience, offering up a marvelous amalgamate of power and simplicity that is bound to make your work process much faster and considerably more streamlined, while producing the most professional looking pages in a matter of minutes and with absolutely no coding experience required. You can install Dikka with a single click, and in another click, you can load up one of several different Dikka demo websites, filled out with data, ready for you to add your content and watch your website grow! Dikka is packed to the brim with a series of diverse plugins, templates, tools and features, as well as over 45 customized widgets you can easily drag and drop into existence to produce sophisticated results. Dikka is built on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, meaning that every single element you can see in Dikka is entirely responsive, and every page you build will look just as good and work just as well across the board, regardless of screen sizes, devices or operating systems.



Foundry is a profoundly smart, entirely unique, impressively flexible and pliable, functionally sophisticated and aesthetically stylish, deeply customizable WordPress responsive multipurpose multiconcept theme, constructed from the ground up as an inherently mutable theme, a carefully curated toolkit of the most crucial and powerful tools available to create the most modern and professional websites on Earth. Foundry is the place where you can forge true prized jewels of the internet, and to do so, Foundry has been constructed as a uniquely modular theme. Every bit and aspect of Foundry is available as a module of a larger whole, meaning that constructing your own, customized layouts is a piece of pie with Foundry, taking you mere minutes to craft incredible, refined pages with fast and flexible coding that loads faster and frees up your server loads. The profoundly powerful Bootstrap end user framework, developed by Twitter, is capable of turning every page you build into a myriad pages, as its inherently responsive nature means that there’s hardly a device, screen size or platform that won’t render your website in full visual glory. Foundry is Retina-ready and includes plentiful high resolution imagery, to dazzle the most demanding audiences on the most detailed screens out there. Upgrade to Foundry, today!



Entrepreneur is a youthful and fresh-faced, warm and inviting, professional yet user friendly, reliable and safe, technologically accomplished and entirely modern WordPress responsive booking and scheduling small business theme, a highly specialized theme that has been developed exclusively to suit the needs of small and medium business ventures of all imaginable natures and types, specifically, to completely cover all their scheduling and booking needs. Whether you are running a small doctor’s office, a tanning salon, a freelance operation of any kind, a contracting firm or a hair salon, Entrepreneur will never fail to satisfy you. Capture more business with polished built-in contact forms, impress potential clients with a homely, lively design, and a completely automated, powerful and trustworthy appointment making service that will let your customers seamlessly book your services or schedule appointments at your offices. Never double book your clients again, and cease struggling with keeping your appointments straight, with Entrepreneur. Several powerful plugins are included, such as the powerful Master Slider, convenient widgets for electronic commerce, thousands of icons and much more. Entrepreneur has been created as a completely natively responsive theme, that will effortlessly and seamlessly display your every page as flawless as you meant them to be regardless of who’s viewing it and what device they’re viewing it on. Expand your business today, with Entrepreneur!


h-code-best-bootstrap-wordpress-themeH-Code is an incredibly easily to use and wonderfully mobile-friendly, polished and precise, intuitive and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. H-Code is a massive and ambitious theme developed with the intent of furnishing a full-featured platform with powerhouse plugins and tools that simplify and streamline the design and development process so webmasters of any skill level and background can quickly and effortlessly construct the most impressive modern websites with minimal hassle and professional quality results.

H-Code comes prepared with dozens of entirely unique, conceptually conceived demo websites and templates featuring purposeful arrangements and convenient layout designs making full use of H-Code’s over 200 in-house developed elements, all of which are also readily available within the Visual Composer powerhouse page builder. When it comes to cross-compatibility, nobody beats H-Code’s uniquely pliable Bootstrap based coding, which ensures H-Code’s codebase modularity translates into a responsive, mobile-friendly visual rendering of your handsome, creative designs. The Revolution Slider is integrated to dazzle and impress your visitors with wonderful graphic experiences, while the WooCommerce e-Commerce platform is seamlessly built into H-Code so you can quickly market your wares to a massive online audience, further broadened by top-notch SEO. H-Code truly is the cherry on top of the pie!



LaunchKit is an impressively modern, technologically accomplished, visually flexible and stimulating, functionally flawless and creatively boundless, highly customizable and efficiently coded WordPress responsive landing page and marketing theme, a powerful, specialized theme that has been created with the intention of empowering webmasters across the board to produce the most beautiful, impressive, put-together and professional looking landing pages and single page marketing websites available out there, with stylish demo websites, awesome, advanced Parallax, HTML5 and CSS3 visual effects and styles to thoroughly design every inch of your pages to suit your precise specifications, a ton of helpful widgets and templates that work very well both with massive marketing campaigns as well as with mobile application landing pages. App developers can easily up their online game with LaunchKit’s incredible custom page building elements, amazing Parallax backgrounds, multiple different headers and footers, polished Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 support, and plenty more tools at their fingertips, with gorgeous infinite homepage layouts and the infinitely powerful Bootstrap framework, deployed to great effect, producing impressively responsive, flexible websites that display seamlessly and effortlessly on websites across all devices, platforms and screen sizes. LaunchKit is the most mobile friendly landing page out there. Make its power your own, now!


Dante Premium Multipurpose theme

Dante is a clean, modern and minimal multi-purpose WordPress theme. It has a wide range of incredible features and includes $90 worth of goodies, everything you need to take it to the next level and save money doing it. This theme is developed using Bootstrap 3 and designed using flat design. We have discussed this design trend and here are some awesome flat logo examples and themes. Dante theme has built in Swift page builder with 44 different elements and 27 ready made pages for you to use and/or further customize if required.

Dante is the best selling Bootstrap WordPress theme with over 6,000 purchases in less than 2 months. It has an overwhelming amount of awesome features and customization options, yet developer have managed to maintain incredibly fast load times on all major desktop and mobile browsers. This theme is a true piece of art.


lambda - multipurpose Bootstrap theme

Lambda is a clean and multipurpose WordPress theme that you can use for any types of business or niche. This theme is fully compatible with WordPress 4 and comes with a super flexible framework. This theme is built based on the latest Bootstrap 3.3, which makes front-end web development faster and easier. It includes One Click Installer allows you to import demo file with just few clicks. It has several ready-to-use demo websites that you can use for building a professional website. This theme is fully responsive and retina display ready to ensure that your website will look good on different types of devices. Lambda includes unlimited color options, fully integrated with responsive typography, Google Fonts and TypeKit support and built-in Font Awesome icons.

Lambda theme comes with a unique skin editor and user-friendly site customizer that you can use for styling your website. This theme is packaged with WP Bakery Visual Composer, a drag and drop front-end and backend page builder plugin for WordPress that will save you a lot of time working on your website. This plugin will give you full control of your website and let you to build any page layout that you can think of without the need to touch a single line of code. This theme also includes Revolution Slider, which allows you to create fully responsive slider with impressive transitions and effects. Additionally, this theme is fully integrated with Isotope gallery plugin that lets you build wonderfully animated galleries with a modern look and smooth animations. This theme has blog option with awesome post format support. It includes custom post type for your business content such as staff, services and testimonials. Lambda multipurpose WordPress theme is built using clean HTML5 and CSS3 coding techniques to help you stay abreast of the latest trends in website design.



Aven is a wonderfully reliable and very ambitious, flexible and conceptually devised, modern and rapidly responsive WordPress multipurpose, multiuse website theme. Aven is a terrific website building platform, equipped with the most competent set of powerhouse features, tools, plugins and widgets to empower webmasters with or without any coding experience to effortlessly construct the most functionally diverse, modern and sharp websites in the market today in a matter of minutes, without having to write a single line of code themselves.

That is because Aven is one of the most resourceful themes out there, with a myriad engaging homepage demo websites for you to start off on the right foot every time, endlessly powerful customization capabilities for you to turn Aven inside out at your leisure, ensuring your Aven website matches your graphical and branding specifications or requirements with minimal overall effort. Aven is perfect for bloggers, featuring amazing grid and column variations for your blog layouts, as well as for professionals who want to get their portfolio out there, with dozens of custom crafted portfolio styles, options and layouts to choose from and fiddle with. Aven is also ready to run your online store right out of the box. Try Aven now!

Zerif PRO


Zerif Pro is yet another mobile first WordPress theme built using Bootstrap 3. This theme features a clean and sleek one-page setup that will help you to boost user engagement. Zerif Pro theme is well coded and it scores high on all major website performance tests. It is SEO friendly that will help you to get more search traffic and sales. This theme supports WooCommerce toolkit to setup your own online store with ease. Zerif Pro is highly customizable and all settings can be tweaked via simple admin dashboard. This theme is great for everyone looking for fast, reliable and modern WordPress theme for corporate, eCommerce or creative portfolio website.


Wunderkind WordPress theme

Wunderkind is an incredibly stunning WordPress theme that will definitely boost your online brand. It comes with 8 pre-built wonderful layouts that you can use for building a unique website. It is also integrated with visual composer page builder plugin to compose or edit your site content from front end itself. This incredible theme supports WooCommerce plugin and incorporated with powerful and user friendly redux theme options panel. Wunderkind is child theme friendly with built-in portfolio management section and available with full width and boxed layouts. This theme includes other remarkable theme features such as 400+ Font awesome icons, supports 600+ google web fonts and has WPML translator wordpress plugin. It also supports ionic HTML5 native app development framework that helps you to build native feeling mobile apps.


apex - creative one page theme for agencies

Apex is a chic and modern WordPress theme built with strong and flexible Bootstrap framework. This theme is created to go well with WordPress 4.1 and handcrafted using clean and valid HTML5/CSS3 code. It is extremely responsive and resizes its layout naturally on different kind of devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and iPhone to give visitors an excellent viewing experience. Ypu can use this theme for creating a one page website with menu scrolling or create a fully built-out multi-page website. You can also easily customize colors and styling with numerous theme and page settings. Apex comes with unlimited color options, background, page layouts, over 600 Google fonts and cool custom icons pack. Use its custom menu settings to display “extra content” throughout your website. Furthermore, Apex has custom post types for team members, portfolio, services, client logo, contact, blog page and more. This theme is also fully integrated with Ditty posts ticker that allows you to create a dynamic display of your post, pages or any custom post type on your site. This theme is cross-browser compatible and built with the best SEO practices in mind.


kubb - photography wp theme

Kubb is a clean and attractive WordPress theme built based on Bootstrap framework. This theme is compatible with WordPress 4+ and suitable for creating photography and magazine websites. Its fully responsive layout adapts slickly onto different devices such as mobile, tablets and desktop computers. Moreover, this theme is also optimized to look crisp and clear even on retina or HiDPI displays. Kubb allows you to set your website as single page. It comes with rich styling options such as homepage layout options, parallax effects, portfolio post types, unlimited Google fonts and many more. This theme also includes the incredible Ebor page builder to help you build pages in an instant, while the Revolution Slider integrated into the theme helps you instantly craft attractive and responsive sliders with astonishing effects and animations. The theme is also integrated with Fancybox and Pricing Table, which are really useful if you are building a promotional website for your products or services. It supports Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms plugin to help your target customers or clients easily get in touch with you. Of course, this theme is crafted with clean code and fully optimized for SEO.


wisten fullscreen parallax theme

Wisten is a clean and creative one page WordPress theme suitable for creative agencies, digital studios personal freelancers and photographers. This theme comes with an outstanding design with great flexibility. This elegant theme has 4 home sections with different sliders, which you can set a one page website. It offers unlimited color, font and web icon options that you can use for adorning your website. It has a built in portfolio item management feature that re-orders portfolio items using drag and drop functionality. Its smart section management lets you choose sections position, section icon and section type directly from WordPress Menu management. Wisten has Youtube video and parallax background support to help you add lively and eye-catching visual effects in your page. This theme also includes custom post types, multiple post formats, and 4 types of portfolio item, built-in social sharing icons, Isotope Portfolio, lightbox and multiple portfolio support. This theme is also fully integrated with Google Maps to help your prospective clients easily find your store or office. It supports Mail Chimp plugin to make it easier for you to build your list of prospective customers or clients.


ROUA Bootstrap portfolio theme

ROUA is a minimalist WordPress theme, which stands out for its exquisite and elegant design. This innovative portfolio theme is ideal for artists, freelancers and creative agencies who would like to showcase their product or work online. This theme will certainly save you a lot of time building an outstanding and flexible website. ROUA’s rock-solid framework is built with Bootstrap 3 technology. In addition, this theme is very easy to customize because of it comes with Redux framework backend panel. You can utilize its parallax headers to get the word out and attract new clients/ customers. This highly developed theme also features custom page templates, AJAX portfolio and isotope & masonry layout. It is also WPML ready to help you build multilingual website.


loom-minimal-bootstrap-website-templateLoom is a flat and flexible WordPress theme perfect for setting up a website for your business, portfolio, blog or any other kind of website. This well-designed and fully functional theme is built with awesome Twitter Bootstrap 3 that offers great customization options and boundless possibilities for your website. It is totally responsive and resizes elegantly on different screen sizes. Whether your site visitors choose to view your page on desktop, tablets or smartphone, Loom will ensure that they will have an amazing viewing experience. This theme allows you to create a wonderful single page website with menu scrolling and highlighting functionalities included. You can choose among the 8 gorgeous header styles included in the theme package.

This theme is bundled with Ebor template builder to help you quickly produce unique page layout for your website without touching a single line of code. In addition, it packed with more than 30 custom page builder elements that enable you to add blog feeds, portfolio feeds, carousels, background images and other awesome elements with just few clicks. This theme has custom image cropping, integrated with Revolution Slider, allows you to set parallax background images, lets you set a custom logos, supports multiple post formats, built in social sharing buttons and Mailchimp newsletter widget. With its One Click Demo Data Installer, your site can be up and running like the demo sites in seconds.


finch - minimal photography theme

Finch is a sleek and modern WordPress theme perfect for crafting photography and magazine websites. This theme is packed with great features that are suitable for artists, photographers, digital studios, freelancers and any kind of business owners that would like to showcase their portfolio in a sophisticated way. This theme is compatible with WordPress 4.5+ and built with Twitter Bootstrap 3 to ensure fast website development process. It has a completely responsive layout design that adapts gracefully to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

This theme features 30+ page builder elements with unlimited colors, 3 header, infinite home layouts, 5 slider and 2 layout options. In addition, Finch includes custom image cropping, Ebor Template Builder and custom logos. And you can manage, mix and match all these functionalities via WordPress Theme Customizer with Live Preview. This theme also enables you to set parallax background images on a section by section basis when building your pages for added visual effects. It is fully integrated with Revolution Slider that you can use for creating beautiful slideshows. Finch offers multiple post format support to help you produce beautiful layouts for your content. It also comes with built in sharing buttons that helps you share your content with style.


Ibuki full screen theme

Ibuki is a beautiful, flat and ultra responsive grid style WordPress theme suitable for creating agency, portfolio, creative people and photography websites. This simple theme is crammed with amazing features like shortcodes, page builder, theme options panel and Revolution Slider. Its strong and flexible framework is built based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework 3.0. Ibuki also boasts its smooth scroll feature that could provide visitors a marvelous user experience. This modern theme also supports WooCommerce plugin, optimized for SEO and built with clean, semantic HTML5 code.


mana classic boostrap theme

Mana is a flexible & most powerful WordPress theme for creative website creators. This theme is built using Bootstrap 3 front-end framework which makes it responsive and optimized for all devices such as tablets, smartphones and desktops. Mana theme features metro color palette that can be tweaked using simple yet powerful admin dashboard. It is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for eCommerce, review websites, Business websites, magazine, portfolio and anything else. Mana is a complete solution with limitless functionality and customization options.


leviate fullscreen wordpress theme

Leviate is a responsive HTML5 WordPress theme featuring a clean and retina ready design suitable for any studio, creative or personal website. It is an innovative one page theme which makes it minimalistic, modern and user friendly.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the theme comes packed with the most useful elements, all hand coded using the latest web standards. Using only a very minimum number of external images for the layout, this theme assures an optimal user experience on any platform. Levitate theme is built using Bootstrap 3 which means ideal optimization for smartphones, tablets and desktops. The theme is SEO, translation and multilingual friendly to expand your ventures globally.


shopsy creative marketplace theme

Shopsy is a clean, modern and responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme featuring a Drag & Drop Page-Builder + a host of advanced features. Theme theme is built using Bootstrap which means that this theme is mobile first but it will look awesome on desktop and tablets as well as any other device. Drag & drop page builder will allow to build each page with its own unique functionality. To make it even cooler, this theme features FontAwesome 4 icons and Revolution featured content slider. Shopsy comes with extensive documentation that will get you started in no time.


next - clean bootstrap vCard

NEXT is an award winning, easy-to-use portfolio template with Live Metro Panel, Unique Navigation, Animated Content, BG parallax, Standalone Pages and Retina Display optimization. This template features 3 layouts. This theme was featured on among the best WordPress portfolio themes.

NEXT theme has 3 ready made homepage layouts that can be further tweaked to suit your needs. The theme has over 50 awesome animation effects to make your website liver, modern and innovative. NEXT theme is built using Bootstrap 3. Additionally there are several other awesome features like parallax effects, content lightbox and Ajax loading portfolio for better usability.


klaus-simple-business-wordpress-website-templateKlaus is an ultra responsive, beautiful, super flexible multi-purpose WordPress Theme that is perfect for any domain such as corporate, agency, portfolio, creative people, photography and blog websites. It is an elegant & modern solution packed up with an incredibly great amount of high quality features and based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 and offers support for the WPML Multi Language Plugin. Klaus theme were featured on as the best multipurpose WordPress theme.

The theme integrates Visual Composer that works as drag & drop page builder to make unique and professional pages such as services, portfolio, homepage contact page and other. Klaus theme is peace of art and many webmasters will appreciate it.


arctic - architect WordPress theme

Arctic is a full ajax WordPress theme, with a smooth user experience. It has a sharp and clean design with Retina support which is built using Bootstrap 3. It is suitable for Architect and Creatives to showcase their work in a beautiful and professional manner. This theme is WooCommerce compatible to sell your own merchandise with style. Arctic theme has two color variations that can be further tweaked via simple yet powerful theme options. This is the only theme on this collection that features full screen slider to show full screen videos and images on your website homepage. However, this is not the only full screen WordPress theme available and we recently create a collection of similar themes.

30+ Best WordPress Corporate Business Themes of 2016 For Startups and Medium Sized Companies


Website is a powerful online marketing tool that you can use for promoting your business online. Creating a professional business or corporate website these days is never been easier, thanks to WordPress. Building a website for a business today is not as expensive and distressing as it was several years ago. WordPress offers business themes that go well with your business.

These stunning WordPress business themes are custom-built to provide all the features that you need in promoting and running your business online. If you want to create a striking and engaging website for you business, check out any of these business themes. They have functional design and loaded with amazing features that can help you create a website that stands out!



Divi is an incredibly vast and spectacularly resourceful, unparalleled in safety and security and impressively feature-rich while entirely lightweight and fast-loading, surprisingly easy to use and extremely aesthetically flexible and versatile, deeply customizable and completely mobile friendly and responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Divi is a completely innovative and infinitely creative WordPress theme, a multifaceted and readily adaptable website building solution packed to the brim with useful and convenient, wonderfully time-saving and unimaginably deeply configurable widgets, shortcodes, elements and features, elegantly offered through a visual interface based on the exclusive block-based Divi Builder and a drag and a drop mechanic that will take seconds to master and reduce the time it takes to develop a handsome and professional quality website down to minutes.

Dozens of readily available, professionally designed page templates and layouts as well as independently certified security features make Divi a solid choice for business and commerce websites that need power and flexibility as well as the ability to hit the ground running from day one, all of which Divi efficiently brings to the table. Extensive SEO capabilities, serious and sleek Portfolio pages for showcasing your works and much more under the hood make Divi the most reliable theme for creating successful business websites today.



If your goal is to design a successful business website, look no further than Uncode. This versatile business WordPress theme can adapt to any market niche, and provide the user with an accessible and intuitive interface. It maximizes your page’s performance, proving to your customers that your company values quality and attention to detail. When it comes to aesthetic customization, the Visual Composer tool has you covered. It simplifies and streamlines the process, while providing you with many personalization options. This is a product that can accommodate any user, not just those with advanced programming knowledge.

With Uncode, you may use your business page in order to distribute your products. It has implemented WooCommerce, which is one of the most prolific plugins on WordPress. It facilitates the creation of professional online stores, providing users with an opportunity to increase their revenue stream. You can even cater to an international audience, given the inclusion of the WPML plugin. Creating multilingual business sites has never been easier. Regardless of what images are featured on the page, they will be able to detect the resolution of the screen on which they are being viewed. This automatic scaling further increases your site’s adaptability, resulting in an excellent browsing experience for all potential customers.

Circle Flip


Circle Flip is a beautiful WordPress theme that can enhance your web page. Every user can easily install an unrestricted, full demo. This allows you to test the content, before deciding to buy it. The installation process has been simplified, thanks to the implementation of the one click demo installer. Circle Flip will handle the hard parts, while you make the important creative decision. The theme website displays examples of how past clients have used Circle Flip in order to maximize their chances of success. This theme has a user-friendly interface and a modern layout. Any customer can tailor his experience, and create a website that stays true to his vision. This product allows newcomers to compete with established veterans, and enhance their website past any expectation.

If you are having trouble with the installation process, be sure to consult the free video tutorials. They can explain everything in detail, helping you to master your site. For those who prefer reading, a detailed theme documentation source has been made available. Circle Flip offers an impressive design for any hosting website. It is optimized, streamlined, and simplified. It embodies a straightforward and efficient business mentality. Your one page site will feature a wonderful menu, and a nifty scroll effect.

Massive Dynamic


Massive Dynamic is an incredibly comprehensive and highly ambitious, powerfully flexible and amazingly versatile, wonderfully easy to use and extremely intuitive and user-friendly, entirely responsive WordPress business and corporate multipurpose website builder. Massive Dynamic has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail by a dedicated team of professional designers and developers, working jointly to ensure the smoothest, most well-polished and profoundly functional interfaces, elements and technology make it into Massive Dynamic.

Massive Dynamic has been carefully packaged with over 70 completely unique shortcodes, as well as a myriad different headers, footers, navigational bars and templates, arranged enticingly across multiple convenient demo websites and pages which can be imported with a single click. The unique Live Website Builder makes customization and thorough branding a simple, uncomplicated matter requiring absolutely no coding experience, with pristine, polished results every time. Massive Dynamic is ideal for businesses and corporations across a huge range of industries and fields. Its modern, attractive ambiance and beautiful, engaging end-user experience make Massive Dynamic a solid choice for webmasters seasoned and rookies alike. Massive Dynamic’s Bootstrap framework makes it natively responsive and cross compatible with devices, browsers and platforms the world over. Try Massive Dynamic today!



Bostan is a cleverly designed and luminously bright, well structured and polished, serious and professional, modern and fresh-faced, reliable and user-friendly, technologically articulate and highly aesthetically conscious responsive WordPress multipurpose business theme. Bostan is an exceedingly thought out theme that has been masterfully crafted with painstaking attention to detail. In order to deliver a consistently outstanding product that enables webmasters of any background and skill level to easily and quickly put together sophisticated, functional and enticing business websites of any nature, from corporations to online entrepreneurs, from creative agencies to professional firms.

If you are looking to conduct some real business and want to put it online, Bostan is the theme made specifically to suit your needs. Decked out with handsome features like Projects Carousel, Clients Carousel, Team Members Carousel and Testimonials Carousel, Bostan will have your users fascinated and engaged every step of the way. And with cutting edge Bootstrap technologies powering all of Bostan, development is simple and accessible, with thorough annotation and extensive documentation included. Bostan is easily customizable to suit your every need, and packs premium plugins like the Revolution Slider and Isotope Portfolio Filter at no additional cost to you. Go Bostan today, and you will never look back!



You is a modern and trendy, useful and resourceful, tech-savvy and easy to use, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. You has been cleverly conceived by a team of professionals in order to procure a swift and effective framework for webmasters new and seasoned alike to easily put together sophisticated modern websites in the blink of an eye. You currently counts with 10 professionally designed demo websites for a range of niche applications, but the list is constantly expanding. Furthermore, the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder and the elegant Revolution Slider premium plugin are both provided for you to effortlessly style any demo or template page to suite your visual, graphical or branding needs in an intuitive, speedy fashion.

Potent commercial and business relevant features are packaged within You, allowing for all sorts of possibilities, from beautiful and functional online shop websites powered by the industry standard WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite to the flexible bbPress dedicated social forum plugin to effectively gather hundreds or thousands of users into dedicated forums on your very own website. Business users love You’s Pricing Tables and charming Typewriter effects and Counter features. It’s time for you to try You, and let You impress yourself!



Infinite is a technologically advanced and incredible flexible, smooth and fluid, dynamic and rapidly responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. Infinite has been devised as a true multipurpose, a veritable shape-shifter of a theme that can take on an endless range of usage cases and website applications and execute them to perfection within its robust, adaptable framework. Packaged with dozens of purposeful and time-saving demo websites and template pages, Infinite is a highly efficient approach to site design, and with the GoodLayers drag and drop page builder, layout customization is both easy and hassle-free, with results displayed live before your eyes.

Infinite is ready to go from day one, with single click demo import tools that allow your website to be up and running the same day you set up, awaiting nothing but your precious content. One page capabilities are plentiful with Infinite, including delightfully smooth Parallax visual scrolling effects and infinite loading technologies for seamless one page presentation of any demo website or page template within Infinite. With cutting edge handling of multimedia content, Infinite looks good and feels young and innovative, and engaging video wrappers liven up your website like none other on the market today. Try Infinite now!



TheGem is a versatile and flexible, powerful and easy to use, technologically accomplished and very responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. TheGem is a wonderful set of powerhouse tools, widgets and plugins carefully selected to work in conjunction, providing you with a robust, resourceful modern website across any number of possible fields, industries and businesses, as well as any kind of personal or professional usage cases.

Based on a modular Bootstrap design, TheGem is as mobile friendly a theme as they come, and with over 40 unique conceptual demo websites for you to choose from, you will always find the right way to present your website to the world within TheGem. Additionally, over 150 template pages included ensure you can always expand your website to add just the right feature, while the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page editor plugin lets you commandeer the look and feel of your website without having to write a single line of code yourself. TheGem is perfect for small and large business ventures, for professional portfolios, for personal or corporate blog websites, and even for sophisticated online stores. With WPML compatibility, reaching your audience across the globe is easy as pie. Try TheGem today!

X – The Theme


It is not often that such a theme emerges on WordPress. X is a very well-designed and efficient product. It is a pioneer and a record breaker, as X is the most popular WordPress product that offers multiple designs and concepts. Included in one bundle, users can enjoy 4 unique designs called stacks. X offers a large package of features, greatly increasing its versatility and value. It does not matter which web browser your users prefer, as this theme will work on all of them. Some extensive documentation is included, offering a vast amount of information to anyone that is willing to read it. If any issues emerge, the support staff is eagerly awaiting your request. Themeco has a dozen dedicated and hard-working representatives that are available full time. These driven individuals aim to further develop and support the product.

With X, the customer is getting a bang for his buck. A large amount of plugins were added free of charge, included in the standard download. These are not regular plugins that were offered for the sake of bloating the theme’s feature list, but custom made extensions that were specifically designed to operate with X. If Envato is to be believed, X has broken all WordPress sales records. It won the title of fastest selling theme. It is so good, that the state government of Utah has commissioned its own copies, with more orders to come in the future. X has irrevocably changed the WordPress landscape, raising the bar for all future products.

Studio 8


There comes a moment when every entrepreneur realizes that the business world does not forgive mediocrity. Your website will be your calling card, and you cannot afford to present a sub-standard design. Studio 8 is a theme that allows everyone to construct an impressive business page, regardless of their skill level. For non-technical users, the installation and configuration will be handled by the developers. This product comes packed with many useful features, and a design that never fails to impress. All settings will be under your control, and you can expect a decent number of free updates. There is even a Refund-Policy, with a 30 days money back guarantee.

Studio 8 works with any version of WordPress and it is compatible with any device, web browser, or operating system. This not only expands your target demographic, but it also allows you to update content while on the move. Working from your smartphone has never been easier! The site will incorporate 3 custom widgets, several widget areas, and a threaded comment feature. Users can also benefit from a powerful Drop-Down menu, multiple HTML files, and a 404 error page. The theme code is clean and streamlined, and the fast-loading pages will never waste your time.


Zerif PRO


If you are looking for a clean, modern and professional WordPress business theme then Zerif PRO is your right choice. This theme comes with awesome parallax scrolling for various sections of your website as well as smooth CSS3 animations that makes your content to appear with style. Zerif PRO theme is SEO friendly and that should help with traffic from search engines. The theme comes with several custom widgets, page layouts and everything else to create website for any kind of business.

Business Theme by TemplateMonster


With the Business Responsive WordPress Theme, your website will be amazing. It has a sizable roster of practical features, and an excellent design that is sure to attract many customers. The installation process only takes a few moments, leaving you plenty of time to focus on what is truly important: the content. This product is a child theme of TemplateMonster’s popular Monstroid multipurpose template. If you encounter any issues, be sure to contact the excellent support team. They are available around the clock, and their representatives are eager to resolve any problem. Gorgeous Parallax effects can greatly increase your page’s visual appeal, giving each section a sense of depth and dimension.

Site personalization can be a very intimidating experience for users who lack technical expertise. Thankfully, this theme benefits from drag and drop technology. You will only need to click on an element, drag it across the screen, and drop it into place. It’s that simple! A well-written theme documentation source was made available, and it can be consulted at any time. You can use this product in order to improve your personal blog, or business website. The MailChimp plugin was integrated, in addition to a modern Dropdown menu. It is possible to showcase a Google Map directly on the site page, guiding potential customers to your venue.




Opus is a clean and robust, reliable and efficient, lightweight and fast-loading, user-friendly and responsive WordPress multipurpose business website theme. Opus has been developed to be a flexible solution for a range of business and commerce usage cases and applications across all sorts of industries and fields. Opus has been constructed with a creative design at the helm, which spearheads both every visual styling and element within Opus as well as the various layouts and page templates included within Opus, all of which can be readily imported with a single click to great effect, requiring nothing but your content to go live.

With multiple business oriented pages ready for you to deploy, you can present your products or services, introduce your portfolio or catalogues, keep your audience updated on your latest developments with a range of blogging tools and custom post types and styles, and far more to expand your business beyond your wildest dreams. Mobile-friendly and lightweight, Opus displays seamlessly on devices and platforms across the planet. And with complete integration of the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite, marketing your products or services or those of your affiliates or sponsors is an incredibly easy task. Take your business to the next level, with Opus!




When considering any purchase, one question always pops into mind: is this product worth the money that I am paying for it? With Scalia, the answer will always be yes. It is an astounding WordPress theme that is designed to enhance online business sites of any size. Scalia’s feature list is very long, and each of these features allows for a greater degree of flexibility and versatility. With over 150 page templates, all online niches are covered by this amazing product. Be sure to check out the screenshots and the live preview that was added on the theme’s site.

Upon purchasing Scalia, users will gain access to several distinct, built-in designs. These include an aesthetically-pleasing online shop, a streamlined multi-purpose corporate design, and a portfolio/creative agency one pager. A trendy urban design choice was implemented for blogs. In order to sample the amazing diversity, be sure to view the product demos. There are over 8 impressive style options for your blog, several layouts for the portfolio, and some very enticing product and service pages. Scalia also includes many gallery options, and creative Quickfinders for faster navigation. Full review for Scalia theme is available here.



Kalium is an excellent WordPress theme that is intended for blogging and portfolio websites. It has plenty of layout design variations, along with an impressive drag and drop content builder. There are many features and elements, each designed to enhance your website and guarantee its success. In just its first month, Kalium was downloaded over 600 times, making it the new fastest selling WordPress theme on the market. It has received several prestigious awards, including the CSS Design Award in April. This theme is set to include its own online shop, which will be added with future updates. Users will be able to commercialize their services and items, taking advantage of a stable and reliable platform. Currently, customers can benefit from a $10 price discount. In addition, those who purchase Kalium now, will benefit from a series of free updates.

Given the staggering amount of useful features, the price is very reasonable. The impressive Visual Composer was added, free of charge. It is a premium plugin which would normally cost $28. This allows users to easily construct their pages in a matter of minutes. With Kalium, your future website will benefit from multilingual support. This is due to the inclusion of the versatile WPML plugin, along with .po and .mo files. A translatable page is more likely to attract visitors, making your content more accessible.

Every single element has its own specific short code, as customers can implement it on any page. For more information regarding this topic, be sure to consult the extensive theme documentation. Kalium offers a live preview, along with some interesting screenshots. The Revolution slider was incorporated, offering a multi-purpose Slider Display system. You can now showcase your content in a streamlined and efficient manner, proving to your potential clients that you are worthy of their consideration.



Startuply Landing Page is a potent multi-purpose template page for WordPress based websites, ideally suited for established or developed businesses serving very different needs to their demographic. It is also convenient for startup project websites, as well as product or event launch websites. A Startuply Landing Page is a feat of multipurposed ingenuity, and a paragon of versatility in web design. An impressively well documented guide prepares the webmaster for expert use of its native shortcodes, nifty little tools that enable the effortless creation of anything from image galleries, product pricing & feature tables, registration forms, order forms, tabbed views of content, accordion nesting content, social media sharing platforms, and so much more, the only limit is exactly how imaginative the webmaster can be!

Asides from these useful preprogrammed shortcodes, Startuply Landing Page is designed to be radically responsive to user device preference, adapting your content’s displayed layout to best suit the user’s screen (and screen orientation, as cases may be). Compatibility with all modern browsers is, as a result, included, as are all possible screen ratios. Finally, native Bootstrap 3, CSS3 and HTML5 compatibility make Startuply Landing Pages prepared for the future of the Internet, and ensure your business will look current and tech-savvy for years to come.



H-Code is a powerfully functional, highly creative, visually refined and extremely user friendly, readily responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. H-Code has been equipped with a powerful set of convenient, diverse, highly functional tools that empower webmasters with or without previous coding experience to effortlessly put together the most amazing websites in a matter of minutes, without so much as peeking at a single line of code.

That’s because H-Code has been built around the integrated premium drag and drop Visual Composer page builder, a stupendously intuitive platform for constructing your website from scratch or using any of our professionally graphically composed demo websites and template pages to get things started off the right foot. With H-Code, you have a wide array of business-friendly demo pages and sites to choose from, complete with full-blown WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite integration and seamless visual cohesion through online shop templates and more. Running your own online business website is easier than ever with H-Code, and when you factor in H-Code’s impressively SEO enhanced codebase and its superb search engine performance, it’s clear that this modern, ambitious theme is a strong candidate for servicing absolutely any business website out there. Try H-Code today, and see for yourself!


specular - flat design business theme

Spectacular is an impressive WordPress business theme. One of its most impressive features is that it lets you sample the content by trying the demos. In addition, you may interact with the demo and personalize it, without spending a single dime. Currently, there are over 28 of these templates available. If you ever encounter something that seems unfamiliar, be sure to consult the theme documentation. It is well-written, informative, and obtainable for free. Should problems arise, the Support Forum is ready to receive your question. Regardless of what issue you are experiencing, do not hesitate to go to the forum. The support representatives are eager to help all customers. If you do not have the time to read the Documentation, there are video tutorials and presentations on the theme’s website.

If someone attempts to resize your page, its visual quality will not deteriorate. It does not matter if you are using a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, the image will still look sharp. This theme’s fluidity is very impressive. It boasts a large roster of features, preparing it for every conceivable business niche. Be it a medical private practice, photography, construction, or restaurant website, Spectacular is on your side. This product is very user friendly. It is kept simple and approachable, as even a child can create a spectacular web page. The Theme Options do not require any coding knowledge. You only need to click and select whatever options fit your vision. Specular incorporates a full width creative blog style as well.



Treson is a colorful and handsome, sleek and clean, fresh-faced and responsive WordPress one page multipurpose website theme. Treson is a perfect solution for webmasters of any skill or experience level that are looking for a streamlined, modern, lightweight website platform for furthering the goals of a range of different business and startup projects and endeavors. Treson is an eloquent communicator, equipped with multiple effective tools for the dissemination of business and corporate products, services, philosophies and upcoming releases.

Equipped with three conceptual approaches to website layout and presentation, always in a slender single page presentation, Treson is the ideal assistant for introducing your business to a wide, undifferentiated online audience. The premium Visual Composer plugin, integrated for your convenience, has been expanded with over 50 awesome responsive website blocks, with impressive functionality and targeted directly at the needs of an up and coming business or service provider, including detailed pricing plans, testimonials, dynamic staff blurbs, image and video portfolios and much more. Numerous infographic tools help you get the word out to your potential customers about what you do, how you do it and what you stand for. Widen your business horizons and augment your possibilities, with Treson, today!



Melinda is a purposeful and fresh-faced, dynamic and handsome, easy to use and incredibly lightweight, responsive WordPress professional multipurpose website theme. Melinda has been created to provide an effective, intuitive platform for professionals from all walks of life to easily present themselves to the world at large in a professional setting. Melinda has all the right tools for you to make the proper first impression on potential clients and employers, and features some of the most powerful, user friendly plugins and interfaces for creating and customizing a website around today.

From the uncomplicated one click demo importation process that sets you up with a structured professional website right away, to the intuitive Visual Composer drag and drop page builder expanded with the Ultimate Addons for VC plugin, you’ll find yourself choosing from hundreds of elements and thousands of combinations at every turn, ensuring your Melinda website is a true expression of your design choices. Melinda is also cleverly equipped with a fully functional commercial capacity, powered by the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite and several related plugins integrated to furnish you with amazing, ready to go shop pages with AJAX-powered search features and much more, so you can effectively market your professional services. Try Melinda now!


azoom multipurpose corporate theme

Azoom is a unique and refreshing WordPress theme, designed for those who value quality and consistency. It offers a massive roster of features, implemented in order to improve and complement any website. There are Special Grids, which can be used to configure Parallax video backgrounds and other impressive elements. Both visually impressive and highly functional, Azoom is a theme that is definitely worth your consideration.

With this product, your web page will be completely responsive. Three distinct break points are used for different devices. Fluid elements and grids will always adjust to the size of the user’s display. In addition, this theme is compatible with one of the most popular plugins of WordPress: WooCommerce. It allows you to create a personal online store which can be used to commercialize products and services. Every product page can be crafted using the Rock Page Builder. If you want to save time, you can select the One Click Demo importer. As its name suggests, it lets customers select a demo version and import it to the site. Page administrators can choose any width for the layout. It requires no code modification, making it more accessible to users who lack programming knowledge. Simply input the desired size in the Theme Options, and you’re good to go!




Orane is an evolutionary multi-purpose WordPress website theme that delivers many retina ready design features from 3D sliders to Visual Composers to High Definition images and a clear and functional layout. A live preview and screenshots show what a professional looking site can be made with it. Detailed documentation, 24/7 support and video guides help you along the way. It is expertly designed to meet all your needs while making it both flexible and easily usable.

They are regularly updating it and the latest version is impressive. Orane’s unique look lets your site stand out from the others. You can shape it to suit your purposes with many features, options, fonts and colors. Its 6 homepage variations offer something for everyone and are adaptable to your needs. It has many elements you can drag into place quickly and effortlessly. It is compatible across all browsers and devices and is optimised for search engines.

Orane is highly customizable and easy to use to tweak every aspect of your site. It is suited to creative sites like designers and photo studios and also businesses and freelancers to showcase their work. It comes with a core plugin that makes it easy to change theme without losing content.




This theme’s name is appropriate, as it stands tall over all WordPress product. With Tower, there is no limit to what can be achieved. Your imagination will be the only factor that can limit progress. Every conceivable tool will be at your disposal, offering to upgrade your page’s capabilities, and improve the aesthetic quality of its design. In the online world, success is often represented by a high view count. In order to attract more people to your content, you should consider offering a multi-lingual format. Your foreign followers will certainly appreciate the extra effort.

In terms of customization, there are many interesting options. Four Icon Font Packets are offered, in addition to a Megamenu feature. Only committed fans will be willing to browse your past submissions. Your best content might be buried underneath a mountain of other posts. Thankfully, there are sections which can shine a spotlight on your best work: multimedia slides. These slides can showcase multiple content formats, assuring that no visitor will ever miss your well-written articles. One-click demo data was incorporated, along with 30 incredible layouts for your portfolio. In addition, a live Tower preview was included for users who wish to sample this theme’s features.


corpuse - creative parallax bussines theme

Corpus is a serious, professional, polished, dynamic and technologically accomplished WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the core values of power, flexibility and weightlessness; Corpus’ quintessence is a theme that is as unobtrusive as it is subtle, as beautiful as it is functional, and as pliable as it is potent. Corpus is ideal for corporate users, as its finished, professionally-designed layouts and schemes lend themselves well both to serious businesslike use as well as thorough, conscientious personalized branding of preexisting brand identities.

Corpus is easy and intuitive, powered by WPBakery’s Visual Composer and the Redux framework as well as dozens of powerful shortcodes that will save you hours of developer manpower. Corpus includes a plethora of carefully crafted templates ready to deploy for your corporate news blog, is very mobile and touch friendly, natively search engine optimized and remarkably fast loading, meaning it’s easy on your server loads (and bills), making use of minimalistic HTML5 and CSS3 coding as well as cutting edge LESS coding. Incredible interaction is the result, in the form of Parallax effects, smooth animations and interactive sliders and bars. Corpus is a theme that means business, attracts business, and seals the deal. Just click your name on the dotted line.



Universal is a serious and professional, extensively developed and professionally graphically designed, clean and crisp, polished and pristine, seamlessly functional and very fast-loading and lightweight, easy to use and customize, intuitively navigable, secure and robust, modern and responsive WordPress business multipurpose website theme. Universal is an extremely clean, streamlined and simple WordPress theme, that while entirely capable of servicing as a platform for websites across the board, has been specifically endowed with the ambitious and impressive professional style as well as the reliable and versatile business and commercial tools required to quickly and effectively create successful, modern business websites in a matter of minutes-regardless of any previous coding experience!

Universal incorporates dozens of extremely on-point and business friendly template pages and a multiplicity of clean and accessible layouts for you to craft anything you might need, all easily accessed through the powerful Advanced Theme Options Panel, within a couple clicks. The Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and WPML plugins further expand the possibilities of where your business website can go, and with 8 fully fleshed out demo websites for all kinds of diverse business models, ready to import with a single click, add content and go live, Universal is simply the smartest pick of the litter!



Consulting is a serious and professionally designed and developed, cleverly coded and impressively lightweight, easy to use and customize, attractive and enticing, bright and colorful, mobile friendly and technologically seamless and fluid, modern and engaging, immersive and responsive WordPress business and finance multipurpose website theme. Consulting is a spectacularly crafted and painstakingly developed WordPress theme that, while packing sufficiently pliable and powerful tools to handle a vast range of website archetypes and applications, has been devoted specifically to creating, designing and developing amazing, modern business websites of any scale and size and across all industries and fields.

Consulting is a robust theme, prepared to handle any amount of traffic due to its solid, lightweight and fast-loading, efficient code, while its aesthetic customization capabilities are truly untold. Combining both the potent Visual Composer page builder plugin and the real time WordPress Live Customizer, Consulting puts the entire look and feel of your website directly in your hands, without having to write a single line of code yourself. Four different headers along with four different footer styles give you a huge room for diversity, and three completely different services listing styles let you present your business to your clients in new, innovative ways. Try Consulting today!



Focuson is a highly competent and readily reliable, safe and secure, clever and responsive WordPress multipurpose business and corporate website theme. Focuson has been purposefully equipped with a cutting-edge, top of the line set of tools, features and resources to make the website building experience an intuitive, uncomplicated task for webmasters from all walks of life, with or without coding experience. The Visual Composer drag and drop page builder makes most website design goals breezy, easy matters, while the integrated Revolution Slider lets you craft gorgeous, modern, inviting sliders that will keep your users interested and engaged while browsing your business website.

Thorough out of the box integration with the WooCommerce plugin suite makes Focuson a natural salesman, readily capable of marketing your wares to a massive, undifferentiated online audience at a moment’s notice and with expertly ease. Focuson’s helpful demo websites and pages will save you time and effort as you set up your website, requiring minimal customization and branding before going live, while a plethora of over 50 VisualComposer elements are at your disposition to expand your pages, including pricing plans, staff blurbs, contact buttons and much more. Focuson is the first step towards a successful career in business!



Deliver is a clean and pristine, polished and professional, sleek and attractive, easily customizable and wonderfully flexible, highly functional and technologically capable and competent, mobile friendly and readily responsive WordPress multipurpose business website theme. Deliver is a perfect solution for webmasters of all backgrounds and experience levels who need a modern and deeply resourceful toolkit capable of crafting dedicated, handy and enticing business websites capable of capturing new business and satisfying established clients with a seamless, intuitive, cutting edge visual interface that is highly relatable and very easily navigable.

With complete out of the box WooCommerce integration, marketing your wares from your Deliver business website is easier than ever, and a healthy helping of diverse portfolio configuration options will go a long way towards selling your product to all those interested and concerned. Deliver has been built for utter ease of use for developers as well, with a clever shortcode generator complementing the incredibly powerful Visual Composer page builder plugin. With these tools, along with a ton of awesome layouts, 10 different headers and 15 different footers, making a Deliver template your unique, recognizable, very own business website an easy, breezy matter. Try Deliver now, and enjoy the uncomplicated bliss of a theme that just works!



Visionary is a colorful and youthful, fresh-faced and modern, tech-savvy and fluidly dynamic, rapidly responsive WordPress multipurpose creative agency website theme. Visionary has been created by a joint team of professional developers and graphic designers working in unison to craft a feature-rich, visually enthralling and extremely customizable website that rests on a solid, robust and reliable framework that allows you to confidently develop websites to deploy at any size and scale, for a multitude of projects, with lightweight, fast-loading, professional quality results every time.

Visionary has been developed with creative professionals in mind; as such, it includes a series of selected demo websites suited ideally for Creative Design Agencies, Web Design Agencies, Marketing Agencies, and for professionals such as illustrators, graphic and plastic artists, and all similar, related enterprises. Visionary includes amazing capacities for masonry and grid based layouts, some of the most cutting edge and egnaging portfolio templates and layouts on the market today, eloquent sliders and highly customizable shortcodes and widgets to add all sorts of features to your websites, and a number of plugins and tools to help you highlight your finest visual works for the world to see and delight in. Try Visionary today, and see for yourself!



For those who wish to create incredible business websites, Sanabel is an ideal choice. This is a very adaptable WordPress product that can meet the requirements of any niche. With Sanabel, business website owners never have to start from scratch. There are over 10 incredible demos, each capable of enhancing your page. In addition, the installation process was greatly simplified. With just a single click, you will be able to import every piece of relevant data.

Regardless of their device preference, customers will be able to access your posts, and view your offers. The theme layout is entirely responsive and Retina-ready, capable of displaying content on tablets, smart phones, desktop computers, and laptops. All business website owners will benefit from a large number of powerful and creative short codes via the Shortcode generator. This feature facilitates the creation of some amazing pages. Even those who lack coding experience will be able to modify all settings, and tweak any option. Users can now impress clients with some jaw-dropping slides, thanks to the implementation of the Revolution Slider Plugin. Despite being a premium feature, it is available for free. For more information about this WordPress business theme, be sure to check out its live preview.



Wish is a incredibly sophisticated and delightfully graceful, elegant and composed, visually enticing while flexible and nimble, excruciatingly polished and professionally graphically designed, easy to use and customize, wonderfully intuitive and very mobile friendly, Retina-ready responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Wish is a powerful and ductile solution for webmasters far and wide across all spectrums of skill, experience and website nature and purpose. That is because Wish has been conceived with an immense amount of room for creativity and innovation, without ever having to write a single line of code.

Wish incorporates both the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider premium plugins, free of charge, with over 50 unique, customizable elements added in for your benefit, with dozens of convenient, business and commerce friendly widgets, shortcodes and page templates across 16 and counting unique, fully fleshed out demo websites, many of which are perfect for conducting business online. That is why Wish is among the top contenders for WordPress business website platforms. Not only is Wish completely integrated with the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite out of the box, it includes six unique footers to match the style of your business perfectly, hundreds of Google Fonts, sharp and crisp high resolution icons, and much more under the hood. Make your Wish come true!



Sarraty is an incredibly handsome, luminous and bright, very well composed and graphically accomplished, technologically resourceful and solidly constructed, carefully crafted and extremely flexible, nimble and fast loading, clever and feature-rich responsive WordPress multipurpose Retina theme. Sarraty is a visually stunning theme that has been created with the power and pliability to seamlessly lend itself to endlessly varied purposes and applications across a huge range of industries and fields, professional or personal, business or corporate. That is because Sarraty is marvelously customizable in a myriad different ways, and every nook and cranny in Sarraty has been extensively polished with a professional touch and a fresh-faced youthfulness that makes for engaging, amazing websites every single time.

Sarraty requires absolutely no coding skills and is perfect for webmasters of any background, with an easy to use and intuitive page design process that is aided by a wealth of gorgeous, unique shortcodes and powerful features like MegaMenus integrated out of the box, no plugins required! Sarraty includes many template pages for all sorts of different, specific purposes, which will save you time and effort and allow you to hit the ground running with your modern and engaging WordPress website. WooCommerce and Slider Revolution round off a solid deal. Go anywhere, with Sarraty!



Dalton is a fantastically flexible, highly reliable, completely secure, technologically accomplished, aesthetically polished, fluid and pliable, wonderfully reactive, modern and engaging WordPress responsive multipurpose commercial theme. It is a strong, powerful set of tools, features, widgets and functions that have been carefully composed together into a coherent whole, resulting in Dalton. Dalton is extremely professional and businesslike, which makes it a theme simply ideal for pretty much all sorts of businesses that are looking to establish an online foothold for their company or venture.

Dalton’s feature rich and customization options-dense nature makes it wholly adaptable enough to lend itself to pretty much any business concern, identity or visual concept required by a webmaster. Dalton comes out of the box integrated with the potent WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, affording Dalton a series of sophisticated commercial widgets, tools and options that include setting up your own online shop right off your Dalton website in a matter of minutes, with just a couple clicks and with impressive functionality to boot. Dalton is built on top of the Redux Framework, WordPress’ most advanced framework for theme options, the potent Visual Composer drag & drop page builder, and an easy and painless single click installation process. Dalton–what’s not to love?



Frexy is a fresh and conceptually unique, powerfully resourceful and extremely solidly constructed, safe and reliable, visually impressive and extensively customizable, graphically polished and professional, dynamic and modern, current and trendy responsive WordPress multipurpose business website theme. Frexy is a theme that has been carefully and masterfully crafted over time to be a one-stop shop solution for beginner or expert webmasters to seamlessly and speedily put out their own sophisticated, top notch websites with professional quality graphical detail and navigational experience.

Frexy’s native WooCommerce out of the box integration, as well as its wholly high quality look and feel, make it an ideal theme for business websites, as it is a strong and bold theme with which to introduce your business to the world at large as you debut your website. A process which, by the way, can take all of five minutes, following a 1 click installation, a 1 click demo import of whichever professionally predesigned page template best fits your needs and brand identity, and then however much customization you choose to engage in, with the intuitive and accessible Advanced Theme Options Panel–or getting your hands dirty with over 300 included, editable PSD files to really get a grip on the graphics of your modern business website. Make it big, with Frexy!



Blade is a smooth and charming, visually stunning and very malleable and flexible, highly graphically customizable and very well structured, solidly built and extremely reliable, polished and refined, aesthetically elegant and composed, feature-rich and attractive responsive WordPress multipurpose business theme. Blade is an extremely competent and clever theme that, while wholly capable of handling a wide range of extremely diverse website archetypes and applications, is particularly well suited for the purpose of developing and maintaining sophisticated, cutting edge and stylish corporate or business websites of any kind, niche, industry or field whatsoever.

Blade’s incredibly smooth visual language, coupled with its handsome and plentiful deployment of understated, potent, hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling features make for an immersive, engaging website navigational experience that turns visitors into customers and that creates an atmosphere where users feel at ease, with a depth they can relate to. This in turns increases both customer conversion rates and overall traffic, all of which makes a positive impact on your bottom line. Blade includes the powerful Redux framework, making customization an easy and breezy process that webmasters of any skill level can effectively make use of to its fullest potential, and professional WooCommerce integration for stylish online marketing of your wares. Take your business to the next level, with Blade!


dastak - professional multipurpose theme

Dastak is a professional multipurpose WordPress theme well suited for any small or medium size business in any niche. This theme features 25 different demos that showcases its potential to be used for medical, construction company, portfolio, ecommerce, IT, social media and many other business websites. This theme was created by professional team which is behind many best-selling WordPress themes in various niches. While this theme has loads of options and complex structure it is still SEO friendly that will help you to get more visitors from search engines such as Google. Dastak theme comes with bundled Revolution Slider and Royal Slider plugins that will help you to create professional looking slider with multiple layers and other premium enhancements. Theme developers haven’t forgot about drag & drop page builder called Visual Composer which is also included with this theme and has over 100 different modules that will help you to create awesome functionality for your website without writing a single line of code.


Jupiter is a technologically robust and resourceful, feature-rich and very modern, creative and imaginative, cleverly coded and extremely lightweight, user and developer friendly and utterly intuitive, wonderfully search engine optimized and incredibly easy to use, mobile ready and super responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. Jupiter is an astoundingly nimble and flexible theme, designed to empower webmasters of any background and with or without previous coding experience to seamlessly and speedily craft the most unique, innovative and tech-savvy modern websites imaginable, across a broad spectrum of applications, interests and fields, ranging from corporate to commercial and from business to personal.

Business websites benefit particularly from Jupiter, with its potent and professionally preconfigured website templates, totaling in at over 50 at the moment, each a unique and graceful conceptualized interpretation of what a website should look and feel like, through the powerful lens of over 100 customizable elements in well over 230 distinct stylistic presentations, making for potential millions of combinations possible, so that every imaginable business necessity you may encounter can be effectively addressed within minutes, while still dressed to impress. That is the power and flexibility offered by Jupiter, on top of hundreds of amazing shortcodes for all sorts of functionality. Try Jupiter today, you won’t regret it!



Salient is a truly outstandingly innovative and imaginative, highly expressive and wonderfully unique, conceptually designed and graphically polished and seamless, technologically impressive and thoughtfully built, vast and ambitious, modern and colorful, fresh-faced and very memorable responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Salient is a deeply creative website building toolkit, a powerful and all-encompassing solution for webmasters across a very wide range of fields and interests to quickly and effortlessly churn out the most amazing, professional quality, mobile friendly and responsive websites imaginable within minutes, without having to write a single line of code.

Salient’s intuitive page design process, employing a highly tailored Salient Visual Composer with exclusive elements, plugins and configuration options, make short work of putting together handsome, dashing new pages and whole websites within a day of installing Salient, a simple, 1-click process itself. Salient includes very powerful and advanced configuration options through the Theme Options Panel, allowing you to completely fine-tune the look and feel of every Salient website with a few clicks across an impressively wide range of customizable fields. With Salient, standing out from the crowd has never been easier, and its unique, innovative layouts and engaging visual stylings are ideal for business websites that need to establish a connection with users and potential customers. Try Salient today!



Ronneby is a powerful and amazingly vast, creative and visually stunning, professionally composed and aesthetically fashionable and trendy, smooth and attractive, fluid and dynamic, easily customizable and very user and developer friendly, mobile and Retina-ready, highly responsive WordPress high performance multipurpose website theme. Ronneby is a splendidly well constructed and spectacularly robust and reliable WordPress theme, crafted to deftly handle an enormously vast range of website applications and archetypes, specifically aimed towards websites dealing with very large scale, high quality or upscale audiences, markets or products.

Ronneby has been polished to shine brightest under pressure and to perform at any level without breaking a sweat, making it ideally suited for business or commercial applications of any nature. Businesses and companies of all kinds can benefit from Ronneby’s ample selection of creatively inspired, appealing and trendy demo websites, totaling in at over 40 and growing, each uniquely applicable to diverse niche markets and industries, yet all equally gracious and elegant in their visual styling and presentation. Professional quality, premium plugins such as the Visual Composer, enhanced with the Ultimate VC add-ons extension, as well as the beautiful Slider Revolution, make Ronneby a true value package. Get more bang for your buck, with Ronneby!



Polygon is a creatively endowed and technologically capable and competent, very polished and professional, fresh-faced and bright, colorful and highly customizable, clean and crisp, aesthetically minimal and easily adaptable, user friendly and very intuitive, wonderfully responsive WordPress multipurpose business website theme. Polygon is an astoundingly powerful and remarkably thorough theme, an ambitious solution for business webmasters seeking to create handsome, functional and modern websites capable of handling small or large scale traffic loads with equally flawless disposition.

Polygon has been decked out with a set of powerhouse tools, templates, widgets, shortcodes and plugins that completely enable webmasters with or without any previous coding experience to nimbly and efficiently craft unique, distinct and very personalized business websites with all sorts of powerful, deep-running features and functions exclusively designed for business environments, such as WooCommerce integration out of the box, WooThemes Projects integration, the powerful Widget Logic plugin, Essential Grid layout plugin, Slider Revolution and Contact Form 7, among several additional, premium plugins packaged into Polygon for your convenience and smoothly visually styled to match your Polygon website right off the bat. With Polygon, within an hour of the uncomplicated, one-click installation and demo importation process, you’ll be marketing your products or services right off your own Polygon website! Try Polygon now!



Avada is a clean and fully responsive WordPress business theme. Each element of this super flexible theme is retina-ready and would look spectacular on high resolution screens. This theme is easy to use and equipped with the most powerful theme features. It is fully customizable and comes with gorgeous pre-built layouts. Its flexible framework allows you to build a decent website for business, portfolio, blog, magazine, ecommerce and more. Its advanced admin panel helps users customize the theme with ease. You can also make the most of it one page parallax feature to create an attractive and elegant one page site for your company. Avada is built based on HTML5 & CSS3 technology. What’s more, this responsive theme is 100% WooCommerce compatible and supports bbPress plugin. Avada simply redefines the word AWESOME!



Edge out your competitors with BeTheme business theme! This feature-rich website framework has everything a web designer needs to develop an outstanding business website. BeTheme gives you an option to get rid of the superfluous background images on inner pages. You can also use the parallax effect to jazz up your website and create a tasteful business website. This incredible functionality helps you attract more site visitors without compromising the responsiveness and usability of your website. With BeTheme, you are able to build a striking one page website. The integration of Drag&Drop Muffin Builder feature in this theme is a huge help for many website admin who detest working with text shortcodes. It also incorporates astonishing entry animation effects on scroll. It enables you to display a maintenance mode page in case your website is not yet ready to show up or going through a major redesign. This theme also supports WooCommerce plugin, which has the ability to transform your site to a profitable online store.


atrium proffesional law firm theme

Atrium is a fully responsive and clean one page WordPress theme ideal for corporate websites. The theme provides a minimalist design with a strong color accents. Every aspect of this theme is fully responsive to ensure that it will work slickly on any mobile device. With its powerful drag and drop page builder, you’re able to build an inimitable business website right away. This flexible WordPress theme comes with a brilliant theme options panel that facilitates easy theme customization. The theme options panel helps you modify the framework of your blog, upload logo and favicon, select fonts, turn off responsive mode or set background color or background image with Parallax Effect. Atrium supports an isotope filterable portfolio, an excellent feature that users can exploit in highlighting their work or displaying business information in a fashionable way.


vela - creative parallax theme

Vela is a versatile, adaptable multipurpose WordPress theme. It is great for business sites due to its astounding quality. It has a Drag & Drop page builder, allowing customers to create awesome posts and pages. You do not need to touch even a single line of code, because Vela has over 50 content elements, and they are all at your disposal.

This theme has both Parallax and Full Screen sections. You are able to effortlessly setup a full width, full screen, color overlay, Parallax section. Use the unique theme slider to display your content. Vela also incorporates custom section mask styles. It works with the most popular browsers. With just a single click, a one page site can be established. It will generate its own anchor tags and content for the page. Never before has this task been so easy.

Another nifty feature is the Ajax Live Search, displaying suggestions while the user is typing. It is similar to what can be found with most major search engines. Customers can personalize their post type, and the amount of items that can be showcased with each post variation. With Vela, your site can appear on Retina displays and mobile platforms. Regardless of what you are using to surf the web, this theme has you covered! In terms of aesthetic customization, there are several options. You can either choose some of the colors that come with the theme, or select your own eye-catching palette.

The Agency

the agency - creative portfolio theme

The Agency is a versatile agency theme that lets you create an inimitable web presence for your business. This trendy WordPress theme is created for artists and creative agencies who want to display and sell their works online. It is packed with awesome features and customization options that could help you set up a unique website with just few clicks. This theme is built using the latest web development practices to help you get ahead of your competitors.

The theme package contains HTML, XML and PSD files, 2 custom post types and 3 widget areas to help you create a stunning website for your business in an instant. It offers unlimited colour options to suit your brand or corporate identity. It comes with a smart theme options panel that lets you edit your header design, background, favicon, fonts and many more. It has a full width slider which allows you to highlight your works and draw the attention of your target audience. It features a drop-down menu to help your visitors find the content they are looking for in a jiffy. The Agency WordPress theme is created using valid HTML5 and CSS3 code and loads really fast. Ultimately, this theme is fully responsive to provide your target audience a great user experience no matter what kind of device they prefer to use.


enfold - drag and drop wordpress theme

Enfold is a clean and multi-purpose WordPress business theme. Its responsive layout allows you to provide great user experience to your consumers. Enfold is ideal for business websites, shop websites, and website owners who want to flaunt their master piece on a spacious portfolio site. It includes countless theme options that allow you to edit the layout, colors and fonts straight from the admin panel. Its innovative template builder will help you create a striking website in a jiffy. Ultimately, its WooCommerce integration makes it possible for you to sell any products or services online.


amax marketing firm wp theme

Amax is a WordPress theme that can be tailored to fit any web page. It is filled with powerful options, and a modern design that is sure to attract plenty of views. For those who are not familiar with this amazing theme, the developers have added a short theme overview video. It showcases the main theme features, and explains how Amax can enhance your site. This is a true multi-purpose product, due the integration of some very versatile tools. Regardless of your business niche, Amax can accommodate your vision. You may alter the fonts and colors of the site, while choosing from various headers, titles and page layouts. Basically, you are in control of every element. This assures that your site will be your own, and not just a carbon copy of the standard template.

The built-in composer can be used to construct a limitless number of pages. If you want to bypass the construction process, you can always take advantage of demo pages. Amax incorporates a prolific video page builder plugin. Every single element is styled, and a series of additional elements were included. It is entirely responsive, capable of working on any screen, regardless of size or resolution. For more details about this theme read our detailed review.


logistic logistic company theme

If you are looking for a nice WordPress theme that can improve your transportation company website, Logistic might be exactly what you need. It is not that difficult to set it up and navigate its options. This product includes plenty of amazing features such as web fonts, personalized components, astounding CSS3 animations and animated content. It is obvious that countless hours of development went into this theme, as the developers analyzed other successful sites and implemented their best features here.

With Logistic, it’s all about the results! Its powerful yet simple layout is great for everyone. Every visitor will become a regular customer, if you play your cards right. This theme has an exquisite admin experience, and it can adapt to any business niche thanks to its massive amount of features. Most clients are very thankful for Logistic, and a majority of reviews have been positive. They appreciated the well-rounded design, and the tremendous attention to detail.

If you are not an experienced user and you have some issues with your theme installation, be sure to check out the online video tutorials. This theme was developed by an elite author, and it is compatible with several major browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9-11, and of course, Google Chrome. Theme Forest files were added, including: CSS, PHP, and JS files. The Documentation for this theme is very well written, and it can help users to navigate even the most troubling issues. Logistic is also fully responsive, having no trouble with resizing your website.



Did you know that most people go to the ‘About Us’ page first on a website? Miracle is a multipurpose WordPress theme that allows you enjoy Personalized Menu options with its Custom Mega Menu feature. This theme is designed to move with time; every new age adaption is given the room to express itself with Miracle. If you are a professional offering services online, Law firm, blogger or an online trade station, Miracle WordPress theme is created for you. With its Retina Ready inclusion Revolution slideshow, you can now enjoy your website on virtually any mobile device in the market. We understand that business is time. And so, in designing this theme, we have taken the time to set you up with shortcodes; both old and new additions, that will help you channel more time into other efforts that will compliment your awesome multipurpose website. You will enjoy the Visual Composer page with its amazing drag and drop option – Adios to eye straining, mental draining shortcodes.

Miracle is a responsive WordPress theme. You can enjoy a more personalized and easy to spot Header and Footer on the different pages. Like the dazzle of Yellow? Blue gets your business sense going? Or are your competitors all Green with Envy? However, you see it, reel them in with an array of webpage skin colors. Integrate your online shops with the WooCommerce feature and get more eCommerce exposure on the internet. With JavaScript and CSS3 animations, unlimited widgets and SEO compatibility on any browser, you are about to get value for your investments big time.


constructo - construction company theme

This is a great WordPress theme, aimed at business websites and entrepreneurs. It works best for the pages of construction companies. It has an amazing Revolution Slider, a Visual Composer, and an advanced Admin Panel. All of these features make the theme extremely versatile, letting you construct the page of your dreams.

The support system is great, helping you to resolve any issue that might occur. Constructo has 4 preset colors, 40 available color choices, and 4 different types of headers. There is no limit to what you can do. Be sure to check out the online video tutorials, as they are quite informative. If you prefer reading, you may download the theme documentation. In addition, a PSD file was added, free of charge.

Constructo has free WooCommerce integration. You are able to establish your own online store, in order to start selling your goods or services. If made correctly, that store can be an important source of revenue for your business. This theme has the best drag and drop page builder in the world. Customizing your page will not seem like a chore any more, as it simplifies and hastens your work.

For a one-click demo install, simply go to the Admin Panel and begin the process. Constructo is entirely responsive, and it looks amazing on any screen. It is certain that your page will work with any device. The theme is WPML compatible, and every line can be translated into a different language. This helps you attract a larger audience.



Omega is a versatile grid-based WordPress theme suitable for creating corporate, online portfolio and personal blog site. This business theme is renowned for its flexible and responsive design. It comes with the greatest features that you can use in building a stunning portfolio. Its visual composer feature allows you to easily develop splendid business pages. You can take full advantage of its powerful admin panel and modify the theme to suit your needs. It supports child theme to make theme customization a breeze and update proof. With its WooCommerce integration, you are able to promote and sell your products online. Omega also comes with bbPress integration, built on latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and WPML ready.



Trades is a wonderful WordPress themes for business. Its smart, modern and flexible framework is designed for businesses of all sizes! This theme is retina-ready and fully responsive to ensure that it will look good and function smoothly on different handheld devices. It comes with a sophisticated yet user-friendly Page Builder that allows you to create different layout variations. Engage you target customers with its eye-catching Gallery that can also function as portfolio. It comes bundled with premium add ons like CleanTabs, Revolution Slider, eCommerce plugin, bbPress and BuddyPress, The Events Calendar plugin, Contact Form 7 and Mail-Chimp. Its smart admin panel allows you to modify the framework of your website to match your business needs. Trades is also built with SEO in mind to ensure that your site gain a considerable online visibility. It also includes Google Analytics integration to help you monitor and measure the performance of your website.


verko - app development WordPress theme

If you are an ambitious online marketer, you might want to consider Verko. It will facilitate the safe distribution of services and products. In order to encourage customers to browse your offers, special landing pages were added. Page traffic can be increased by teaser videos, calls to action and beautiful photos. The design is simple and streamlined, never losing sight of what truly maters: your products. With Verko, a site will always manage to impress everyone. This is due to the inclusion of the master slider and visual composer. You may use this product for marketing agency, hosting company, advertisement agency and digital agency pages as well.

Although it is very advanced, the use of Verko is not restricted to programming experts and website developers. Wonderful eCommerce sites can be designed by anyone, regardless of their previous online experience. Interesting slides can be incorporated, displaying your top offers and items. Before a change is finalized, it can be previewed by the site administrator. Layouts, front pages and logos are fully customizable. Your landing pages can benefit from blank templates that lack any headers of footers. Overall, Verko can create one of the most pleasurable and customer-friendly browsing experiences on the market.

The Company


The Company is a versatile WordPress theme perfect for creating a business website. This theme makes you content accessible and readable on different kinds of mobile devices. It is designed based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 and has WooCommerce integration to create a website that caters all your business requirements. Its Visual Composer makes it easy for you to sort out all the elements within the theme. The Company is a great choice for creating an engaging online page for a beauty salon, e-commerce store, restaurant or any types of businesses. It also boasts its clean code and SEO ready framework.

RT-Theme 18


RT-Theme 18 is designed to create a lasting impression to your website visitors! The theme comes with exceptional tools that can help you promote your company or brand online. It includes powerful CMS tool for your business websites or online portfolio. It comes with a cutting-edge template builder that lets you generate custom page templates for your web page. It also includes a product showcase feature that enables you to create a product catalog or service list with designated categories. Additionally, RT-Theme 18 has one built-in responsive slider and two premium slider plugins (Slider Revolution and Layer Slider) that you can use in grabbing the attention of your target visitors or clients. For a WordPress theme loaded with massive functional features, it is rare to find a theme that loads really fast.


Nebula has all the features that you need to create an astounding business or corporate website. This multi-purpose theme includes many cutting-edge features. It has a built-in “content builder” that helps you alter content order within the theme with its advanced drag and drop feature. Its highly developed theme admin panel makes theme customization a very simple task. Nebula includes other useful features such as instant AJAX Search, Woocommerce plugin support for shop feature, ultra-sharp high resolution graphics, sticky main menu navigation, Off-Canvas mobile navigation, Child Theme support and a lot more! This responsive theme is definitely built with functionality and flexibility in mind.


Watch out! And better checkout this responsive and versatile WordPress theme. Beep! business theme offers vast design options. This flexible website is perfect for building corporate website, blog, start-up, photography and landing page. It incorporates tons of great features that you can mix and match in creating an exceptional business website. Its one-click demo content import tool will help you start your project in no time. This theme is fully responsive, retina-ready, optimized for speed and SEO. Beep! comes with a variety of customization options and supports WooCommerce plugin.


Indeed, Cake is such a sweet name for a feature-rich WordPress theme! You can use this theme for promoting any kinds of business. This multi-purpose theme incorporates a minimalist yet modern feel to your site and comes with exceptional tools to create an engaging website. Its intuitive muffin options let you alter almost every element discernible on page such as colors, fonts, layout and all that. Cake also supports WooCommerce plugin to help you build your online shop instantaneously. Customers will be encouraged to stay and even come back to your site because your website runs efficiently on whatever mobile device they prefer to use. With Cake WordPress theme, building a professional website is just a piece of… CAKE!



Florida is well-known for its simple and minimalist design. With its responsive framework and clean style, Florida is deemed as the ultimate online solution for most businesses. It puts a strong focus on content and functionality. Developers designed it to adapt efficiently to any kind of mobile devices and screen sizes. It is easy to modify and comes with advanced portfolio options. Florida is fully integrated with visual composer and a user-friendly page builder. It also has WooCommerce integration that enables you to establish an online store.


Velocity business theme is an amalgamation of modern design and solid technology. Its developers adapted cutting-edge technology such as full-width elements sticky header and parallax image / video backgrounds with conventional theme layout. This out of the box theme is 100% fully responsive and retina display ready. This multi-purpose theme offers mega menu, different layouts, custom build option and incorporates premium plugins like Slider revolution, Showbiz Pro and Visual Composer.


elos - modern WordPress corporate theme

If you are looking for a versatile WordPress theme, look no further than Elos. This is a very impressive product, as it is packed with useful features. All of the complicated elements of building a website have been simplified, and made accessible to anyone. For example, the Visual Composer makes customizing a page seem like a walk in the park. It doesn’t matter if you are new to WordPress, because Elos does not require you to be tech savvy.

It is always nice to have a business website with WPML support. This makes your text lines translatable, thus more accessible to potential clients. Elos incorporates plenty of Shortcodes, and it is ready for high definition Retina displays. There are 10 different layouts to choose from, along with 5 distinct footer variations. There are over 50 feature selections offered. You can make so many choices, and alter so many elements of your site. In the end, you will have a page that reflects your business vision. Elos is Widget Ready, and it is compatible with many web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11.

Currently, the theme was downloaded over 560 times, and it has earned an average rating of 4.60 stars. It seems that the reception from the community was overall positive, as user praised this theme’s quality design and exemplary customer support. If you want to see some of the content without spending a dime, be sure to check out the screenshots on the site, along with the live preview.