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Legal services like accounting are never going to go out of fashion, they’ve been around ever since the world started to perceive any kind of trading patterns, which go so far back in the future that we won’t be able to trace their origins. In modern times, accountants are the kind people, or agencies, that cake care of all your taxation needs. But, you already know that, which is why you’re looking at these accountant WordPress themes that we’ve put together for your consideration.

This list was carefully drafted to cover a broad array of accountant fields, and doesn’t fail to include several themes that are directly related to tax needs, justice, the law, and financial businesses — the reason is simple, many of these themes share similar features, which an accounting firm (or individual) would find helpful to have on their website from the time it is launched.

Many of these accountant themes had so many features and different ways of presenting them, that we couldn’t account (pun intended!) for them all in a few paragraphs alone. So, we highly recommend that you check out the demos for each of the themes that you enjoy, and you may be surprised to learn that a hefty number of these actually have multiple demo styles to choose from, each providing a unique and distinct approach for this specific market.

Accountant WP

Accountant WP

Accountant WP is an elegant yet highly professional WordPress theme suitable for business related to finance, accounting, advising, consulting, investments, tax operations, legal issues, law, corporate needs, small businesses, firms, individual experts and advocates. The developers behind this design went the extra mile to study the most common patterns found amongst websites of this kind, and executed their findings into one final design which is the one you’re seeing here. It’s an utter beauty, with a lot of flexibility behind it.

For a business such as accounting, you want to have the ability to outline your services in as diverse way as possible, it’s not a simple business field, yet Accountant WP takes care of it as if it was not a big deal at all. Users of this theme can bask in a choice of more than 10+ unique service page layouts, truly catering to many of these industries individually. Above that, you a clean coded foundation that strives towards high performance benchmarks, and has been shown to have ridiculously fast loading times using services like Google PageSpeed and YSlow.

If you’re interested in only a single page portfolio for your agency or an individual business you are operating, you have that choice by switching to the one-page demo layout, already integrated in the default demo exports. Enjoy this theme, as your clients definitely will.


Accounting - Business, Consulting, Finance and Accounting WordPress theme

Anpsthemes have sold their themes to over 15,000 individuals, and you will be in great hands no matter which style you decide to go with. Accounting is a multi-layout WordPress theme for business purposes, specifically if you’re into accounting business. It’s not limited to being used in other fields, like finance, consulting, and general business. Use this exciting theme to lure in those high value leads and conversions that you’re seeking.

The flexibility of this theme relies on many of the layouts it provides that are pre-built and ready to use on your site. Each of these can be further modified using Visual Composer, and you can extend your visual presence using Revolution Slider. It seems a common trend amongst these types of themes, but it’s nonetheless a welcome addition. Another factor is a huge collection of font icons, which have been rounded up from platforms like Font Awesome, Typicons, Entypo, Mono Social, Open Iconic, and Linecons — bringing that extra level of visual appeal towards any of your design features.

If a part of your business plan includes launching an eCommerce store, this theme will brilliantly take care of it. Whether it’s services you want to sell, or actual products related to accounting, the neatly designed eCommerce store in this theme is going to get the job done no matter what.


Account - Accountant And Finance Business WP Theme

DJMiMi has published a great deal of creative and inspiration themes, and Account is definitely a combination of both of those factors, packaged together in a responsive WordPress theme for accountants, and those in finance business field. The style choices are oriented around putting as much business information on your homepage as you require. Accountants have many sub-categories of work interest, and customers will want to know the specifics of the services that you’re able to provide, and this theme lets you do all of that easily.

With an organized codebase, you won’t have to stress over any performance issues, this themes benchmarks have shown great results using the most popular speed testing services, and Google Search will have a pleasant time indexing your site as it is fully search engine compatible. Some of the best features include a ‘request a quote’ submission form, so you can start attracting leads from the moment visitors hit your home page. If you’re unsure about the capabilities of some of these features, check the full-scale documentation which narrows down features on individual basis, giving you a strategic approach towards using this theme.



Amwal is a multi-industry theme ideal for consultants, big and small business owners, finance experts, and accounting agencies or individuals. As a premium theme, it strives to give its customers the best possible way to optimize the site design and functionality. Besides the big catalog of demo designs, you can also customize the header of the page using any of the in-built header styles, always letting you have say about the final touches of your homepage.

The provided footer layouts all reflect different visions of any brand that works within these types of industries, yet all layouts purposefully fill out the necessity to have a design that’s professional, and in alignment with what the customer might be looking for. The services pages are divided into two parts, the actual services page where you can list your proficiency in different fields, and the service definition pages themselves, which are rich with features like pie charts, creative bullet points, and company background — things that go a long way towards establishing a trust with first-time visitors/customers.


Finance - Accounting, Consulting & Finance Business

Finance theme bridges the professional, the modern, the elegant, and the versatile spectrum that you see in modern websites today. Finance is a fully-responsive WP theme for financial businesses, accountants, and consulting agencies. It’s built as a strict business theme, and thus is populated with features and plugins that reaffirm its functionality in the business sector. From booking forms, to detailed service pages, there’s a lot of ground that Finance covers, and if you’re currently seeking a theme in any of the above mentioned industries, take a brief moment to study the available demo layouts. It’s worth it.

Besides a modern designed header navigation (of which there are many choices), one of the things that first caught our attention was the use of colorful visuals, color varieties, and unique typography that’s plastered throughout the design. The theme doesn’t have that “hard” professional feel to it, yet still manages to look professional and completely business like.

As an entity who works in financial business, you’re likely to have a number of data reports to show to your potential customers, and you’ll be able to do so using an in-built support for a popular Google Charts library — these charts then become a seamless part of the whole design, making it that much more interactive and meaningful for the customer.



The team at AxiomThemes are always striving to provide their customers with products (themes) that will guarantee business success. Adviser is a financial business WordPress theme ideal for accounting oriented businesses, but will just as well work with investment agencies, financial brands, tax related services, or legally oriented services. With a comprehensive service description layout, and the ability to discuss your company experts on the same page, you will love how quickly Adviser can outline the values of your company.

The most unique feature is built specifically for finance businesses, and it is a ‘lease calculator’. This form is seamlessly integrated into the design, so that customers can estimate the average sum of money they’d have to pay on their lease, saving you the necessity to calculate it for them every single time. It’s also WooCommerce optimized, so you can enable customers to book services directly from the web, further saving you the hassle of having to do all the paperwork manually; haha, paperwork!

Visuals, including sliders and many of the design elements, are fully responsive device ready, ensuring a transparent user experience for those whom browse your website using their smartphones or tablets. You have the option to translate the theme into a language of your preference, given the situation that you’re working with a diverse team of individuals.

Business Accounting

Business Accounting

Themes Awesome isn’t an Elite Author for no reason, their themes are serious about their purpose, and anyone in the accounting field will know how to appreciate the professional touch of this Business Accounting theme. The layout uses semantic design aesthetics, excellent for adding a pinch of modern professionalism to your digital accounting services presence. It’s rocking an outstanding footer design, ideal for mentioning vital contact information, social links, and adding any form of subscription forms to collect emails or other information.

The theme uses an in-depth approach to customization, so from the Theme Management options panel in your dashboard, you can change and readjust even the most specific of values, like colors and fonts used for individual links, etc,. Likewise many of these customization features are accessible using the live customizer as provided by WordPress itself. With any form of premium style choices, you want to ensure that you will be getting a reasonable support access in case of an emergency, and Themes Awesome customers have not failed to praise the high levels of satisfaction when it comes to customer support.


Partner - Accounting and Law Responsive WordPress Theme

Partner will give you a strong backbone for your businesses related to accounting, law, and the financial sector in general. It’s best described as a design choice that allows color customization, font arrangement for individual parts of the site, and great selection of icon fonts to spice up the visual outline what you’re creating. If you’ve been on the lookout for something simple but concise, Partner could fill that gap for you.

We love the individual sections for showcasing your case studies that you’ve done with previous clients, these pages in particular have a lot of detailed touch added to them, which is ultimately necessary if you want to reassure your clients that you’re going to be the right selection of service for their needs. Accounting is not a small feat, but this theme really does an excellent job at covering crucial business aspects.

With frequent updates, this theme is totally compatible with any new version of WordPress, and the support team at Partner goes out of their own way to ensure every single customer of their themes is satisfied and pleased with the purchase. Features include widgets like content feeds (for blogs, portfolios, etc,.) which can be shown anywhere on the site. The codebase is clean, and friendly towards other developers if you ever need custom modifications. It’s also SEO friendly, and performance is swift due to the minimalistic approach towards putting only the required stuff on each page.

Tax Help

Tax Help

Tax Help is a robust WP theme that’s going to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level, without any design thinking needed to be done on your part. Whether you run a large corporation, or a small business just starting out, Tax Help caters to businesses of any capacity — solely focusing on the importance of giving clients the data they need to decide whether you are the agency services are the best solution for them. That’s achieved through far-reaching business widgets that create an outline of your past and present moment timeline.

The clean design of Tax Help creates a fresh atmosphere for your digital home; with a carefully crafted layout that does an excellent job at outlining your primary services, and what is your expertise in each. In fields like accounting, it’s all about reputation and proof of experience, and Tax Help takes those two factors seriously, hence giving this theme users the tools that are required for the job. Use Visual Composer to further enhance the authenticity, or browse a selection of shortcodes that will bring your content o life.

Business & Financial

Finance - Business & Financial, Broker, Consulting, Accounting WordPress Theme

ThemeModern is a quickly evolving theme development company that focuses on listening to customer input for crafting better themes, some of which bring to the market never before seen capabilities. You’ll be thrilled to use this Business & Finance theme, not only because it’s designed for the modern mind, but because it stands out with its sleek, fresh, and modern design. It’s fair to say that customers expect your website to be operating with features that they’ve seen elsewhere, and usually only because they want to onboard as customers as quickly as possible; given that your services cover the ground they’re seeking to resolve.

It’s also one of the few theme developer companies out there that do thorough video walkthroughs of how to set the theme up as a first time user, which is despite the fact that they’ve included a well-organized documentation. Custom options management for the theme is supported by the Redux Framework — a quickly growing framework for premium (and free) themes that push to give their users the best way to edit their themes on the fly.



It’s hard to imagine a design agency charging anything less than $10,000 for a design of this scale, yet here you have it… at a price that simply can’t be compared to anything else out there. The GoAhead theme is a WordPress template choice for businesses related to finance, in particular fields like banking, startups, investments, consulting, insurance, accounting, and tax related services. It’s packed with demo layouts for you to select from, further enhancing the edge this theme has over the specific market.

If you’re not fond of the green color scheme, forget it — it takes a few clicks to overlay the site with your own favorite color of choice, although green is certainly known to instill trust in visitors, which could be a benefactor for a financially related business. Giving users the same experience on their mobile and desktop devices, is important and cannot be ignored, and GoAhead has that modern responsive design that’s going to adapt itself to any device type, or screen resolution should we way.

We love the inclusion of a custom-built gallery feature, which you can utilize for creating portfolio galleries of any of your previous project, or stories of success that you have experienced — a little bit of visual interaction isn’t going to hurt. For page title, you can upload background image, customise spacing. Beside it, you can control all components in page title such as the title, the subtitle, breadcrumb. There are many positions to display the sidebar. Just choose left, right or none to make your site have the best view.



It’s rather interesting to observe as to why JusticeLAW hasn’t picked up as a super-trending theme yet, but hey.. this gives you all the more reason to use this theme for your brand, because so few others do! Why not give your brand a unique identity, at the expense of pennies compared to that of a professional design, and we’re not saying this design is not professional — in fact, it’s quite awesome, with plenty of things to offer for businesses in fields like justice, law, accounting, and overall business practices.

From learning about the core values of your firm, to understand your past work and seeing what others have to say, customers can navigate your homepage to learn a concise history of what you have done, and what you have to offer. It all ends at the bottom of the page, where clients are awaited with a ‘Get a Quote’ submission form, perfect for not wasting any time and getting people to inquire straight away.

This theme has been tested to work with all modern web browsers, largely thanks to a clean codebase that’s built using HTML5, CSS3, and a touch of JavaScript for a dynamic atmosphere.

Finance Hawk

Finance Hawk

Finance Hawk’s striking typography is what drew us to this theme instantly. It’s almost as if other designers are afraid of going bold with their designs, but honestly.. in a field such as accounting and finance in general, it’s all about bold moves and bold statements that often involve a risk. Finance Hawk covers things like explaining what your business is about, how you got to the place you’re in right now, and who is a part of your team — getting to people financial people that you’re potentially going to work with, before you actually meet them, is a great way to study their work beforehand, and then ask direct questions upon an actual meeting.

It’s also looking like Finance Hawk is the only theme in our roundup (so far, at least) that provides an independent management platform for your projects and events. Why not get people to come to one of your self-hosted events, to get to know them and their issues a little deeper? You can even enable (or disable) user registration, further letting people to intertwine themselves with your brand and everything it stands for. If you believe in community, go for this theme and don’t look back.



The Provide theme has a style that resembles a little bit of a marketing pitch, albeit with a thorough design quality that will guarantee a great user experience, but aren’t services related to finance (like accounting) all about pitches anyway. You’re not the only accounting agency / firm out there, so competition is very much alive and kicking. Provide focuses on the type of theme elements which can highly why your agency is the one that’s going to get the job done, and get it done properly.

If you’re operating multiple locations of your firm, you can highlight each one in a specifically designed ‘Branches’ page, and as part of your business strategy, you can create pre-planned project pages that can show the potential client what your proposal is, and how it has achieved growth for other clients based on your own research experience.

The guys behind Provide did an extensive research into the best SEO practices being utilized today, and thus optimized their theme for SEO standards such as design, mobility, accessibility, and performance. The pages themselves achieve a legit W3C ranking for design quality, which couldn’t be possible without the theme’s code being brilliantly smooth.



Finazi, the modern WordPress with multiple uses, is going to enhance the presence of your business in the digital world. Enjoy a minimal design spectrum, which targets at highlighting what your firm does in the field of finance, accounting, and similar financial districts.

You can start using premium plugins like Easy Social Sharing, Visual Composer, and Slider Revolution without having to invest in them, as they come pre-packaged with this theme. Finaz is also compatible with some well-known plugins, like WooCommerce, Yoast, Contact Form 7, AIO SEO Pack, and Unyson Framework — boosting the already magnificent set of tools you got to work with. Speed has been optimized so that no popular speed testing service (like Pingdom, Google, and GTmetrix) would report performance below 90% of speed grade; this level of performance is only going to help your business in the long run, as both customers and search engines value site speed as an important factor in rankings, and decision making.



If working as an accounting consultant is your thing, consider checking out Eleanor and it’s beautifully oriented design for that specific purpose. While a universal business theme, it strives to cover the essentials of a servicing type of business where customers will want to know how you can help to resolve their problems.

What stood out for us personally, given the circumstance of an accounting context, was the heedful designs of pages like case studies, which allow for you to dive deep into your experience of working with certain projects — giving you the ability to enlighten your customers about your work experience, and how you’re able to guarantee the achievement of several tasks based on customer requirement. Other such features is the testimonials slider, and team spotlight widget — where each member of your team can get their profile highlighted with a custom description, and addition of their social links for better exposure.

Blog design is ideal for writing up stories of your success, but also for general announcements and any news you might feel like sharing. Custom service page designs can cover your offers more extensively, so that the customer doesn’t have to call each time to find out what it is that your accounting agency is doing and offering.

Tax Advisor

Tax Advisor

The Tax Advisor theme is a modern solution for businesses of all types, specifically financial firms, insurance companies, investment agencies, firms related to law, and also tax and accounting related service companies. It’s powered by the famous Redux Framework for maximum theme customization options, and has a neatly organized codebase so that anyone can jump in and make changes without too much effort. Highlight your best work, offer a custom lease calculation module, and show who is part of your team — all within a timeless user interface.

Tax Advisor boosts your site with a Twitter Bootstrap design style guide, which also converts your site into a responsive powerhouse, able to welcome visitors from all walks of devices. If you want to build a community around your firm, you can do so using an integrated bbPress forum builder — not many firms do this, but it can be a great way to start conversations around regular topics, and it could eventually lead to an increase in search engine traffic as you start to rank better for certain questions and answers — a win-win situation.

Lawyer Base

Lawyer Base

Lawyer Base has that strong agency feel of a design that you’d expect, and it sure enough has worked great, because at the time of writing this there are 1,700 sales rolling already — customers obviously love this theme, and we can see why. While the title indicates a distinct ‘lawyer’ theme, it can easily be used in fields like legal work, consultant agencies, finance, advocates, counseling, and indeed accounting. It might have been noted earlier, but remember that it’s almost always about the features of each of these themes, and how flexible they can be towards helping you explain what your agency, firm, or business is all about.

GoodLayers are professional theme developers, and without a doubt they put a lot of thought into these designs, we know because things like custom post types and multiple layers of design scalability isn’t something you just decide to put into your theme, it means that there’s a common trend amongst this market, and now you can empower your own digital website with those same techniques.


Consulting - Corporate and Business WordPress Theme

Consulting theme recently got an update, which helped to shape up a few bugs and resolved some design issues, further making this theme appealing towards its customers. We love the work from Mymoun developers, and they’re hard working people who think of features like mobile design, eCommerce, and one-click imports as native parts of any style they’re pushing out to the market.

It’s also uncommon to see many developers use the Zurb Foundation Framework as the back-end for a WordPress style, but here you have it in its full glory, and it actually looks really smooth compared to some other themes/styles we’ve covered in the past. Enjoy things like custom error pages, search engine optimization, Google Maps, portfolio layouts, modern browser support, and customization of colors and fonts — never too many clicks away.



Does your existing website design needs to grow up in order to meet the requirements of modern design standards? Well, perhaps you’d like to consider the GrowUp WordPress theme for business of financial nature, which of course include accounting. It’s the professional-agency type style that runs through the blood of this theme, and we have been easily impressed by GrowUp’s ability to streamline interactive data charts directly into the homepage, without it feeling like an external library or plugin that’s being used. It’s these small tweaks that add such a tremendous force of credibility and power to your design.

Clients can calculate costs on the fly directly from the homepage, as quickly as they can convert currency rates, also from the same page window. If that isn’t enough to satisfy their needs though, there’s a beautifully built contact form for everything else that hasn’t been answered, but we don’t think it’s going to be an issue with a template of this magnitude — GrowUp provides the capacity to carefully explain your accounting business practices, and the design couldn’t get any more enticing than it is.



At the first glance, you might think that the ConsultPress is a little bit dodgy, and not evenly organized, but that’s in fact the one thing making this WordPress accounting theme so damn unique. The sliding sidebar on the homepage takes a moment to get adjusted to, but once you do — it makes browsing of the site that much easier; all of a sudden it’s all there, the history of the firm, your services, and any vital contact information.

Design uses a lot of block-style elements, which does seem to work a lot these days, instead of putting all the content on a single white-page, you have the clear distinction from an element containing information, and plain white space to fill the rest of the page. Compatibility and code quality are as important as the visual appearance of the theme. Coded by WordPress Standards, ConsultPress is developer-friendly and easy to customize or add new functionality.

Credit: Colorlib

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