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The world is a constantly shapeshifting place, where the only constant you can count on is change itself, and the rules of all games are constantly rewritten as our understanding of science and our technological prowess empower us through the problems that seemed impossible or insurmountable before. The story of man is one of the almost constant cycles of necessity, innovation, and upheaval that seem to endlessly iterate over the centuries. From gunpowder to the printing press, from steam engines to telegraphs, mankind goes the way (and distance) its tech gadgets are capable of carrying us. And, for a while now, they’ve been carrying us farther and further than ever, with rapidly evolving technological standards that are even being developed at a steadily accelerating rate. The internet is a perfect example of such a dynamic–in historical terms, it’s still well in its infancy, yet in terms of evolution and adaptation, it has through countless generations already. The HTML protocol, the basic building block of the world wide web, has seen numerous revisions and complete rewrites, each of which has ushered in a new era of the internet, including the greatly successful HTML4 protocol, and now its successor, the immensely powerful, fluid and flexible HTML5, a platform designed for modern websites incorporating all the interactive elements. The following collection of themes is uniquely built to create HTML5 websites.

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X Theme


X is a modern HTML5 WordPress Theme that simply exceeds all expectations. It has an astounding design, and a responsive layout that will easily adapt to any device, web browser, or operating system. Site owners will be able to work from anywhere, given this product’s adaptability. X has a massive collection of useful features, and it is capable of adapting to almost any business niche. You can use it to create massive corporate sites, or charming personal pages. Regardless of your needs, this theme will have your back.

X will feature multiple navigation options, which include various height, positioning, integrated search and centering parameters. It should also be mentioned that multiple short codes were incorporated. Their inclusion will generate high-end functionality: marketing buttons, content tables, and so on. For those who want to display a lot of content, Megamenus are available. These menus make it easier to sort complex navigation layouts. Of course, all X websites will feature an advanced search function. Pages can be constructed with ease, thanks to the drag and drop Page Builder. With this revolutionary HTML5 WordPress Theme, even a child can design a top-quality website. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.



divi - most popular WordPress theme

Divi is an absolutely incredible, unimaginably powerful, fiercely eloquent, astoundingly modern, technologically savvy, highly customizable and inherently flexible WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, constructed with the latest innovations and technologies in order to produce a potent framework for webmasters to develop fluid, highly modern, engaging and captivating websites that look professionally designed and behave seamlessly under all expected and unexpected conditions.

This is why Divi was created incorporating the most advanced HTML5 resources available to date, which means both that Divi is capable of producing gorgeous websites today, and that it will remain capable of doing so as time goes by, since its HTML5 base makes it both durable and easily expanded upon. Divi’s around the clock, top-notch support service constantly updates Divi, guaranteeing continued, cutting-edge functionalities over time. In addition, Divi’s smart coding makes it search engine optimized out of the box and incredibly, fluidly responsive on all devices mobile and desktop alike. Divi is very easy to use, packing the intuitive Divi Builder that lets you create websites, webpages and brand new layouts as easily as stacking boxes atop each other, while over forty customized content modules make your website building tasks easier and faster than ever. Get current, with Divi!



Uplift is a minimalist and modern, slick and serious, impressive and innovative, readily responsive WordPress business and corporate multipurpose website theme. Uplift has been crafted with a particular flair for adaptability and an ever-changing character that is well-suited for numerous, diverse usage cases. Among these, Uplift is peculiarly talented when deployed as an app showcase website theme. Uplift’s strong suits, a well-balanced repertoire, uniquely matches the skillset required for effectively showcasing engaging, brand-new mobile apps to a massive, easily distracted, capricious online audience.

Uplift includes the Swift Page Builder and Unbranded Theme Options Panel to put every element of your website’s design, presentation, look, feel and behavior directly in your hands, whether you’re starting from scratch or working off our professionally designed layouts and top market-quality demo websites, your Uplift site is your own and will always be unique and recognizably yours. Added to this, Uplift features an incredibly gorgeous set of portfolio features and possibilities readily available for your convenience. Choose from modern masonry grids or traditional gallery based presentations, put your works under the most favorable spotlight, and dazzle and impress your audience with Image Parallax and Video Background Parallax effects right in your portfolios, of which you can have limitless amounts. Try Uplift now!



FatMoon is a visually inspired and completely engaging, elegant and smooth, polished and seamlessly responsive WordPress creative photography multipurpose website theme. FatMoon is a very robust and smoothly designed website building toolkit, a powerhouse collection of purposeful widgets, convenient plugins, stylish layouts and templates and hundreds of custom elements that come together to empower webmasters from all walks of life to easily and quickly craft incredibly polished, professional quality websites of their own without having to write a single line of code. FatMoon is a breath of fresh air for your content, a clean-cut presentation for your visual, textual, video or any kind of works to find the best possible spotlight to shine under, entirely unobtruded.

Photographers love FatMoon for its delicate handling of their images through highly configurable image galleries and extremely diverse portfolio layouts with sophisticated options and jaw-dropping animations and transitions. FatMoon’s hardware-powered Parallax backgrounds are only rivaled in beauty by its HTML5-powered Video backgrounds, both of which bring your pages alive and keep your users engaged and eating up your content. With WooCommerce integration, marketing prints of your works or your photographical services is surprisingly fast and entirely intuitive. Let FatMoon into your life, and the world will see what you are doing!



Interactive is a technologically sophisticated, visually clean and fresh-faced, vibrantly dynamic, functionally flexible and thoroughly modern WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, constructed to be a website solution for webmasters that want to produce handsome, efficiently coded websites that load quickly and take full advantage of Interactive’s amazing, eye-catching animations, transitions and a host of other interactive, amazing visual effects that are bound to impress and bedazzle your audience. That is all possible thanks in no small part to Interactive’s extremely modern HTML5 codebase, which has been efficiently implemented to minimize loading times while maximizing available functionalities.

It is hard to think of something Interactive cannot do, and every page produced with Interactive is unfailingly enrapturing, a smoothly crafted amalgamation of greatly visually appealing elements combined to your exact specifications, thanks to Interactive’s incredibly powerful and theme-spanning customization options. Interactive includes beautiful mobile compatible off-canvas mobile menus, which are swipe and touch friendly and require absolutely no coding skills from your part. Social media integration is equally effortless out of the box, with custom, beautiful high resolution icons and elements ready to integrate with your website. Interactive’s potent shortcodes are capable of expanding the functionality of your Interactive website in seconds. What are you waiting for?


foodica - awesome food blog theme

Foodica is a highly advanced, aesthetically sophisticated, technologically competent, functionally specialized, pliably customizable, robust, reliable and delightful WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, handcrafted with the deliberate, express intent of creating a website solution that is powerful and flexible enough to effortlessly lend itself to absolutely all food industry and food related website applications, from personal foodie blogs and food critic blogs to restaurant review magazines, food industry websites, caterers, personal chefs, restaurants, cafes, diners… if you deal with food in any way, shape or form, Foodica has got you covered.

To back up such a wide, open claim, Foodica has been created with the most cutting-edge HTML5 coding in existence, enabling Foodica’s notoriously potent WPZOOM Framework, an incredible website customization platform that seamlessly lets webmasters novice and expert alike mindfully customize every nook and cranny of their websites with absolutely no coding knowledge required. Tons of specific, incredibly convenient shortcodes are readily available, such as for Recipes and Ingredients, while six default color schemes combine well with the advance theme customization options and the Visual Customizer to fine-tune your website to your heart’s content. WooCommerce integration out of the box lets Foodica become your personal online store within minutes, with gorgeous, custom shop styles. Try Foodica today!


insight - photography blog style theme

Insight is a visually clutter-free, aesthetically minimalist, creatively boundless, technologically sophisticated, modern and interactive WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the inherent flexibility to tackle the requirements of a whole host of different website archetypes, but uniquely built for the needs of online magazines, blogs and photography websites–content-dense, visual-heavy websites stand to benefit greatly from Insight and its truly unparalleled HTML5-powered WPZOOM Framework, which combines the latest technological developments with an incredibly tasteful presentation to produce the most amazing, visually stunning, fluidly responsive, swift, modern and engaging websites thus far known to man.

Insight includes a heavy focus on the visual elements of your website, which is why tools like the Dynamic Homepage Builder, the Visual Customizer and Jetpack super-charged expanded functionalities like Related Posts, Trending Posts Tiled Gallleries and much, much more. Insight includes amazing HTML5 features including amazing looking Parallax visual effects, including static image backgrounds, video backgrounds, and impressive hovering and intent reaction animations and behavior, all of it easily and entirely customizable. Elegant color schemes are included, and you can easily add your own combinations, while a widgetized homepage makes the page building process painless and quick, with outstandingly functional results. Look into Insight, and be amazed!


Themo is a lightweight and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Themo is an engaging platform for webmasters to craft modern websites. You don’t need any experience to get professional quality results with Themo. With powerful premium plugins, Themo gives you access to sharp technology without coding. Drag and drop your modules with the Parallax Composer and keep your pages smooth. Customize awesome animations and engaging slideshows with the Revolution Slider. With the Layer Slider and The Grid plugins your layouts will be unique and memorable.

Themo is perfect for webmasters across the board. Sleek and lightweight pages are within reach for any industry or application. Themo has impressive one page solutions for pretty much any purpose. Tons of templates and demo websites let you put together functional modern websites. With powerful Parallax technology, Themo lets you create seamless, functional one-page websites. Creative webmasters love Themo’s utter sense of freedom. You can build meaningful relationships with your users through awesome visual experiences. Fine-tune your navigational environment with the Themo Customizer, live before your eyes. Themo is the best way to get real results in a matter of minutes, no matter the business. Grow your audience and make it big, with Themo!



Compass is a visually stunning, carefully crafted, polished and professional, technologically potent, stylistically dynamic and highly modern WordPress responsive news and magazine website, the result of the application of the most cutting-edge technologies and protocols to the design principles and philosophy that emerge from the requirements of news and magazine websites in general. Compass is thusly a product of innovation, incorporating powerful and reliable HTML5 coding as the basis for the incredible WPZOOM Framework, an immensely broad and deep array integrated features and functions that expand your magazine into an incredibly interactive and engaging place, bound to keep your visitors coming back for more.

Compass includes a multitude of helpful, convenient widgets, templates and tools to ease your workload enormously, from a rapid Visual Customizer and Dynamic Homepage Builder to the supercharging features provided by Jetpack with a simple flick of a switch to an intuitively deployed mobile-friendly Touch Slideshow to impressively show off your best, trending, most popular or related content easily and seamlessly, with a simplified dragging and dropping interface that makes deploying complex, immersive widgets and tools that will empower you to create the best looking, most interactive and technologically adept online news magazines around. Give it a go!



NewsPaper is an impressively elastic, amazingly quick on its feet, well thought-out, dynamic and modern, creative and expressive, highly customizable, aesthetically fresh-faced WordPress responsive content-oriented multipurpose theme, wholly powerful enough to muscle the demands of any number of websites, ranging from blogs to portfolios and beyond, but uniquely geared towards the needs of heavily content-oriented websites, including news websites, magazine websites and other similar endeavors.

NewsPaper has been built to effortlessly manage the huge traffic loads and complex post styles that may be required from such media-rich websites, and as such it is outfitted with a series of useful, convenient features to combine all kinds of content in single posts and pages, including video, images, text, audio–if it can be seen online, NewsPaper can handle it, owing to its potent and reliable HTML5 and CSS3 technology, ingrained into its core, making NewsPaper a natively fluid, responsive theme that makes short work of any sort of compatibility worries across all browsers, platforms, screens or devices. Such technological proficiency also enables NewsPaper to offer advanced features like a Tabbed Homepage layout, Popular Categories sections, gorgeous Parallax visual effects and a beautiful, swipe and touch-friendly off-canvas mobile menu. NewsPaper–it’s hot off the press!



WordX is an absolutely amazing, carefully engineered, professionally designed, aesthetically pleasant, fluid and functional, wholly customizable WordPress responsive blog and magazine theme, a pliable theme suited to service many diverse websites, as WordX allows such degrees of fine-tuning there is hardly any form or function it can’t be molded into. However, WordX’s true strength lies in its capabilities as a website solution for casual and professional bloggers and vloggers, online magazines, niche magazines of all kind, and just about any sort of website heavily oriented towards distributing large amounts of content to a larger amount of visitors every day–content that is completely diversified in its nature, with all sorts of media blended into single, lengthy posts.

WordX is specialized in handling such content, owing to its strong HTML5 technological core, which makes WordX fluid in the language of media–you’ll find endless options and incredibly convenient features, such as an extreme speed optimization for lower server loads, almost 600 unique, high resolution icons for you to build all sorts of buttons and elements, complete social media integration to quickly spread the word about your works, easily embeddable shortcodes that take a load off your back with all sorts of time-saving functions available at the click of a button, amazing Parallax visual effects, and more.



Blogging is an entirely unique, completely specialized, highly effective, visually minimalist, smart and polished, fluid and customizable WordPress responsive blogging theme, built with the strength and sheer power to easily flex into all sorts of website applications, personal, corporate, commercial or else, but deliberately and carefully crafted for the purpose of handling the needs of bloggers and blog websites of all kinds. As such, it is built with a vast assortment of tools and widgets to make your life easier and your blogging faster and more effective than ever before.

Blogging is from the core thought out for bloggers’ needs, which is why it incorporates HTML5 technologies to great effect, showing significantly rapid loading times to minimize your server loads and handle large amounts of traffic seamlessly, while also being thoroughly optimized for search engine indexation, meaning your pages will be parsed and ranked much more relevantly. Blogging is easy and intuitive, keeping things simple so you can keep the rates at which new content comes fast, which Blogging’s layouts and features then proceed to showcase to your audience–and getting them to stay, too, since Blogging specializes in minimizing bounce rates. Make sure your voice is heard, with Blogging!



Genesis is an amazingly thorough, surprisingly fast, visually sophisticated, modern and interactive, fluid and flexible, highly customizable, powerful and reliable WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, an unimaginably powerful theme that is articulated by the advanced Genesis Framework, an HTML5-powered array of engineered code and features that integrate to form a cogent and potent solution to all your website building needs, regardless of nature–whether you’re building your personal blog or a corporate website, your photography portfolio or your legal firm’s website, Genesis is unfalteringly solid in its delivery, showcasing your content in the most gracious light every time.

That’s because Genesis is extremely pliable, capable of bending every which way while fully retaining functionality and style. Handsome visual effects and animated transitions are available, as well as several customized layouts, page templates, headers, footers, endless sidebars and menus, limitless sliders, breath-taking Parallax graphical effects–there is hardly a limit to Genesis’ capabilities, and for those rare instances where you should find such a limit, Genesis is not only fully compatible with a host of useful and powerful WordPress plugins, it is also constantly being updated and expanded as the Genesis Framework itself grows and develops. Genesis: It’s the start of something good.



Kalium is an incredibly original, wholly innovative, wonderfully aesthetic, thoughtfully designed, modern and clean, minimalist and tech-savvy WordPress responsive creative professional theme, a powerful theme that is flexible enough to adapt to most any website application, thanks to its cutting-edge HTML5 codebase that is cleanly annotated and easily built upon, with wide plugin compatibility, but that has been specifically built to suit the needs of creative professionals, from personal and professional blogs to corporate, business or freelance portfolios–if you’re in the business of showing high resolution, high quality images of your work to the public at large, seeking to establish a firm foothold for your creative ventures online, Kalium is just the theme to help you do that.

Its technological prowess translates into a stupendously simple webmaster experience that requires virtually no coding whatsoever to produce professional-looking, handsome, amazing websites that are entirely customizable and completely unique, by combining the Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and LayerSlider plugins with customized shortcodes for every single element, a huge amount of specially designed portfolio and hover styles, and easy-to-use advanced theme settings, to effortlessly fine-tune all the minutiae of your website, even uploading your own custom fonts or making use of over 600 Google Fonts and over 800 custom-built, masterfully crafted Retina-ready icons for all sorts of uses. Kalium is the full-value package!



BRIDGE is an astonishingly innovative, creatively daring, eloquent and outspoken, mutable and technologically skilled, creatively endowed, powerful and cutting-edge WordPress responsive multiconcept, multipurpose theme, a finely crafted masterpiece of a theme that is powered by the latest HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap developments to incorporate a degree of modernity that permeates every single website produced with BRIDGE. BRIDGE is built to be tough and reliable while flexible and malleable, so it can become anything you wish it to become.

In order to do so, BRIDGE includes over 100 entirely unique demo websites for just about any use you can think of–which is nothing to shake a stick at, but when compounded by the 24 entirely different conceptual designs available, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Of course, the included Visual Composer and LayerSlider plugins let you personally craft your own beautiful, original pages in a matter of minutes, and with well over 80 customized shortcodes to do just about anything you can think of, there’s no webpage you can imagine that BRIDGE can’t take you to, in an easy, intuitive process requiring absolutely no coding skills at any point. BRIDGE is also search engine optimized, guaranteeing increased traffic to your site over time. Make the crossing!


salient - modern local business theme

Salient is a visually stunning, intensely creative, fiercely unique, technologically powerful, professionally designed, eye-popping and jaw-dropping WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, a carefully crafted theme that is well suited for a range of applications as wide the web itself, from personal blogs to commercial websites, from business websites to corporate websites, sizes large and small, nature of content not a factor–Salient can make everyone shine. In fact, it is meant to do precisely that: Salient is a theme constructed for the purpose of standing out.

If your website project sits in a field saturated by the competition, or in the shade of larger or more established undertakings, or if you simply want to leave your mark on the internet, Salient is the theme that can pull it off. Salient integrates every cutting-edge web development available, from HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to BootStrap and Parallax effects, in order to help you effortlessly create websites that are astonishingly unique and visually memorable to the point of indelibility, while also being WooCommerce integrated out of the box to boot. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a blog or a webstore, a single page landing site or a whole creative agency, Salient puts your name on the map.



Ronneby is a creative and modern, hip and trendy, visually sophisticated, aesthetically tasteful, technologically refined, intuitive and easy to use, robust and reliable WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the pliability and strength to effortlessly handle the needs of websites the world over, from magazines and blogs to stores and firms, Ronneby can tackle them all, because it’s meant to do so–it’s been constructed as an extremely high end theme for high performance websites that need a completely trust-worthy solution for a demanding, high end clientele that requires both a pleasant presentation, an expansive functionality, a simplified user navigational experience and an immersive design, all for the sake of marketing high end products or services to these target audiences.

Ronneby is thusly especially strong, made for durability with the latest HTML5 protocols and standards in order to ensure both a lasting codebase and a media-rich framework that is potent and flexible. CSS3 capabilities are incorporated for optimized aesthetical customization that is both profound and wide-spanning, while BootStrap code is incorporated for a natively responsive website that fluidly adapts to any device, browser or platform on the market. Ronneby is the theme that just won’t let you down. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?



Unicon is a visually one of a kind, graphically sophisticated, wonderfully interactive, cogent and cohesive, carefully crafted and thoroughly optimized, innovative, creative and tech-savvy WordPress responsive design-driven multipurpose theme, an exclusively designed theme that turns the website making process philosophy on its head, focusing attention entirely on the design unity of websites rather than the structural or content sides as foundational pillars for website building. For this reason, Unicon was developed with advanced HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap technologies to seamlessly craft a website or webpage entirely from the skin down, so to speak–every Unicon demo website and page template is an entirely graphically designed user experience, thoughtfully created with the deliberate purpose of producing iconic, memorable websites that users won’t likely forget.

Unicon is packing a huge array of visual customization options, so that every single element you can lay your eyes on in Unicon can be completely customized in terms of looks and behavior to fit your heart’s content, making every page truly your own. On top of all the customizing, you can further engage your visitors with powerful, smooth Parallax visual effects for scrolling, hovering, static websites and much more. Unicon is WooCommerce integrated, with a ton of unique webstore layouts for good measure. Leave your mark!



Aresivel is a sophisticated and elegant, minimalistic and understated, powerful and flexible, meticulously designed and carefully coded, aesthetically pleasant and technologically proficient WordPress responsive travel blog and photography theme, constructed with the deliberate intent of producing a gorgeous, engaging website solution for travel journal websites, personal blog websites and photography portfolio websites, one that is both profoundly beautiful and calm as well as deeply interactive and technologically sophisticated.

That’s why Aresivel incorporates the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies into its host of professionally, masterfully designed demo websites and page templates, including a wealth of portfolio and blog templates that while entirely diverse are all unfalteringly stylish and minimalist, staunchly following the ‘less is more’ doctrine, which uses powerful Parallax visual effects to place your handsome high resolution imagery up, front and center in your website, showcasing it in a myriad impressive, memorable, wholly customizable ways, including full width images, static video backgrounds, HTML5 video players, amazing Gallery layout and grid options, an enormous collection of custom pages and shortcodes, and much, much more, on top of Aresivel’s natively responsive BootStrap framework, that efficiently makes your website compatible across the board with all devices and browsers, without writing a line of code at any point. Aresivel, making blogging life easier.



Kinetika is a visually amazing, stunning and vibrant, tech-savvy and fluid, highly customizable and incredibly warm and welcoming WordPress responsive fullscreen photography theme, a thoroughly dynamic, entirely modern theme that has been created as a solution for all sorts of full screen website applications, ranging from photographic and graphic design studios as well as artist or creative professional portfolios to video aggregation websites and content aggregation and distribution websites.

If you have something beautiful or captivating the world simply has to lay its eyes on in its full, full screen glory, Kinetika is the right theme for you. It’s been developed using the most advanced HTML5 technologies out there, to incorporate all sorts of hi tech features, including the Fullscreen Slideshow, Fullscreen PhotoWall & Carousel, Slideshows with audio features, video and slideshow page backgrounds powered with HTML5 Parallax visual effects, Revolution Slider plugin for gorgeous and functional sliders, and Youtube, Vimeo and HTML5 remote or local hosted native video players, all with full screen capabilities. Kinetika is also conveniently WooCommerce ready out of the box, includes a powerful page builder and tons of useful shortcodes through the Shortcode Generator, and a powerful Events manager. Kinetika is the theme to get your website moving!



Writing is a wonderfully clean, aesthetically clutter-free, visually expansive, technologically potent, efficiently designed, minimalist, functional and flexible WordPress responsive blog theme, an immersive, ambitious theme that has been constructed solely for the purpose of creating powerful, intimate, personal blog websites that truly engage and connect with your readers, empowering you with all the tools and functions you’ll need to create a successful, rewarding personal blog with absolutely no need for coding skills whatsoever at any point, because Writing deploys the most cutting-edge HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap technologies in order to let you access tons of powerhouse features at the click of a button, producing high quality, professional looking websites consistently, every time.

Writing includes specialized, legible typographies that are perfect for blogging or any sort of lengthy visual material, while it is also filled with tools and widgets to promote and enable social engagement, from follow and share functionalities to social media feed plugin compatibility and much more. Writing is also natively optimized for search engine indexation, so that your blog quickly crawls up the ranks and traffic proportionally grows with your website. Writing makes creating and keeping a blog so easy, it’s almost no fun, until you remember, it’s all about the Writing!

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